Ordering Organized CHAOS


Big Mac


Outside the Dancing Dragons INN is a bit of organized Chaos. When it rains, it pours. And right now Shadow Mane has had by some measure the furniture for the Inn arrive, the kitchen supplies, and various furniture for the upstairs arrive. Thankfully he has yet to put in a solid request for food, Although with locals popping their heads in and out, he has put in that order for Drinks, From a number of suppliers. If you hope to run a successful business, you need various suppliers. So for now He is trying to direct workers on where to put things, one wall has tables and seats all old fashion and wooden. About what you would expect for those old fantasy novels. So for now he is checking lists and crates, "Ok These go to the kitchens, Take those to the back rooms, And these... Upstairs, second floor, and these, third floor. He says so glad the place has a lot of room as various ponies move crates for him.
Applejack trots in, dodging the workers and carriers a bit more nimbly than one would think just to look at her. "Boy howdy, it's like a fam'ly hoedown in here! Well, half o' one, anyway." She fills her prodigious lungs and bellows! "HAY SHADOW MANE? Y'ALL IN HERE?"
The sound of Applejack's yell more or less stops the chaos in it's tracks, only to resume moments Later. "Applejack, One moment." and he of course signs for a couple deliveries, and then heads off to step up to the Farmpony, "Hey Applejack, Let me guess you have my delivery for the order I sent to Apple Acres?"
Big_Mac is yet to be seen when Applejack emerges through the door, the faint sound of a cart out front can be heard as he finds a safe spot to park it that is out of the way of the comings and goings of the inn's preparation. He dodges the odd help coming in and out of the door, which is a might more awkward than Applejack's given his size. Even with him there he makes things a bit more awkward. He's barely in the door when Applejack bellows, causing the large draft stallion to wince slightly. "Ah reckon he could be in canterlot an' still hear ya." he mutters in a low voice to himself.
Applejack grins happily at the sight of SAA's newest standing customer and she goes over to meet him. "Yup! Mah brother brought th' wagon. Speakin' of, Mac, this here's Shadow Mane! Shadow, this's mah brother, 'Big' Macintosh. This should stock y'all up fer a start, an' Ah thought we might wanna discuss how ya wann handle th' restockin'. We can always take yer orders as they come, but fer th' other local waterin' holes, we got a smaller standin' order; every day Mac or Ah make th' delivery rounds; most o' th' orders are weekly. Convenient fer everypony, hay, Mac? How 'bout it, Shadow? Y'interested?"
( As Big Mac comes in he smiles as Applejack introduces him, "You are probably right. Maybe your sister could have a competition with Princess Luna and who does the better Royal Canterlot Voice. Good to see you again Big Mac." As he Listens to Applejack, "I actually have no idea what my supply demands will be. Although I have had Ponies stop in despite still under construction." AS he listens, "Let's Go see what we have, the Cellar entrance is around back, and I'm planning a grand opening if everything comes together around the 10th of august. I have a feeling I am gonna have to hold a good portion of it in the street." )
Big_Mac chuckles lightly as he arrives, tipping his head to Shadow as he's introduced and welcomed. His smile grows broader at the comparison of Luna and his sister, as well as the talk about the supply, offering a standard "Eeyup" to cover just about everything, he loves it when everything can be answered with one affirmation. "Ah 'kin take th' wagon 'round any time y' like" he adds to AJ's explaning. "Reckon as needed might work best 'fer starters." he adds.
Applejack mutters something about 'ah ain't no cotton-pickin' princess' under her breath, but her Talking To Customers smile barely flickers. "Heh. Ah saw y'all openin' accidentally th' other day. Could be th' locals're dyin fer this kinda place! Sure thing, let's see what y'all've got already." She starts to follow Shadow, assuming he's going to head for the cellars now. "Yup. Ah reckon that'd make th' most sense, Mac! When's our lightest day? Thursday?"
