Solar's Sensational Siesta


The day before the Summer Sun Celebration



Sugar Rush, Dusk, Starry Blade, Berry Punch, Haunting Melody, Fluttershy


All is abuzz at Villa de Trevalles today, for it's the birthday of the scion, Solar Solstice, and his party seems to have attracted a very interesting crowd. They come dressed in exotic garb, in sombreros and ponchos and the distinctive wear of the Centralian realms. As they converge upon the green field surrounding the main house, the crisp white-washed seats and the flower pots and the makeshift gazebo standing watch, their voices, speaking strange tongues, meld together as one. "Ola mi amigos! Como esta?" one shouts, and on it goes."
Sugar_Rush swoops down into the area, trailing a sweet smell in his wake. He lands near Solar, "Hi there! Wow, I see the party has started!" He opens one of his saddlebags, "And what is a...fiesta?...without a pinata?" He takes said pinata, which is shaped like a brightly colored sun, out. "What do you think?"
Dusk himself is just arriving as well, taking his talk to walk the distance along the path along the hill to the home.  He spots the gathering group and makes his way there.  He greets the various different guests with whom he isn't quite aquanted with, and looks around to see if the birthday pony might be around as well.
StarryBlade had heard that is was somepony's birthday and thought she would be a good filly and at least offer a hello and she had picked the most flawless of her flawed gemstones as a present as she didn't have much. She peered around at the group and couldn't see anypony she knew but she would try her best to greet the one that the party was for.
Solar_Solstice isn't dressed in much for this special occasion except for a bright blue sash. As Sugar Rush approaches he smiles and nods. "Thanks for the stuff, Rush! I know you're one of the best when it comes to candy." He stands near the entrance of the field, greeting guests and shaking hooves and being a good host. From here he also spots Dusk and gives him a wave. "Hey Dusk! Nice to see that you made it! I...don't remember inviting you, but that's OK." Apparently his mother was particularly liberal about what constituted a connection to himself.
<OOC> Dusk says, "Well that feels very inviting. :-D"
<OOC> Dusk won't feel bad when Blue pops out of the cake on Solar then. ;-)
Sugar_Rush smiles, "Why, thank you, Solar! I hope you enjoy it. I've also brought some gift bags of candy for the guests, if that is alright with you?"
Dusk spots Rush flying in as well and waves to him, "Greetings!"  Though not sure if he'll hear him that far off.  He also notices another familiar little filly, and curious if her friend is along.  He sees if he might catch her eye before Solar shows up.  Dusk can't help chuckling. "Greetings, Mr. Solstice!  And a pleasure seeing you too.  If I'm intruding I'm sure I could find something else to do," he says with a clear grin.
StarryBlade spotted Dusk and moves closer, skirting what few shadows she could find. "H..hello Mister Dusk Sir... I... I wanted to be nice and the birthday pony... I.. hope that's okay." She hid beside him and looked around, her patched pack squirming slightly as she would never go anywhere without Mister Snuffles but she kept him safely hidden away.
"It's perfectly all right," Solstice states. "You, uh, didn't happen to bring more of those pinatas, did you? We're gonna need a lot more than one." To Dusk he merely quips: "Hey, I'm not the one who's gonna miss out on a party if you leave!" When Starry Blade arrives he looks upon the filly curiously. "Hey there, little filly. Where are your parents?"
<OOC> Dusk says, "Consumed by the all enveloping Darkness."
<OOC> Dusk says, "But not to be a downer. :-)"
Sugar_Rush waves over to Dusk. "Hi there!" Yes, he did see him! He turns back to Solstice. "I put more over there by that table." He points with wing to them. They are various sizes and shapes. "I just thought I would deliver that one in person."
Dusk smiles as Starry makes her way over, "Greetings, Miss Blade.  Why that sounds like an excellent thing."  He speaks aside to her, not too loud, but not so quiet those nearby can't hear.  "In fact it is Mr. Solstice right here."  He shows and introduces her to Solar, to whom he turns and grins, "Well I suppose I might manage to stay around a while, if you'll have me."  He smiles.  "A wonderful place you have here, and a sizable looking party to go with it!  Very nice."  He nods to Rush, seeing he has spotted him, though perhaps a little busy at the moment.  Pinatas ay?  A rather excellent idea.
