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<OOC> You say, "Heya, Dash!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Yo!"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(yay)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(rainbow dash, you rock.)"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "I do don't I? :3"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "K, I figured I should start here in half an hour or so n.n"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(yes)"
<OOC> You say, "Sounds pretty good to me."
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Okay then!"
<OOC> You say, "Okay now even. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Skeyheart!"
It's a bright, sunny day in Ponyville right now. Ponies are milling about in the streets on this quiet weekend, and the shops are abuzz with buyers and sellers. The scent of soup and pastry mingles as the eateries come to their full energy as the evening approaches. In the midst of all this is Rainbow Dash, who's just having a fly-by the various stalls, looking at what the travelling merchants were hawking today. She liked sunny days best; they meant less work.
Skyheart is resting by a lone tree next to a hefty stack of poems. He's plying at one frustratedly. It seems the ink dried the pages all together. He sighs and looks around for stray flyers. He doesn't want any of his other work blowing away again.
<OOC> Dusk will pose in!
Dusk is at one of those cafes, having picked up a few supplies at the market, and seeing if Hefty was working here today.  But seeing as he isn't, Dusk is enjoying a nice sandwich at the outdoor cafe.  He glances up, seeing ponies coming and going.  Even noticing the brightly hued Dash checking the Market out.  Dusk smiles and takes a drink of some soft cider.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Anypony else? Fluttershy?"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(bueller)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I'll see in a moment! I"m gonna get a drink and see about these commission prices."
Screenplay comes flying in as she looks to the others, she sees ?dusk and landing she waves.  "Hey there how are you.."
( There's a 50-50 chance of which pony Rainbow Dash notices first...and it's Dusk. "Hey! You're that magic research...guy, right?" she poses, noticing his distinct colouration from a ways off. "Good to see you out here for once." She hovers over to him unti she's next to his table. )
Dusk's black coat and deep violet mane's lack of much color, which one would normally figure would mean being less noticeable, does stand out in a crowd of bright pastel colored ponies.  He chuckles and smiles, "Greetings, Miss Dash!  And nice to see you as well.  We don't seem to run into each other much.  Perhaps I'm not as much of a morning pony.  But yes, I do work over at the Center.  How are you this day?"  He glances over seeing Screenplay come landing not far off and he waves a hoof, "Greetings!"
<OOC> You say, "Oops, jumpped ahead, sorry.  Will repose after Skyheart. :-)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(time compression)"
Skyheart continues to work at his papers for now, setting the large stack aside he starts to thumb through his other papers and separating them into piles. With Rainbow Dash not flying around anymore there's little stopping his papers from staying still.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Sorry about that."
Screenplay smiles as she looks to her friend and sitting down she says "So what you been up to.." she says smiling up at him
Dusk's black coat and deep violet mane's lack of much color, which one would normally figure would mean being less noticeable, does stand out in a crowd of bright pastel colored ponies.  He chuckles and smiles, "Greetings, Miss Dash!  And nice to see you as well.  We don't seem to run into each other much.  Perhaps I'm not as much of a morning pony.  But yes, I do work over at the Center.  How are you this day?"  He glances over seeing Screenplay come landing not far off and he waves a hoof, "Greetings!"  (repost for position)
<OOC> You say, "No was my fault for being quick on the enter when it didn't say it was my turn. :-)"
<OOC> You say, "Howdy hi, Maple! *waves his hooves* :-)"
<OOC> Dusk managed not to miss him this time.
<OOC> Maplewing says, "hiya Dusk n.n"
"Things are swell!" Rainbow Dash declares. "Sunny days are light work for me. So...are you working on some kind of weirdo unicorn jazz?" Rainbow Dash, tactful as ever.
<OOC> Maplewing says, "so whats going on?"
Screenplay smiles as shw listens to you talk.
Dusk chuckles and smiles.  Well at least Screenplay put it more tactfully.  He stands a moment, offering the two ladies a seat.  "Well at the moment, working on this cheese and lettuce sandwich," he says, glancing down and back up again with a grin.  "But good to hear you're doing so well!  Yes the skies look wonderful and beautiful weather, so think you, Miss Dash.  Oh I've been meaning to ask about getting Mr. Snow Bolt in with the weather ponies too.  As for myself, yes, there is always plenty of unicorn.. jazz.. to be worked on."  He gives another chuckle.
Rainbow_Dash gives a smie an a wave to Screenplay as she arrives, but her focus is on Dusk. "Right, I talked with Snow Bolt way back! Been meaning to get a hold of him again, but, you know, with the spring rain's and the evil magic-eating centaur it kinda slipped my mind, heheh."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "or not, i suppose."
<OOC> You say, "Just having some RP before Dash goes."
<OOC> You say, "You're welcome to join in, Maple."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "I know I was curious what was kind of going on."
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Yeah we're just hanging out!"
Skyheart finally finished setting a stack of papers down and looks over to a pile of pink tulip petals that had been wedged between them. "I really should invest in some better storage..." Then the wind kicks up just as it always does. He yipes and plants himself on his newly organized stacks but the petals start billowing around before flying right past the group that's talking. Poor Rainbow Dash would have some of the pink items stuck in her mane, tail, and or feathers.
<OOC> Maplewing says, "ah I see"
Screenplay smiles as she says "I am fine just seeing if Hefty would come.."  She sits as she waits for a waiter
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Dusk?"
Dusk nods, "Ah yes, things have been pretty busy for everypony, I imagine.  Well I do know Mr. Bolt is still interested."  He nods to Screenplay, "Yes I was hoping to get a meal from him, but I didn't see him in the Market yet today."  He blinks and watches the pink petals float by and get caught on Dash, as well as one of Skyheart's sheets of rather romantic poetry, which lands on the table before Dash as well.