( As he looks to one of the Stallions who Waves Shadow off, "I got things here." And then Shadow heads to the door, "Oh I got the drawings of the Old castle from mom, How she found them that fast, she won't tell. I got them upstairs, If you can bring the cart around back, I'll meet you there." And Shadow Mane makes a bit of a dash after hearing when their lightest delivery day is as he gets upstairs. When Applejack and Big Mac get into the back they find a walk down cellar and Shadow Mane holding a Tube in the air via magic as the cellar is open and a burst of cold air comes out. "Here ya go AppleJack, Now being from outta town, I been talking to a lot of people so I got supplies from other areas of town as well. I just don't want bad blood started. I ain't playing favorites. I hope you can understand." )
Big_Mac nods lightly to AJ with another light "Eeyup" not indicating about the princess muttering or agreeing on their lightst delivery days. Assuming delivery days is probably the most prudent. He nods to Shadow and after a moment of letting working stallions pass, he makes his way outside to bring the cart around back, parking next to where Shadow and AJ are standing already. He peeks down the passage way to the cellar, giving an impressed little whistle.
Applejack trots back out and follows Shadow around back; she knows Mac can handle the cart easily. On the way around, she asks, "Yer... mama? Is she an explorer too, then? Ah thought ya said somethin' 'bout libraries?" AJ unloads one of the kegs onto her back and stores it in the cellar, and when she returns: "Whoo, colder'n Sombra's tail down there! Aw, don't worry 'bout THAT none. We ain't demandin' an exclusive contract or nothin', right?" (this last 'right' was said to Big Mac.) "We're plumb glad ta have ya buyin' our wares, an' besides, we know dang well y'all're gonna NEED stuff fer a tavern that we just don't GOT ta sell ya!"
As he says, "Well Moms a Librarian for Manehatten Archives, Dad's more of a Lore keeper, He traveled a lot listening to stories and tales that had been passed down word of mouth for hundreds of generations. He's also a bit of a mystic." Shadow says walking down into the cellar as he gets some ramps set up, "When he makes a prediction, it usually comes true in some way shape or form. My parents are both white as new fallen snow, So when I was born dark grey with a black mane and tail, My Brother was born with a black coat and grey mane and tail, He declared we would be contradictions to Family traditions." And he slams the Ramp in there as he says, "Ok... We should be able to start sliding the goods down." That is assuming they are in crates.
Big_Mac follows suit after AJ once he's unhitched himself from the wagon and hefts one of the larger barrels onto his back with about as much ease as AJ did the smaller more 'bar friendly' sizes. This is the sort of barrel you /refill/ other barrels from. He shakes his head with Applejacks assurance, offering an 'Eenope!' in agreement with her. The Apples are always happy to do business where they can and to the extent their customers need. He pauses a moment and looks at the ramp, then the barrel on his back, letting a little chuckle out. "We don't do much in th' way of small scale." he grins to Shadow.
Applejack and Mac mostly brought kegs and barrels, since the order was mostly for beverages. But those can be slid too, with a little care... or at least, the smaller ones can. she starts hefting the kegs onto the chute and sliding - NOT ROLLING - them down, leaving Mac to unload the really serious barrels manually. Or hoofually, as the case may be. "Heh. Our family's kinda like that, too, with th' traditions an' suchlike. Ah gotta notion Apple Bloom's anglin' ta be th' first in a long while ta buck th' trend instead o' th' trees, heh heh." Mac was right, of course, but the smaller kegs here are full of the more powerful or concentrated products. The BIG barrels are full of soft and hard cider. She falls silent and works for a few minutes; it doesn't take long for the hefty Apple siblings to empty the cart.
With his magic Shadow is more then able to direct the rolling barrels, in fact it's how he wants them, Rolled down. As the Barrels Roll he uses his magic as his Horn glows white and the barrels not only shift direction but the are rolled on an edge so he can set them down in a Barrel cradle. Or standing up on edge, for him it's just an redirection of their momentum that allows him to organize them. Still he's careful with them, he's paid good bits for this in advance. And as things get squared away, Shadow takes some stock of the place and nods. "Yeah that's good. Oh I might need an emergency shipment before the 10th of august for my Grand opening. Gonna put flyers out and ask people to sign and deliver them, So I have a rough idea of how many people are showing up. Last thing I want is to run out of food, let alone drink at my grand opening."