StarryBlade peered at Dusk then the new pony and looked up with wide eyes, the lavender filly fluttered her wings and nosed into her pack for the present she managed to find. It seemed quite the coincidence that she managed to find a slightly less flawed sunstone out of the bunch and a bit of ribbon that she had tied a bow around. "Hello Mr Solstice Sir... H...happy birthday." The little pegasus held out the present the stone being half the size of her hoof. "I... I don't have parents... I mean... I was adopted by Mr and Mrs cake recently Sir."
Solar_Solstice looks over at the table full of pinatas and is very satisfied. "Nice! Looks like we'll be able to get to third cousins this year, too!" He turns to Dusk. "Oh, it's just a family estate, Mr. Dusk! Not just mine; that would be kinda excessive." He accepts Starry's gift and smiles, but this quickly becomes a frown when he listens to her further. "Oh. Uh...sorry to here that. I hope you like living with the Cakes; they're good ponies."
Sugar_Rush starts setting out gift bags of his sweets. They are filled with lemon drops, marshmellows, salt water taffy, and fruit slice candies. He smiles as his saddlebags begin to lighten.
Dusk smiles and then nods to Starry as she then turns to Solar.  "Oh what a very nice gift there, Miss Blade."  He gives her mane a light rub.  He notices the slight movement of the pack, but doesn't bring any attention.  "Ah that would seem appropriate, Mr. Solstice.  But even so it is still a very nice place you and your family run."  He accepts one of the bags from Rush, and makes sure Starry gets one too.  "Thank you, Mr. Rush!"
StarryBlade smiles, "It's okay Mister Silstice Sir, I am hope you like the present and Happy.. Birthday." She was happy and she took the offered bag of treats and put it in her pack for the time being.
Solar_Solstice gingerly takes the sunstone pendant and puts it around his neck. "Thanks, Miss...Blade? Is that your name?" Meanwhile, the guests are settling into their seats, their loud foreign chatter filling the air with energy. There are some older adults, but many of them also seem to be around Solstice's age. The whole thing seems a bit informal, too: there's a buffet table being prepared and off in one corner what appears to be a mariachi band doing some last-minute preparations. A bell rings somewhere, and within moments the guests have quieted down as the door to the house swings open. Stepping outside is a most splendid unicorn mare, with a shimmering mane of lavender and a neatly kept coat of lapis that drapes over the tops of thin, cloven hooves. Her tasseled tail swing about as she looks over the gathered crowd, smiling mysteriously. "Mi amigos, welcome to the party!" she says, a noticeable accent in her voice. "It is good to see you here once again, and I tell you every year the party gets bigger. You are all very busy, it seems!" Laughter erupts at this bald innuendo. "Well, now, because you have come, I suppose it is good for me to say: have a good meal!" She rings the bell again with her magic, and at once the trays lift from the buffet table. The food exudes a distinct, sharp odor thanks to the preponderance of peppers, but there is also a surfeit of corn and beans, likely from the Villa's own stocks. There is also a stack of what looks like thin pieces of pastry - tortillas - which ponies take and begin stuffing with all the other food items.
Sugar_Rush makes his way over to the buffet. He sniffs at this and that, then carefully fills one of the tortillas. Anyone who is watching might notice he is avoid, as much as he can, placing the hot pepper into his meal.
Dusk smiles and gives a light bow in greeting as the unicorn lady comes from the house.  He chuckles more lightly at the joke, but smiles too.  At the announcement of the start of dining, he gives another nod of his head.  He doesn't rush over just yet though, letting the more eager ones go on ahead.  He looks down to Starry, "Did you want anything to eat, Miss Blade?" he asks when she's not speaking to Solar.
Berry_Punch, who's been here the whole time, prances in jubilation at the raising of the trays.  "Hot diggety!"  She goes over and elbows Sugar Rush lightly.  "Now is this a spread, or what?  I wonder which is hotter, the red sauce or the green.  Ooh!  Is that brown mole?"  She fills a spoon with green sauce and offers it Sugar Rush.  "Here, help yourself!"  And she stands temporarily on her hind legs to roll a keen little tortilla.