<OOC> You say, "There ya' go. :-)"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Gah! I missed one!? O.O"
<OOC> You say, "Would seem so. :-)"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble waves :>
( "Hope I can get a hold of him either way," Rainbow Dash says. "And- hey, whoa!" She's a bit startled by the sudden influx of petals and paper, brushing off the little pink things off her mane with a hoof. A flower shop? She cranes her neck and spots Skyheart way across, grinning and waving at him. "Hey, keep track of your stuff!" she shouts to him, not really noticing the poem that's landed in front of her yet. )
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Hefty!"
<OOC> Maplewing blehs and got dragged off by cooking >.<
Skyheart looks more than a little embarassed as he starts to stack up his papers and pop an inkwell on top of them before flying over to Rainbow Dash to gently (and carefully, the last thing he needs is to get slapped) brush the remaining petals off of her. Trying to gather them up he winds up catching a few in his teeth and looks all for the world like a rabbit that just got caught eating a flower garden.
<OOC> Maplewing wonders if theres a loose summray as to whats happened thus far?
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "LAST TIME ON PONY BALL Z..."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Quite literally read the last round of poses and you got it."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "im not sure where the last round begins or ends, and im darting back and forth betwene the kitchen, so hunting them down is problemtaic"
<OOC> You say, "Everything after Skyheart's prior pose to his current pose. :-)"
<OOC> Fluttershy cleans this up. <a href="http://www.delyria.com/whyte/birthdayrarescleanup.png">http://www.delyria.com/whyte/birthdayrarescleanup.png</a>
<OOC> Maplewing meant just to get an idea of what ponies are doing, where they're located, etc. But ah well.
Screenplay smiles to Dush, "He'll come, he just busy trying to get ready for our wedding."  she says as she sits back
<OOC> Dusk nods and is trying to work on his current pose, but will try and give some roundup if he can when not busy...
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble will join in a few.
Dusk nods to Dash, "Indeed I'm surprised he's not round about somewhere now.  I could certainly pass anything on you would wish of course.  I see him rather regularly."  Dusk does notice the bit of poetry and glances over to see what the paper says.  But after a paragraph he blushes just a touch and decides to leave it at that.  Especially as Skyheart comes over and picking pink petals out of Dash's mane with his teeth.  "Um hello, Mr. Skyheart!"  And he then turns his attention to Screenplay, "Ah yes, I'm sure that will go well, Lady Screenplay.  I'm looking forward to it."
( "Thanks, but I got this," Rainbow Dash says tersely, brushing off the petals with Skyheart's help. "Do you /have/ to have all this stuff around Skyheart? I mean, I know you're into your little method-writing but still." )
<OOC> Maplewing says, "Dont worry about it Dusk."
Skyheart isn't sure exactly what to do with the petals so he simply chews and swallows them. "Uh... Yeah?" He says simply. "S-Sorry, I try to be careful but..."
<OOC> Screenplay says, "just chatting to dusk hefty"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(amazing style horse)"
<OOC> You say, "So basically Dusk is setting at an outdoor cafe in the market.  And Dash was flying around checking it out enjoying the sunny day.  Skyheart was sitting over by a tree with his writings.  Dash and Screenplay came over to chat with Dusk.  Some of Skyheart's stuff blew over here and he came over to try and clean it up.  And the rest you just saw."
Screenplay smiles as she says "Yea just waiting for the princess."  She then orders a soda as she giggles at Skyheart
Dusk does have to grin a little, watching Dash and Skyheart.  He is suspecting they may have gone through similar encounters more than once.  Hmm, he wonders if it might be something intentional on Skyheart's part, to flirt with the rainbowed mare.  He grins a little to himself, and smiles to Screenplay, "Yes, it's not the easiest thing getting an appointment with her.  The Princess can be rather busy."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "ah okay. Thanks Dusk, that helps."
<OOC> You say, "Welcome!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "I have a hard time walking blind into a RP, and watching usaully takes me an hour or so just to get the setting in my head and the goings on in a rudimentary sense. I always hesitate asking because Ivebeen chewed out/cussed at for asking before. >.>"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Maple has anypony here ever done that?"
<OOC> You say, "She asks as she chews him out for it. ;-)  Just kidding. :-)"
Star_Paige goes home.
<OOC> Maplewing says, "An FC has done that here, in the middle of a GP"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "and that one sided on the complete cussing out."
<OOC> You say, "Well we won't.  Or at least I'm sure I won't and doubt any others here will."
<OOC> Maplewing nodnods. I hope not. Although, its apparently okay by the wizstaff to cuss folks out, as a couple wizzes were present at the time that happened.
With the busy early fall and spring months having been rather busy for Maple, both with work, and with things of a more family nature. As a result, Maple has been somewhat oddly absent from the market the last little while. But today is not one of those days as he makes his way from his nearby ponyville home with a distinctive rumbling of his cart as he makes his way into the Ponyville market. His expression brightens as he notices the busy market, especially as they become familiar faces, offering greetings to those as he passes. "Hello!" he says to each cheerfully as he rolls to a hault near where the group has sort of gathered.
Hefty_Nibble looks around curiously as he brings his cart behind him, thinking that it's time to get some last bit of selling done, his ears perking up as he hears the voices of a few familuar voices up head and wonders about them and heads over in their direction, "Hey guys." He calls.
<OOC> Maplewing apologizes in advance if that messes up anypony elses pose or anything. n.n
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "OK, that's kinda troubling"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "eep?"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Wizzes letting a player launch verbal abuse at another player is a serious concern"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble winces at bad timing.
<OOC> Dusk nods about the abuse.  Certainly shouldn't be allowed.
<OOC> Dusk nods to Maple and Hefty too.  "You two will have to have a cart race to see who wins the customers..  Do the death!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "eep. I really ahveto find another hook than the cart thing for maple. >.>"
<OOC> Maplewing should have just waited for Hefty to pose and posed "Ditto" X-D
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble grins, "Hefty's a unicorn so if he was more powerful he could just make his cart light as a feather and easily win!
( "Seriously," Rainbow Dash says, hoofing Skyheart back the paper which she figures is his. Yeah, Rainbow really isn't into the whole flirting thing right now. When Maplewing comes along she gives him a big friendly wave. "Yo Maple! Glad you could be around!" )
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Or ride on it and rocket-propel it with magic."