Big_Mac doesn't dare send down the larger barrels on the ramp, their momentum grows pretty quick with a few feet. These he hoofs down on his back, the tops nearly brushing the opening of the doorway as he makes his way carefully down the steps. These he stacks in cradles along a wall, making sure they won't roll. One thing is for sure, Shadow won't be running out soon. "Ah reckon y've got plenty t' last y' awhile..." he grins, wiping his brow with a hoof a little and dodging the odd barrel that is magiced across the room and stacked accordingly.
Applejack nods but half-shrugs. "This'll prob'ly keep ya fer drinks." she says, echoing her brother, "Hard an' soft cider, brandy, and schnapps. An' applejack, o'course, heh. Ah reckon if'n it comes from an apple an' ya drink it, y'all're ready ta sell it! We can sure as shootin' supply y'all with th' best apple snacks an' pastries this side o' Appleloosa, but emergencies bein' emergencies, there ain't really any way ta guarantee what we're gonna have stocked. But ya know we'll do our best! That's th' Apple promise, hay Mac?"
"I won't turn down you bringing up your apple products for the Opening, Might help even make it go a lot smoother." He says with a smile only to cringe when he heads what sounds like glass shattering. "Please don't let that have been the Fish tank for the Trout." As he says, "Thanks again for the prompt Delivery. Here is a little something Extra for the fast delivery." Adn pulling from a Pack he offers a decent amount of Bits, and of course the tube that holds the rolled up drawings of the Old Capitol castle from before Nightmare Moon showed up. "I took a look at them and they are impressive."
Big_Mac Stacks three of the larger barrels side by side along one section of wall, taking up a large potion of it as well as making for a perfect spot for other barrels to be stacked above, the larger barrels creating something of a natural spot to keep other barrels from rolling when stacked right on top of them. "AJ makes some o' the best vittles 'round." he affirms, patting his stomach and getting hungry just thinking about them." he says as he makes his way up the steps again, finishing with the last of the wagon once the last barrel has been slid down to Shadow.
Applejack grins. "Ah ain't bad, if'n Ah do say so mahself, but Granny's th' real pastry ar-teest in th' family!" She accepts the bag of bits with a nod of thanks and takes the tube carefully. "Ooh! Don't that just beat all! Ah'll get 'em back t'ya before th' weekend, will that be okay?" She starts to call down to Mac, but he emerges at that moment. "All done down there, big brother?" She grins. "Ah'm startin' ta work up a powerful hunger mah own self. Ah reckon we'd better be gettin' back - supper comes quicker if'n Ah'm helpin' Granny make it!" She stows the tube in the cart, then gives Shadow Mane a grin and a touch of her hat-brim. "Much obliged, Shadow! See ya later!"
"Oh Feel free to keep the drawings. They are copies from the Archives. As for your viddles, you keep talking like that, I might show up for Dinner unexpectedly." he says with a smile and then looks up, "I better get back upstairs as well. make sure they haven't destroyed my glasses, or the fish tanks." Bidding fair well to to his friends Shadow will close the door after they depart and head upstairs through the backroom stairs to make sure half of his fragiles are not broken.
Big_Mac hitches himself up to the wagon as AJ finishes talking to Shadow, and putting the drawings safely in the back. He reverses the cart a bit to be a part of the group, offering a tip of his head to Shadow in return as Applejack excuses them both. "Eeyup, an sometimes a bit more recognizable too." he chuckles, commenting on when Apple Bloom chooses to help with dinner. "Thank y'all for th' business. Y'know where t' find us!" he says as Applejack finishes her fairwells and loads herslef into the wagon, expecting the draft stallion to give her a ride home, not that it seems to bother the stallion any. "G'luck on 'yer openin'" he offers with a litle wave of his large hoof before starting down the path home.

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