Slumming It


Spring, before the Sugar Moon festival


Sky Blue, Red Velvet, Tweed Patches, Derpy


Cider cider cider. Pastries. Looking slightly dirty and with a scruffy mane, Sky Blue is tending bar, rubbing down the counter with a cloth. Or, rather, the same four inches for the past hour. At least her mine is closed, so there SHOULD be no more more little accidents. Or sinkholes.
"You'll wear the wood down if you keep doing that," says Nightshade, who has appeared, out of nowhere, on the bar stool directly in front of Sky Blue. She looks upon her hostess with a stoic gaze.
Red_Velvet steps in through the front door, looking around the room before...actually stepping up to the bar, but then given her condition, perhaps wanting a drink is understandable. Her bandages have been changed and are clean and white again. But her head is heavily wrapped, and judging from the placement of the bandage and the lack of a protrusion it is clear, somehow Red Velvet's horn is no longer there. Her left side it wrapped heavily as well and she walks with just the smallest hint of a limp still. However her mane is once again styled, still, there is a melancholy about her eyes and features, "Hello Sky, darling. If you would please? I should like something strong." Her voice is flat and somewhat subdued.
Sky Blue promptly shrieks at Nightshade and falls over. A few seconds later, she's back on her hooves, looking a little rattled, and automatically starts pouring out a cider. She places the unasked for drink in front of Nightshade, then notices Red. Her head tilts to one side. Then a bit further. And a bit further. One can almost see the cogs whirring inside her head. "Y'all had a new manedo, sugarcube?" she eventually asks, dipping down to draw a pint of extra-strong mead.
Nightshade does not react to Sky Blue's panic but gently takes up the glass of cider with her magic, having a little sip. She glances aside as Red Velvet enters, and she seems distracted, concerned even.
Red_Velvet places a small stack of bits on the counter when her drink is presented, notably reaching out with a hoof to take the glass offered her with her hoof rather then with her magic. She regards Sky Blue for a moment before reaching out to gently pat her friend's hoof with her own, "Something like that darling. In the past few weeks things have gone very bad, My offices were destroyed, my horn broken off, and worst of all, my little filly Diamond Dancer was hurt." She takes a hard pull at her mead before slowly shaking her head, "Things are being resolved even as we speak. I am just....I feel a little shell-shocked by it all..." She absently reaches up to brush her hoof across the spot where her horn used to lie.
Tweed-Patches arrives not half a minute after Red. His expression on entering is one of curiousity, mixed with ill concealed excitement. A real honest to Celestia mead hall! What better place to get in touch with the pulse of the community, and get to know the local ponies, the real salt of the earth! He trots boldly to the bar, and rearing up to put his forehooves on it calls out, "Methu!" Or some similar foreign and arcane word for the drink, before blushing, just a bit, and adding, in a smaller, more polite tone, "Please."
Sky Blue blinks at Red Velvet. Then she slowly reaches over and taps where her friend's horn used to be. Then her eyes widen. Her head gears need a good oiling. Or replaced by something more efficient, like steam power. "Ah didn't know things lawk that had even happened!" she exclaims, before pulling a flagon of mead for herself. "Ah've been over on Death Island fer a bit, and when ah got back, ah got occupied with minin', and then... if y'all need anypony t'talk to, sugar, ah'm here." She pats Red's hoof gently, then turns to look at her newest customer. She blinks once, then disappears behind the counter. When she rises back up, it is with another flagon in hoof, this one containing a substance that looks suspiciously like mud, and plonks it down in front of Tweed. There's some real strange ones out and about today.
From below the bar pops up Salsa "I Threw Away The Third Light Bulb Because I Thought Of The Color Purple" Verde. She leaaaans against the bar and fixes her eyes on each pony in turn. "Of... the... helloness."
"You should really deal with that issue soon, Velvet," Nightshade interjects, looking at her broken horn. "There are...means available." As for what /those/ are, that's a state secret.