<OOC> You say, "He could cause maple showers over the area.  After selling hats and umbrellas made of pancake and waffle. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing has wing and strong leg power!
<OOC> Fluttershy imagines Maple doing the same with the syrup in his secret bootlegging still.
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble grins, "Well like I said, Hefty's food is free, anditodes are extra :>
<OOC> Maplewing doesnt have a stil, that he admits to ;)
<OOC> You say, "To ignite and rocket off with? :-)"
<OOC> Dusk thinks of the Nut Job movie.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "FLUTTERS JOIN"
Skyheart takes a papre and looks at it gently. "W-Wait... I... I thought I..." he blushes and darts back to his things, whizzing right past Maple's cart. He then plants it on the stack and recaps it with the inkwell before trotting over to Maple's cart. "Er... you got any candies left?" he asks sheepishly.
Screenplay nods as she looks to Dusk.  "Wel sreeing her is easy just come during open court but get her to come, that's the hard part.."
Dusk chuckles as he watches Skyheart and Dash, giving a soft smile.  But fortunately for all it seems there is a good distraction as both Maple and Hefty come rolling up with their carts.  "Well it must be around that time for the cart merchants to arrive.  Greetings, Mr. Maplewing and Mr. Nibble!"  He can already smell the mix of hearty and sweet scents from the different carts.  He nods to Screenplay and smiles, "Yes I can imagine."  And he imagines she will be noticing her VSS very shortly as well.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(flutter get)"
Hefty_Nibble smiles as he makes his way throuh, and spots Maplewing beside him and nods his head over towards him, "Hey there Maple, out to sell are you?" he asks as he moves over to his usual spot giving a tail wave over to Dusk and Screenplay.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "brb"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "back"
Maplewing's ears perk a little as he stops and the sound of rumbling cart behind him continues, causing him to look quite a quizzical look to cross his face until he turns and spots Hefty trotting up behind him. "Oh, hey there Hefty." he chuckles in greeting, offering a little wing wave to the other stallion just as Skyheart goes darting past, causing maple to rear for a moment. "Woah!" he exclaims in surprise, so far his time in the market has been a little harrowing! When Skyheart returns, Maple chuckles at his question. "Pfft, don't I always?" he asks rehtorically as he finds a spot to park and unhitch himself and begin setting up his cart, which really means opening the doors and adjusting a few things. "Greetings Miss Dash." he offers politely as he works, offering another wing-wave in return. Sometimes having wings are definitely handy that way "Good to finally be out, thanks!" he says back cheerfully. before turning to Dusk. "Oh, hey there too Dusk, lots of familiar faces out today!" he grins as he finishes s
...setting his cart up and ahving it ready for bsiness, leaving the sweet scents really wafting. "how is everypony?" he offers, giving a little stretch and a soft sigh of the fresh air. When Hefty makes his way around, maple smiles back. "Yep, got a bit of a backlog from this years harvest, you?"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sorry for the delay, was finishing food. n.n"
Swooosh! Fluttershy comes to a stop in the sky above the market - she looks down with a big, bright, beaming smile. There's no hesitation or doubt in her movements as she looks down at her friends, reels back, and swoops down to the street, flying almost as gracefully as Rainbow Dash! If not quite as fast.
( "Hey hey, looks like we got a party going on or something!" Rainbow Dash says. "Anyway, it's going swell, Maple, just chillin' out on this awesome sunny day." She lean back in her seat, a position which happens to make it easy for her to spot Fluttershy...flying? "Yo Fluttershy! Good to see you in the air for once!" )
Skyheart starts to shuffle through his bag to pull out a large bit pouch. Needless to say, this brings a plume of quills with him as they embed themselves in his mane. He spits out the pouch and looks at Maple. "I need a nice big bag. Just in case."
Screenplay looks to Hefty as she waves to him flying over as she says "Hrey hon.  You been busy preparing for our wedding.."  She smiles
Hefty_Nibble smiles as he unhitches from his cart and begins to set it up, putting the menu he keeps in the under carriage out front with the menu and prices, and opens up the side with some of the goods that are premade, along with the wok, and even the infamous spatula all clean from it's excitement the other day.  His head looking up at the shadow that passes infront of the sky and sees a pink and yellow blurr coming down and gets ready to try something in case this goes the usual route.  He nods his head and smiles, "That I have, but wanted to take a break and try out some new recipies." he says with a smile.
Dusk smiles at Maple's expression as he stops and still hears what sounds like his cart rolling along.  Of course it is Hefty's he's hearing and soon realizes.  He nods to the sweets vendor, "And good to see you all as well," he says, finishing off the sandwich he already had from the cafe.  At Dash's comment he looks up and sees his yellow and pink pony friend as well, "And good day to you as well, Lady Fluttershy!"  He smiles as she comes in for a lovely landing right there with us.  He nods to Dash, "Quite a group we have going today, yes!"  He hmmms, pondering the two carts.  "I've had the glazed broccoli before, but thinking maybe something different.."
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble says, "BRB skip me if late need to order dinner :>"
Maplewing grins to Dash with a little chuckle "Sounds like a good day." he chuckles as he pulls out a barrel from beneath the cart and props it up on a stand. "Though I bet it would be better with a mug of maple-spiced cider." he says to the pegasus mare. When Dash greets Rainbow Dash, he looks up and sends a wave to Fluttershy. "Heya Fluttershy!" he says cheerfully to the familiar demuir pegasus mare as she glides into the market. His head tilts a little at Skyhearts presentation of... his entire pouch of bits. "Oh, well I can definitely accomodate, which would you like? I have maple drops, maple sugar candies, maple caramel apples, maple fritters..." he says, trailing off a little with options. Nodding to Hefty he grins. "Always good to take some time off to refine your craft, I do the same sometimes. Had the odd complaint from neighbors at home about the smells that come from my house from time to time." he chuckles, giving a tip of his head to Dusk as he finishes his lunch. He reaches into his cart and tosses Du
( ...Dusk a small 'sample' size maple sugar candy. "How about a little dessert, on behalf of the market shops." he says, commenting on the purchased meal the other stallion just finished. )
<OOC> Fire_Shadow says, "may I join in?"