StarryBlade bows in a rather fine manner to Mr Solstice, "I am Starry Blade Mister Soltice Sir, I am sorry... I didn't introduce myself more properly." She smiled then looked to Dusk, "I am alright for now Mr Dusk Sir. thank you." She stayed close beside him as she didn't see anyone else she knew at the moment, but then she was short and couldn't see over everypony.
Solar_Solstice smiles to Starry. "Pleased to meet you, Miss Starry Blade! I hope you have fun at the party, especially when we bring out the pinatas near the end." With that, he bows politely and makes his way to the seat of honor at the head table next to his mother and another unicorn mare, around his age but somewhat younger, who has the look of obvious athleticism. Her cream coat and lavender mare seems to invoke something of a mixture between Solstice's and his mother's colouration. -- It turns out that the green sauce is hotter, which might be a big surprise to Sugar Rush!
<OOC> Berry_Punch don't deny--she loves her some punch!
Sugar_Rush shakes his head to Berry Punch, "Afraid I'll have to pass on the sauce. I have to limit my spices!" He flicks his wingtips nervously. "But you go ahead and try it." He takes a bit of his meal.
<OOC> You say, "Yeah, feel free to imagine any kind of quasi-Mexican food n.n;;"
Dusk hears the voice of Berry, glancing over to see she's already at the dinner line before having even seen her yet.  He nods to Starry and nods, "Very good.  Just let me know if need anything, or help yourself."  Once things seem a little calmer he does make his way over to the trays of food, and puts together a modest but nice mix of foods.  He doesn't go very heavily on the peppers either, but doesn't avoid them entirely either, then heads over to where the seats are and ponies look to be settling for the meal.  He does look at the various other ponies here, checking out the unfamiliar faces, but nice to see Solar's family all the same.
Berry_Punch stares at Rush.  "*Limit* your spices?  What, to more than four?  Wait, *less* than something?"  She stands there staring dumbly for a moment, sauce dripping for the spoon.  Then she shrugs.  "More for me, I guess."  She glops it into her tortilla and heads past Rush toward the head of the table.  "Hey!  Solar!  How're ya doing?  Birthdays, am I right?"  She grins at the mares attending him.  "Hi, Berry Punch, we haven't met, have we?  You ever need wine, juice, jelly, preserves, squash, coolers, all things berry, I'm your lady."  If there's a reception line of any sort, Berry manages to not notice.
StarryBlade meeps and looks around before scurring back and forth  investigating the food as she realized that she had a starving tentabun in her pack and she stealthily fed him the spieciest things she could, much to his enjoyment.
<OOC> Dusk says, "Just Starry's and some ooc chat."
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<OOC> Othershy says, "I'm the Other Flutter, and I"m bad for your healf."
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<OOC> Othershy says, "You mess with my bunnies and I'll take you apart!"
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<OOC> Dusk says, "You got an invitation and accepted it?"
<OOC> Berry_Punch says, "Do you know Solstice ICly?"
<OOC> Othershy says, "This is your present. You get a rapping Fluttershy. Congratulations."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "I do not know Solstice ICly"
<OOC> Dusk ohs, and lets her wrap his gift then, cool.
The party proceeds in earnest, with most ponies returning to their seats with heaps of tortilla and beans. There's quite a bit of talking and, as the mariachi band winds up, of singing, too. They crone in the lilting language of their people, singing of lost loves and fond memories as they strum their guitars with great speed and skill. Solar Solstice takes notice of Berry Punch and nods politely. "Yeah, I've seen your stuff in the market sometimes. They're, uh, interesting!" Really, though, he finds her a little weird.
<OOC> You say, "We've met randomly before on the streets :u"
<OOC> Othershy says, "You wake up. You find yourself in a PARTY PONY EXTRAVAGANZA. Just cresting the hill, to the east, you see a BIRTHDAY PONY. There is a mailbox here. Obvious exits are: MAILBOX."