Red_Velvet smiles at Sky and nods at her friend's kindness, "Thank you, dear. I will certainly need all the support I can get before all is said and done. However luckily the worse seems to be past. Now it is just a matter of sweeping up the pieces and rebuilding my offices and club...again. I haven't yet been by to see if my apartment is still standing but from the condition the lower floor was in i wouldn't be at all surprised if the entire building hadn't simply toppled over." She turns to regard Nightshade and she blinks, "Hmmm...well. I may just look into such. I was never much of a unicorn to be honest, my magic was always very weak, but having a body part missing is...well it just feels as if everypony would be staring at the broken stump of my horn. Not really looking at me anymore." She sighs then takes another drink of her mead before giving a little shake of her head, "But enough about me, darlings. How are all of you doing? I hope everything is going well-SALSA!" Red places her hoof over her own heart, looking as if the surprise of suddenly saucepony has nearly given her a heart attack.
Tweed-Patches looks pleased in the extreme to have been served so readily. Clearly the locals have accepted him as one of their own! He gives Sky Blue what he believes to be a suitably common "Ta very much!" Which sounds a litle odd in his cut glass accent, but that doesn't seem to bother him any. He's about to take a drink of his questionable drink before he's distracted by the exchange between Red and Blue, then again by Nightshade, who he realizes he's met before. Indeed he's about to greet her when, suddenly, Salsa Verde is there, staring at him. He quells a little under her gaze, and sinks slightly down, half hiding behind his drink. He almost misses Red's words entirely - only catching the bits about - 'magic' and 'missing body parts.' This earns Red a very odd expression indeed. It seems that it's only now that he notices her bandages. He stares until he feels uncomfortable, then takes a fortifying drink of - just whatever it is that Sky served to him.
Unfortunately for Tweed, it would seem that Sky Blue has indeed served him mud. Why she has a barrel full of mud behind the bar is anypony's guess. "Howdy, sugarcube!" Sky greets her beloved, briefly rubbing noses with the insane saucemare, before turning her attention back to the patrons. "Ah've been better, t'be honest," she directs to Red Velvet, resuming her wiping down of the exact same patch as when Nightshade entered. "Ah mean, not as bad as y'all, but... ah kind of potentially destroyed all of Ponyville with mah latest minin' venture, and nearly bankrupt it with the repair costs. Ah've been feelin' pretty rotten about it." The cyan filly ducks down behind the bar, then bobs back up with an enormous diamond casually in hoof. "This is the only gem ah've got left, after they sealed up the mine. No ideas what t'do with it."
"You know the kind of means I refer to," Nightshade tells Velvet quietly. Meanwhile, she doesn't seem to be fazed at all by the arrival of Salsa Verde, merely sipping her cider carefully as she observes. She glances at Tweed for a moment before turning back to Sky Blue. "I presume that you've managed to pull out of that venture without substantial debt, Ms. Blue?"
Salsa had likely helped shoulder the debt with her immense hidden sauce-founded wealth. She scans the ponies one more, then she moves a jar of one of her myriad sauces from one end of the bar to the other, nuzzling Sky in the process. Then she leans forward. "To the notness allowings of desking riderses upon the hereness."
Red_Velvet regards Miss Nightshade for a moment, then realization seems to dawn on her and she gives a very small nod to the other unicorn, before turning to address Sky, "Well darling, that does sound terrible. I am so very sorry that you-you-you-you-you-y-y-y-y" Red Velvet's eyes are glued on the obscenely large gem Sky holds, the speech center of her brain seems to have locked up for the moment.
Tweed-Patches knows what mud tastes like. He's very familiar with the taste thanks to his first year of school, and this mug is certainly filled with mud. Lots of loam, faint undertones of flint. Fertile soil. Yup. He swallows his mouthful and gives Sky a big grin, his left eyelid twitching, "Delicious." That gem though forestalls any further though. He can only stare.
"Actually, if ah remember right, most of the bill's goin' over t'Red here, 'cause the mine was part of Red Velvet Productions," Sky Blue replies to Nightshade, completely oblivious at the fact that nigh on everypony is staring at the gorgeous, enormous diamond in her hoof. "If anypony's got any ideas on what t'use this thing fer, ah'm all ears."