<OOC> You say, "Geesh, all these food ponies off doing food stuff.  Who'd figure. :-)  And sure, Fire!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "Food ponies all up in your taste buds ;)"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble returns in time :>
<OOC> Maplewing says, "Tiiiime, is on my siiide, yes it is!"
<OOC> You say, "Isn't that the next Back to the Future movie?  Returns in Time."
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble says, ""FOOD FIGHT!"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(yay)"
Ready, FIGHT!
<OOC> Maplewing was singing some lines to a Rolling Stones song ;)
"Oh, Rainbow Dash!" Fluttershy comes in for a hover landing, buzzing her little wings right in front of Rainbow. "This is so incredibly wonderful, I don't even know what to say!" She twirls a few feet off the ground, so that everypony can get a glimpse of her beaming face.
Rainbow_Dash can't help but stare at Fluttershy at this point, surprised by her behaviour. "Say what? What now?"
<OOC> Maplewing alsonotices that dash overlooked the mention of cider? :-O
Skyheart watches the two mares talking for a moment and thinks. "Okay... Thirty bits worth of the sugar candies and might as well get a mug of the cider." He points to Rainbow Dash, "I might owe her from the petal incident." He says with a light-hearted chuckle.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "actually fixes her eyes. >.><a href="http://www.delyria.com/whyte/birthdayrarescleanup.png">http://www.delyria.com/whyte/birthdayrarescleanup.png</a>"
Screenplay ohs as she kises her special pony as she rubs your maine then goes back to Dusk.  Yea he was clearifing something.."
<OOC> You say, "Oh yeah I was wanting to see that when you mentioned it was cleaned up.  Looking quite nice!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Oops X3"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "To be fair, Fluttershy having fun flying is very distacting :u"
Fire_Shadow walks towards the market to pick up some food for her father as she taken on more responsibility, she spots efty and goes to wave at him before walking towards dusk to see if she might help inspect some of those samples herself
<OOC> Dusk grins at Dash. :-)
<OOC> Maplewing says, "ooh awesome Fluttershy!"
Hefty_Nibble smiles as he stretches himself out a little bit and goes through the list of ingredients, a few new dishes in the "hot" containers like spinach quiche, and a warm bowl of brocoli chowder.  He smiles at Fluttershy and grins, "Hey there fluttershy." he calls, always pleased to see her around as she helps bring a smile to his muzzle.  He looks over towards Maple and hmmms thinking, "Can I have a bit of that cider?" he asks rather curious.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Thank you, everypony!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Nicely done Flutters!"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I did this for Rarity's recent birthday..."
Dusk smiles to Maple, "Why thank you very much!  Actually, I was curious since the other dish gave me an idea.  As a desert, perhaps some peanut butter celery with a maple glaze."  Perhaps between the two of them they could put that together.  He's curious to try it, thinking it would be better, if more desert-like, than the broccoli.  Of course his attention is soon quite taken by Fluttershy as she shows off how happy she is, "What is so wonderful, Lady Fluttershy?" he asks curiously, unable to help smiling along with her.  He looks back to Screenplay, "Clarifying what?"  He ohs and smiles as Fire steps on over and gives her a nod, seeing her glance, "Would you care for a few as well, Miss?"  He's got something in mind to snack on already as well, though does eat one of the samples, "Mmm delicious, Mr. Maplewing."
<OOC> You say, "A very nice gift."
Fire_Shadow smiles as the young filly says "Yep can I try some?" She states as she holds out her hoof saying "Please?"
Maplewing stares at Skyheart for a moment almost in disbelief but chuckles. "Ah, well sure thing." he says snapping back to reality for a moment. There's a day's first sale, and then there's a days first sale, and this one is definitely one of Maples best. He accepts the bits gratefully and turns back to his cart and ducks into one of the cupboards beneath, withdrawing three neat and tidy white flat boxes with little tuck-lids. "These should be about close enough." he grins, and glancing toward Dash upon the order of the cider, prompting Maple to chuckle. "I'll give you the cider on the house, due to your very generous purchase." he says to Skyheart as he fills the mug, offering it handle first to the stallion "Of course its made from the Apples best, but I add my own little twist." he explains with a smile. "How's the poetry been going?" he asks, noticing a few stray papers around the market still, as well as the quills in the stallions mane. His ears perk a little at Hefty's curiousity about the cider. "Sure thing
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Ooh! My turn."
( ..."Sure thing." he says, filling a second mug for Hefty. "Fair trade for some of what you've shared with me, I trust." he says with a wink. Nodding to Dusk he smiles. "Any time, and that sounds like it could be done, but probably more toward Hefty's expertiece here... I tend to stick mostly to the strictly sweet or syrup-oriented stuff." he says, though not apparently opposed to others having maple elements in their cooking, but with him, he trie sto make it a primary element. With the positive reaction from Dusk as he samples the maple sugar candy, he tips his head. "Much obliged Mr. Dusk." he grins. )
<OOC> Maplewing says, "n.n"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "What does Hefty sell again? X3"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "savoury foodstuffs I believe, but I'll let him confirm that. n.n"
"Hello, everypony." Fluttershy finally sets down, but she's still smiling. "I just have the most wonderful news! I, um...I hope I'm not interrupting or anything."
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hmmmms, "Well on the menu today is, stir fry vegies, pasta an vegies, brocoli chowder *kinda clam withotu the clams*  and spinach quiche.
"Spill it!" Rainbow Dash says,  getting impatient by this excitement. Plus, everypony is getting /cider/ and she's missing out! "Whoa, Maple, gimme some of that!" she demands, throwing a small pouch of bits at him.