<OOC> Dusk says, "In shady back allies."
<OOC> You say, "Obvious exits are left, right, and Dennis"
<OOC> Maplewing says, "enough to think of him when sending invites?"
<OOC> Othershy says, "NOpony ain't invited to a Ponyville party."
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<OOC> Berry_Punch giggles at the MAILBOX exit.
<OOC> Maplewing hoorubs his head.
<OOC> Dusk says, "His mother apparently was dropping them by balloon all over Equestria. ;-)"
Dusk sees Starry has things in hoof, and tentacle so sits and chats with various ponies as he gets the chance.  He is pleasantly impressed with the skill and playing of the band, taking some time to enjoy their work as well, as he enjoys some food as well.
Berry_Punch grins at Solstice, and then explains to what she assumes to be his mom and sister: "Oh yeah, I do 'interesting' stuff too.  Parfaits, fruit sculpture, a little banzai sometimes.  I can do interesting stuff here too, if you want."  And back to the birthday boy.  "So, Solstice.  What do you do for a living, anyway?  I always forget."
Haunting_Melody is out walking through the hills having decided to enjoy a walk after having a pretty good concert the other day and in a very good mood, and fighting the urge to hum a tune, though hearing stuff up head going on she makes her way over that way curiously.
StarryBlade eventually felt herself growing tired and knew that it would not be polite to fall asleep under a table. She apprached Solar and bowed. "Happy birthday Mister Solstice Sir, it's time for me to go home though." She bowed again and slipped off to say goodnight to Dusk and anypony else she knew before slipping away. Happy to have been able to greet the Birthday pony and wish him well.
Solar_Solstice waves pleasantly as Starry departs. "Have a good time, Miss Blade!" he shouts in farewell, smiling. As Berry Punch describes herself, though, Solstice's mother interrupts. "Ah, yes, senorita, I know of your skills. Sadly, we have not the time for a display, but maybe in our next event!" -- Solstice tries to interject back. "Uh, well, I help my dad make machines! But you might know the smoothie stand I run better."
Dusk smiles and pats Starry as she comes by, "Ah then good night as well, Miss Blade.  And Mr. Snuffles.  Nice of you to come by.  Be careful getting home now."  He's sure she'll be fine though, of course."  After he watches Starry head off, he glances back to Solar and Berry, and decides to wander slowly in that direction, taking what's left of his food with him, hovering it as he goes.  He catches some of the end of the conversation, curious about this next event.  And he hasn't really gotten to see a lot of Solar's work really.  Working on making machines sounds rather interesting actually.  But he'll inquire in due time as well.
Berry_Punch grins brightly at Sra. Solstice.  "Anytime!"  She nods deeply at mention of the smoothie stand.  "Oh yeah!  Yeah, I love those.  All those funny fruits.  We ought to get together, do some smoothie art.  Ooh!  Have you got a blender up here?  Maybe a mixer or a churn?  We could make a big cooperative smoothie!"  She grins to Dusk.  "I bet you'd like that, huh?"
<OOC> Othershy says, "Ain't no party like a party on Fluttershy's front lawn."
Haunting_Melody looks around as she nears the source of everything going and perks her ears up curiously heading to where the noise is and sticking her muzzle into the area watching quizicly hoping she's not interupting anything important.
"Um," calls a little yellow voice from behidn a tree at the top of the next hill. "Oh dear. I didn't know the party would be so...enthusiatic."
<OOC> Dusk says, "Fluttershy's voice from behind a tree on a different hill.  I'm sure that's clearly heard over the mariachi band and crowd of ponies here. :-)"
Solar_Solstice blinks. "I'm sure we can get together for business...later on!" he answers Berry, a bit taken aback by her enthusiasm. He's heard stories about this one, yes. When he hears familiar whispering, he peers around and catches sight of Fluttershy in the bushes somehow. "Hey, Fluttershy! Glad you could make it!" Now, he'd definitely met her a couple of times before. -- It turns out Haunting Melody is getting a warm welcome whether she wants it or not. As soon as she peeks into the area a mare in an exotic dress approaches her. "Ola, mi amiga! You are here for the party, yes?"