Nightshade looks upon the diamond with not even a whiff of excitement. "Perhaps you should consider repaying the debt you owe to Miss Velvet, then, for your failed investment," she states. "Or, perhaps, if Velvet is wiling, she can forego this repayment and allow you to invest it elsewhere? I know of a few places." Her eyes seem to gleam with dark intent.
Salsa brings another enormous jar on the counter and casually plops teh diamond into the jar. She needs to make a sauce. She beadyeyes, looking for vinegar.
Red_Velvet seems about to say something to all the hubbub, "I can certainly cover damages, perhaps Sky you should talk with Miss Nightshade about-SALSA VERDE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU MAD THING!" Inspite of Red's injuries, seeing her saucier friend drop the diamond into a jar, clearly with the intent of making something out of it has the PR pony leaping over the counter like a springbok to tackle the crazy pony and attempt to wrestle her to the ground. Fortune Cookie say: It is unwise to molest gems in Velvet presence.
Tweed-Patches tugs a little at his collar, then clears his throat, and offers his two bits, "The, uh, faculty of Natural Magic is always in need of reagents. I'm sure any, ah, donation you would care to make would be, er..." He trails off, wilting just a little as the gem is bottled, and he watches Red leap to retrieve it. He almost takes another drink of mud, but remembers, clears his throat again, and fidgets, "Oh, well, I'm sure that if you have other uses for it, they will be just as, uh, worthy."
Sky Blue neatly steps to one side as Red Velvet tackles her beloved saucemare. She was going to gently inform Salsa that it probably wouldn't be wise using an incredibly expensive gem to make a sauce, but she decides that Red's got things in hoof. Ignoring the fray, she leans on the bar and looks between the two remaining patrons. "What would the faculty of Natural Magic use it fer?" she asks, looking at Tweed. "And what does it do, exactly? And what were y'all thinkin'?" she asks, turning to look at Nightshade.
Salsa screams homicidally as the PR mare tackles her across the counter and levitates her new ingredient out of harm's way and Salsa tries getting Velvet off of her. She is looking for her mayonnaise whisk. The big one.
"It's your decision," Nightshade manages to say, before pandemonium breaks out. As Velvet and Salsa fight, she calmly observes from the sidelines, sipping cider all the way. "This is...bothersome," she comments.
Tweed-Patches looks quickly up as he finds himself addressed, blinking a few times, making sure it really *is* him being addressed before he answers, glancing between the fracas behind the bar, and Sky, "Er... What would we do with it? Oh, uh, we'll, use it as a physical component in potions and alchemical studies, and other - er - philosophic uses. Diamond dust is very useful, for - for all manner of things." There was almost a lecture, on the efficacy of ground diamond. Almost.
"Ah was thinkin' more sellin' this here diamond and givin' the proceeds t'a worthy cause, rather than grind it up," Sky Blue carefully replies, before turning and glancing down at her beloved, utterly insane saucemare. "Sugarcube, ah don't think it would be a good idea t'make it into a sauce. Sellin' or givin' it t'somepony would be a much better idea."
Derpy appears from the kitchen holding a strung sign in her mouth.  She trots happily over to Tweed Patches and drops the sign over his neck: "OPIN FOR BISNESS."
Tweed-Patches furrows his brow at Sky's response, looking quite confused. What could be more worthy than the pursuit of philosophic learnings? He opens his mouth to open debate, but he doesn't manage to get anything out before he's made a sign post. Instead there is blinking and some indigent sounding  "Er" and "Um" sounds before he looks down at the sign. It takes everything in him not to underline the mistakes in red.
Derpy frowns when Tweed seems less than content with the sign.  She squats and stares at it for a while.  Then she straightens up, smiling!  She flips it with her teeth; the reverse side says: "CLOSED FOR SHOGUR MAPEL MOON FESTEVAL.  SEE YOU IN SHOGAR BUSH!"  Then, grinning at her Skychild, she trots out of the meadery.
((The fun continues at the Sugar Moon Festival))

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