Skyheart intercepts the bit pouch by catching it with his other hoof, flying in the way of its trajectory. "It's okay, I got it." he tells her, flying back over to her and giving her both the cider and the bits. "Consider it recompense for my stuff not being in place." He then looks around and sighs. "Guess I have to clean up more anyway..." He starts to collect all the papers back up before he grabs his candies.
Screenplay ohs as she was gonna order from the cafe but the saight of the soap she comes to Hefty.  "Hey hon can I have some of that chowder.."  She reaches for some bits
Hefty_Nibble smiles as he takes the cider and sips it as he definetly catches the distinct flavour of the apples in there, but along with the nice flavour of maple from well maple as he smiles placing it carefully on the cart as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes a bit at her words and is about to add his own SPILL IT, but when rainbow dash says it first he just says, "Whta she said." wanting to hear about it, at Screenplays words he smiles, "On the house hon, can't be selling stuff to my future wife might look bad." he says with a chuckle as he produces a bowl and a spoon and lades up a bit as he then finally gets back to maple, "Thanks, it tastes great." he says.
Dusk smiles as he gives some of the treats to Fire, glad to see her pleased expression more than anything too.  "Most certainly, and quite welcome!"  He nods to Maple too, "Quite welcome!  And yes, I figured between the two of you, we could come up with the dish.  Hopefully!  I believe Mr. Nibble said he uses your maple in the other dish he does too."  Dusk is already set on cider that he got earlier from the cafe, but when his runs out he'll probably get some from his friend.  He chuckles as Dash is missing out, but is sure she'll get hers this time.  There's no long lines yet.  And he sees Skyheart helping with it as well.  Hmmm, more flirting?  He grins.  He feels the excitement rising over the news as well.  But he couldn't bring himself to demand Fluttershy to deliver it.  But he can comment, "Yes, I think you've got our attention quite well, Lady Fluttershy!" he says with a soft chuckle and a warm smile.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "The amusing part is Sky isn't doing any of this intentionally. XD"
<OOC> Dusk chuckles, "Might not look like it though. :-)"
Fire_Shadow enjoys the treats  saying "Thank you." to dusk Before walking over to hefty and saying "Do you have some cream of mushroom?" She asks him hoping to get herself some lunch as she smiles to screenplay.
Maplewing smiles as Fluttershy seems to settle after greeting her best friend. "You look well, Miss Fluttershy." he offers as she greets the market again. "What news might htat be?" he asks curiously before he suddenly finds himself staring down a rather atheltic throw of a coinpurse which he just barely manages to catch in a wing. Though its less of a catch and more of a 'protect my head' sort of gesture but the pouch never makes it. Lowering his wing, he notices Skyheart's apparent quick reaction. "Good catch." he laughs to Skyheart. With Skyheart returning to Dash, Maple turns to the now taste-testing Hefty, eying him curiously and with anticipation ofthe other stallions opinion. There's definitely maple involved, to the point where it almost becomes the dominant flavor in teh drink, but there's also more of a herby spice to it as well to help round it out. "Glad you enjoy it! I am rather proud of it, even if most of the hard work is done by the Apples." he grins. Nodding to Dusk he smiles. "Oh yes, he defintiely
...does. I gave him a bit of a quantity to experiment with. What's good for his business is good for mine, you know?" he grins.
"Oh. I'm sorry. But, um..." Fluttershy scuffs her hoof. "Well...I was doin some research on baby dragons, and, I mean, if what I read is true, then--" She fidget with her mane. "Then it's almost time for Spike to have a checkup! And maybe this is the year he'll finally get his permanent teeth!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "Hiya Hollyhock n.n"
<OOC> Hollyhock says, "Howdy."
<OOC> You say, "Howdy hi!"
<OOC> Hollyhock says, "H'llo"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(yay)"
Rainbow_Dash blinks, and stares, and blinks and stares again. "What? That's it? /That's/ the big news?" She's flabbergasted, so much that she misses Skyheart's generous offer and just unconsciously begins sipping her cider. "I thoguht it was gonna be, like, actually exciting and stuff!"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble says, ";chcukles, "Poor fluttershy :>"
Skyheart just leaves Rainbow Dash to her thoughts, seeing as she was clearly mind blown by how utterly anticlimactic that was. He just nods. He stays by her, though and looks to Fluttershy. "Um... Yay?" He says, not sure how to respond to Fluttershy.
<OOC> You say, "Awww.."
<OOC> Fluttershy is blown away in a WAVE OF PONIES.
Screenplay ohs as she then sees Fire as she picks up her soup.. she comnes over as dshe says "Hey therte hon how's Night.."
Hefty_Nibble smiles as he takes a moment to think about Dusk's question and he wonders thinking, "Would carrot celery work you think? Or would that be too complicated?" he asks as now he's curious about that experiment, he looks down into the storage under the cart looking to see if he has peanut butter there, he has some celery of both kinds there some already made, and some he figured he practice upon when it was quiet, and he stored other random ingredients for special custom dishes.
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hit enter too soon :>
Hefty_Nibble smiles as he takes a moment to think about Dusk's question and he wonders thinking, "Would carrot celery work you think? Or would that be too complicated?" he asks as now he's curious about that experiment, he looks down into the storage under the cart looking to see if he has peanut butter there, he has some celery of both kinds there some already made, and some he figured he practice upon when it was quiet, and he stored other random ingredients for special custom dishes.  He smiles to Maple and nods his head, "That you did, I should mix up some more too, mostly been focusing upon the books and learning the basics of the dishes, though I do have a couple of dishes taht use maple that I wouldn't mind making if I can purchase some more while your here." he says.
Dusk smiles to Fire, "Quite welcome, Miss Fire Shadow."  He chuckles and nods to Maple, "It's good to see you both able to work for the better of each of your products, rather than just competing.  Having your talents combine can help make even more wonderful treats."  Chuckles and smiles at Fluttershy's 'fantastic news.'  He has to keep himself from falling over and laughing.  But at the same time he smiles widely, unable to help finding her one of the most heartwarming ponies he knows, and feeling all that love.  "It is wonderful, Lady Fluttershy.  I imagine that will be great for Dragon Spike.  If these are his baby teeth, I wonder what he can eat with his real teeth."  Seeing as he chews up diamond hard gems like they were no more than biscuits.  He's amused at the other ponies' reactions too.  "And hmmm.. I think regular celery to start, to see if the mix works, rather than trying too many new things at once.  But good thinking at least," he responds to Hefty.  Hmm he hadn't considered him not having peanut
... butter.  It is on the sweet side.  Might Maple have some?
Fire_Shadow smiles as she says to fluttershy "You know a baby dragon? can you introduce me too him?" She asks as she turns and smiles to her mother and says "He is doing well, though busy as usaul, how bout thunder how is he doing?" She asks as she wonders if they be able to set up a game latter she then walks over tapping hefty sholder thinking he might not of heard her before.
Maplewing tips his head to Hefty with a little smile "Any time my friend, and you definitely should! If you like, I have some stuff that is slightly off if you'd like. It's not quite suitable to sell on its own, but it'd definitely good for use in cooking. I could probably work a deal if you like." he offers before turning back to Dusk. "I like to think so too. Besides, he can do things with other foods and flavors than I could ever possibly do, Whether I sell my syrup to ponies or other businesses, it's all win win in my books, and I get to do what I love and help others do what they love. Doesn't get better than that." he grins. He looks a little sheepish as the lack of peanut butter pretty much brings the idea of Dusk's to a hault. "If I had some I'd be happy to lend it. Though I don't really use it for anything i fear." he admits "Sorry guys." he says with a sigh, before perking up a little at Fluttershy's news. "That is... interesting news, Miss Fluttershy!" he says, not entirely seeming sure at whether this is
( ...good news or not, but nods in agreement to Dusk's question about the benefit of having adult teeth in a dragon. )
"Oh, Rainbow, don't be like that!" Fluttershy leans back, one hoof up and eyes big and pleading. "It's not every day that we get to see a real baby dragon get his permanent teeth." Really ADORABLE. Fluttershy stops in mid...pause to freeze up, eyes flittering over to the newcomer. "Oh! Um...y-yes. His name is Spike. He's our friend." Either it hasn't occurred to her that 'permanent teeth' are a sign of a baby dragon becoming a not-baby dragon, or she doesn't really care!
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hmmms, "Does that mean we know who to blame if ponies go missing? :>
Rainbow_Dash just sighs and sips her cider more. Yeesh, Fluttershy and her...interests! At least the cider was delicious as always. As she leans back and takes in the atmosphere, at the horizon a swift silhouette manifests against the northwestern sky, drawing clsoer and closer. It's a pegasus stallion, and not an ordinary one, either: he is adorned in what seems to be a very peculiar sort of armor that drapes over his body as multiple sets of interlocking pieces. Over his torso is a distinctive barding that displays the crest of Clousdale surrounding by a golden wreath. He flies straight and true, right towards the crowd of ponies in fact.
Skyheart has his attention caught by the new form as well. Still floating next to Rainbow Dash, he nudges her gently. "Um... Rainy..? Who is that?"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "<a href="http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130222134118/ageofempires/images/b/b1/Byzantine-armored-Cataphract.jpg">http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130222134118/ageofempires/images/b/...</a> Picture!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "(Just imagine a barding on him)"
<OOC> Dusk assumes + wings - human, as well. ;-)
Screenplay nods to her daughter as she smiles.  "He's fine hon he misses you, you care vto come home cwith me and play.." she sips her chowder
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Is it bad that I knew that was a Byzantine Cataphract before I actually looked at the full image url?"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Heheheh"
<OOC> You say, "Dash will probably just call you a nerd is all. ;-)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(a bardigan)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(a barding cardigan)"
Hefty_Nibble spends a few minutes looking under the cart in the storage for a few things sticking most of his body in there untill after a bit of rattling, and a few weird sounds he pulls out a half empty container of peanutbutter as he smiles, "AHAH, I did still have a bit left from sandwiches other day." he says as he places the peanut butter on the cart and then pulls out two bags of cellery both looking almost identicle except that one bag has a small oranage stripe across it as he smiles, "I did have some down in there." He says, listening to fluttershy and the dragon as he grins having gotten a little distracted by the food idea, "Thats great fluttershy." he calls and then looks over towards maple, "Well I'm not sure if I would use it for sale stuff, but it would be quiet great for experimenting and cut down on costs during that." he says as he pulls out a few bits, "I should buy some to try these experiements now." eh says.
Dusk nods and chuckles to Maple, "Indeed that is all good news, however your maple is used."  Though apparently not so much good news on his snack idea.  "Well it was worth a try, having you both here.  They surely have some here in the market, but it's not worth going that much out of the way for.  We'll try it again another time!"  So he's stumped the two together.  He smiles as Fluttershy isn't phased by the responses at least.  But he finds himself looking up as the armored pegasus draws nearer.  He wonders if he recognizes him, glancing to Dash as well.  She has worked with most of the armored pegasi he's seen around here at all.  Even if mostly for some games.  Dusk is a little surprised though and smiles as after soem time Hefty actually comes up with some, "Oh, good job there, Mr. Nibble!"  Though he's shortly looking back to the new arrival.
Fire_Shadow nods to fluttershy and says "Maybe you could introduce me sometime." She suggests before turning to her mother and saying "You have mushroom soup at home?" She asks as she smiles.
Fire_Shadow thinks hefty might be too busy to pay her anymind
<OOC> Dusk is probably distracting him too much, sorry.
Screenplay then heads out with Fire as they head home
Screenplay goes home.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Maple? n.n"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Rainbow? o.o"
<OOC> You say, "Santa Clause?"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble dinosaurs!
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash notes that she has to go to bed in an hour
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Chief?"
<OOC> Skyheart should have gone to bed a while ago. Has an interview in the morning... >..
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hmmms, "Pose around Maple till back?
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Bardykins!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Yeah looks like we might have to do that."
<OOC> You say, "Yeah I agree if need."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "We've hit enough people for rule of three anyway."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "eeep sorry"
<OOC> You say, "Ah there we go. :-)"
<OOC> Fluttershy puts down some molasses as bait.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Err whoops"
<OOC> You say, "WB. :-)"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Did Flutters pose?"
<OOC> You say, "If you didn't see, Dash, Maple is back."
<OOC> You say, "And hopefully posing. :-)"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Oh!"
Maplewing ahhs softly as Hefty manages to find some left over peanut butter. "I was gonna say, peanuts are almost the ultimte in basic savoury food." he teases hefty with a little chuckle as he watches the other stallion work. "Mm, the only real difference is smoothness and texture. Once you dilute or dissolve the less than grade-a batches, the flavor is left with whatever you mix it with. Most of my food products are made with it. It's still good syrup, just not grade-a, that I would use as its own product." he says trying to explain a bit better, smiling a little to Dusk's compliment. "Thanks, its always nice to hear ponies like what you put your heart into." he grins. "Though I am kind of curious myself now." he says, looking to Hefty again.
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sorry"
<OOC> You say, "WB too, Maple. :-)"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "thanks, though I might have to crash though. n.n"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "That's fine. I think Rainy's ending the scene soon anyway."
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Two more rounds n.n"
Bardigan goes home.
<OOC> Maplewing will try and hld out then n.n
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble will still be around a bit longer :>
Fluttershy takes a quick and quiet step bak as a whole pega-platoon plops down in the middle of Ponyville. "Um...i-it's for you," she whispers Dashward, and then backs up beside the food carts.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "There's only one pegasus :u"
<OOC> Dusk will probably wrap up not long after Dash's part too.  Will try and keep it simple until then. :-)
<OOC> You say, "But he's worth a platoon. :-)"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "...he has ninja clones."
"Huh, what?" Rainbow Dash asks, before catching sight of a Cloudsdale cataphract heading right for her. She gawks as the stallion, which a majestic swoop of his wings, lands right on front of her and bows politely. "You are...Flight Officer Rainbow Dash, correct?" -- Rainbow Dash continues gawking. "Uhh...right, I am! Am I in trouble? It was the other guy who did it!" -- The cataphract says nothing but merely plops a large scroll on the table. His duty done, the armored pegastallion lifts into the air and takes off, back to Cloudsdale. -- Rainbow blinks twice and looks down at scroll, reaching forward and gingerly unfurling it. She reads, and as she goes on her expression grows anxious. It reads:
Skyheart watches Rainbow Dash patiently, not peering over at the scroll for the sake of privacy. "Um... What's going on?"
Hefty_Nibble blinks slightly as he spots the armored pegasus show up and tilts shi head more then a little bit wondering just what is being read as he looks down at the ingredients and hands Maple some bits so that he can try the maple and peanutbutter celery, both mixes as he happens t have both around.  Seeing the scroll given to Rainbowdash he really wonders what it reads.
"To Rainbow Dash, Flight Officer, Weather Patrol, and Commander, Ponyville Area: Due to prevailing circumstances, it has become necessary to accelerate your career progression as a Weather Patrol officer. You are hereby ordered to report to Weather Patrol Central for immediete redeployment, effective 0800 hours tomorrow. Signed on this day of Spring, in the 1XXXth year of the reign of the Basilissa, Sovereign of Cloudsdale, Protectress of the Colonies. LONG MAY SHE REIGN."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Because apparently Cloudsdale just isn't satisfied only having a mayor. XD"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "The Basilissa is whichever Princess is active at the time :u"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Ah."
Dusk nods and chuckles to Maple, "Indeed that is all good news, however your maple is used."  Though apparently not so much good news on his snack idea.  "Well it was worth a try, having you both here.  They surely have some here in the market, but it's not worth going that much out of the way for.  We'll try it again another time!"  So he's stumped the two together.  He smiles as Fluttershy isn't phased by the responses at least.  But he finds himself looking up as the armored pegasus draws nearer.  He wonders if he recognizes him, glancing to Dash as well.  She has worked with most of the armored pegasi he's seen around here at all.  Even if mostly for some games.  Dusk is a little surprised though and smiles as after soem time Hefty actually comes up with some, "Oh, good job there, Mr. Nibble!"  Though he's shortly looking back to the new arrival.  He chuckles at Fluttershy's response to said pony.  He blinks as the stallion just drops a scroll and leaves.  Has Dash been served a summons or something?  He ohs
... as Dash reads it over, "So you have to head off?  Does it say for how long?  Who's going to take care of your work here?  And er.. Sorry for all the questions."  He's sure this is a lot for Dash all of a sudden too.  "Soudns like.. a promotion?"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble smiles, "And the first partofthe promotion is train fluttershy to be as good as RD and only has two days to do it.
<OOC> You say, "Montage time!"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "No :I"
<OOC> Dusk laughs.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(i'm the best)"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Five minutes and i'm doing the last post!"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "(around)"
<OOC> You say, "Speed round!"
<OOC> You say, "Everypony can pose at once."
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble would just type : and hit enter except that mess up @po :>
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Sorry. Net shut off on me. moved to phone."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Eek."
<OOC> You say, "It's Skyheart's fault. ;-)"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "It's been happening regularly..."
<OOC> You say, "You should see a doctor about it. :-)"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "It might turn on later..."
<OOC> You say, "But yeah my home net was sucking bad.  They had to come replace the modem."
<OOC> You say, "Runs great now."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "We got a brand new one. Problems only started after we got it."
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Anyway, I'll shut up now."
( "It's a pain in the neck, that's what!" Rainbow Dash tells Dusk, looking miffed. "I gotta prepare! I need to hand off the patrol to Cloudchaser and pack my gear and..." She grabs her cider mug and starts chugging it all at once, slamming it down on the table. "I gotta go. See you all whenever!" That said, she grabs the scroll and is in the air immedietely, zipping off back home and onward to whatever adventure awaits her. )
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "And I'm done till August!"
<OOC> Skyheart hugs. "Have fun at your deployment, Rainy.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash will prepare for bed but will leave this open to catch last poses n.n
<OOC> Dusk hugs!
<OOC> Skyheart is debating using this as a hook for a series of poems Sky spends the next week and a half on. XD
<OOC> You say, "We'll certainly miss ya', Dash.  Thanks for what you're doing though!"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "Yes, it was nice being able to give you a send off! ^.^"
<OOC> You say, "To Dash? :-)"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble waves :>
<OOC> You say, "Love poems? :-)"
<OOC> Skyheart says, "What else do I write? :P"
<OOC> Dusk chuckles.
<OOC> Skyheart says, "The rumor mill can't get enough of me anyway. Let 'em keep going for all I care."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Do take care, Rainbow Dash. n.n"
Dusk nods to Dash and barely gets more than an "Ahh.." out before she's finished her ale and zipping off, scroll and all.  He watches her fly off into the distance, "I hope she isn't gone /too/ long.  Nopony handles the weather better here.  And won't be quite the same."  He glances around to see the others reactions as well.
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "Meanwhile RD has no idea what's going on with that X3"
Maplewing #skip
<OOC> Maplewing says, "gah"
<OOC> Rainbow_Dash says, "And off I go. Later ponies!"
Maplewing skip
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sorry. couldnt think of much more to add hehe"
Hefty_Nibble watch Dash fly off as he hmmms curiously wondering about that for the moment.
<OOC> You say, "Aww.. I hope it all goes well for her."
Fluttershy braces herself against the wind as Rainbow Dash zips away, opening her eyes just in time to see her oldest friend's contrail arc a path across the clouds. "...soooo coooooool."
Dusk watches as well, and nods to Fluttershy.  "Well there she goes.  It might be a while before we get to see her, from the sound of it.  I hope she gets some time off to come visit at least."  He looks back to check on the food too, though in no rush at this point.
Hefty_Nibble nods his head and hmmms as he quickly gets some of the maple and then the peanutbutter and celery and tries them together coating a good portion of the end to hand to Dusk, "here try it, this is the normal celery." eh says and then looks towards Fluttershy, "I have a treat that might be fun for your animals...or maybe confusing not sure yet." he says.
Maplewing watches quriously as Hefty puts together a sample of Dusks idea. "Lets let our friend try first." he chuckles curiously
<OOC> Maplewing says, "sorry think im gonna drop out. Thanks for the RP guys!"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "just assume maple is still there if/as needed"
<OOC> You say, "Quite alright!  Thanks for joining us!"
It takes a while before Fluttershy stops staring off into the welcoming blue, but when she finally does, she finds... "I-is...this an eating contest?"
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble Hmmmms, "So who is left? :>
Dusk suggests getting some fresh hot maple right from Maplewing being right here.  He wanted something they help make together.  Once it's done though, he accepts the peanut butter celery glazed in fresh hot maple.  He magics it up and brings it over, taking a bite.  He ponders it for a bit, then smiles and nods, "Yes a very nice treat!  Well done."
<OOC> You say, "I should be leaving soon, but not just yet."
Hefty_Nibble smiles at this and grins as he makes another one for Fluttershy, "Try this it's something Dusk suggested, but then I have a special treat, the bunnies might like it." he says to her, magicking one over to her.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I was erasing on top of my keyboard and accidentally mashed Airplane Mode. >.>"
Hefty_Nibble smiles at this and grins as he makes another one for Fluttershy, "Try this it's something Dusk suggested, but then I have a special treat, the bunnies might like it." he says to her, magicking one over to her. *repose*
<OOC> You say, "No wonder you were flying around so much. :-)"
<OOC> Fluttershy can't help it! These wings are stuck on! Aaaah! ;.;
<OOC> Fluttershy returns from spraying down a mighty skull with workable fixative.
Fluttershy blinks, tilting her head. She reaches up with one hoof... "Is this...peanut butter on celery?"
<OOC> Dusk smiles as Fluttershy flies about.  And wonders about the skull??
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "It's one I drew."
Dusk smiles to Fluttershy, "I believe it's one of Mr. Nibbles special flavored celery, if I'm guessing correct."  He grins, glancing back to Hefty too.
<OOC> You say, "Ahhh... Not an actual skull."
Hefty_Nibble smiles at this, "It's safe just try it." he says handing her first the NEW celery as not to spoil her pallete *sp?*  on the sweeter one as she will find that it tastes just like carrot for the most part.
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hmmms, "Well it's based upon a skull from someone that didn't like her art...:>  J/k
<OOC> Fluttershy whistles.
You like celery, don't you, Fluttershy? "...I love celery," says Fluttershy, and then she raises a stalk to her lips and takes a little nibble.
<OOC> You say, "Don't diss the Flutterarts. :-)"
Dusk nods and smiles, "Yes, Mr. Nibble has been doing a remarkable job, learning to take the flavor of one food, and putting it into another.  So you could have the taste of carrot, with the texture of celery, for example."
Hefty_Nibble watches her curiously wondering what she might think of it, "you think the rabbits might like it?" He asks curiously and nods his head, "or other things too." he says.
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hmmms, "I bet the apocrathary would love this magick :>  make those icky medicines taste nice :>
<OOC> Fluttershy <a href="http://www.delyria.com/whyte/skullmageddon.png">http://www.delyria.com/whyte/skullmageddon.png</a>
<OOC> Hefty_Nibble hmms, "Nice :>
<OOC> Fluttershy uses her SOSETSUKEN!
Screenplay comes back as she looks to Hefty as she rubs you.  "So how is sales..' she says
<OOC> You say, "Ah Mr. Skullhead for your class project, yes?"
<OOC> You say, "Did he move around a lot while trying to draw him?"
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Screenplay!"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Yes. Actually."
<OOC> Dusk nods, "They're always trouble.  Don't let him near any swords."
"It's...it's wonderful." Fluttershy takes another big bite. "They'll love it!"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Sorry about the wait."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I had to fight a magical skeleton."

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