Dusk chuckles to Berry and gives a nod, "Well smoothies are quite tasty yes, Miss Punch."  He bows his head politely to the two ladies as well, "Greetings, Ladies.  My name is Dusk.  An occasional acquaintance of Mr. Solstice here."  He smiles softly, trying not to be intrusive at all either.  Especially seeing as Solar seems to have other ideas too.  He also catches a glimpse of yellow off in the distance, before it disappears behind a tree.
Berry_Punch shrugs dismissively.  "Aww, smoothies don't have to be *all* business."  She backs down and munches on her burrito, looking sharply from face to face.  She happens to overheard Fluttershy.  "Oh hey!  You call this enthusiastic?  You should come to *my* parties!"  She raises her burrito as if ready to toast with it, and looks around for somepony to clink with.
Haunting_Melody looks around curiously and gives a tiny shrug and a small sense of curiosity comes from melody as she does't outright say yes or no to the question while looking around, though gives a small smile as she tries to fight the urge to eep.  Her her mane and tail turning slightly red from embaressment at being spotted so fast.
"OH? O-okay." Fluttershy trots on over. "I heard it was somepony's birthday today."
The only drinks around seem to be agua fresca, water, and pineapple juice. But it looks like they're bringing in the good stuff: as ponies start finishing off their main courses, some helpful stallions lug in a cooler on their backs filled with lager. -- "Oh, senorita, don't be afraid! We are all friends here!" says the excited mare, slowly but firmly nudging her towards the festivities. "Sit down and have fun!" -- "Yeah, it's mine," says Solstice. "Glad you could join us!" He smiles and hoofs over a plate of quesadilla.
Dusk chuckles a little Berry and smiles, hefting his own burrito, "To parties!"  He notices a new pony - Haunting - but doesn't think much of one more unknown pony, until.. did her mane color just change?  Very curious!  Though for the moment is attention is drawn back as a very good friend of his makes her appearance, "Greetings, Lady Fluttershy.  So nice you could join the party for Mr. Solstice!"
Berry_Punch smushes burritos--there's somehow a little festive -click- --and grins.  "To parties!"  She quickly puts down another bite and turns to Fluttershy.  "Yeah!  That guy!"  She points out Solar Solstice.  "He helps his dad make machines or something.  And look at this pad!"  She dances a little as she gestures widely to the villa--tapdances, even.
Haunting_Melody nods her head and comes in giving a very deep bow  as she looks around and moves to find a place to sit and watch things as she clams down and her mane becomes a bit more of a mellow yellow colouring while she takes in the place.
Fluttershy looks around. "It *is* a nice house," she says, probably still under the music. "But...whose is it?"
The friendly mare blinks as she takes notice of Haunting's strange ability, but she shrugs it off quickly. "My my, you are a special young mare, aren't you?" she says cheerily. "Please, enjoy yourself!" Very quickly a plate of beans and salsa is placed before her. -- "It is the domain of Casa Trevalles," says a deep voice, coming right behind Fluttershy. It's a big, well-toned earth stallion with dark fur and a silver-grey mane, a cutie mark displaying gears on his flank. "I welcome you to our humble abode." He bows reverently and magnanimously. -- Solar Solstice grins. "Hey Dad! Glad you could break off work in time for the fun stuff!" -- Solstice's father smiles. "Come, now, Solstice; you know I'm never one to miss celebrations!"
Dusk takes a good bite of his own burrito with a smile.  He keeps an occasional eye on Haunting, now noticing the yellow mane.  He didn't catch the change though.  He smiles at the arrival of Solar's Dad and gives a bow back.  "And greetings as well."
Berry_Punch waves at Papa Solstice or whatever his name is.  "Hi there!  Nice place you got here.  I might like doing tastings here--it's got great atmophere."  She grins at Haunting Melody as she passes by, on her way to cause some new mischief in some other, less discovered corner."
Haunting_Melody smiles and nods his head a bit and waves to the stallion curiously but still not saying anything at the moment, though she can't help but feel that she should perhaps do so but is a bit nervous about doing so, though not too much. *repose*
"Eeek!" Fluttershy straightens up and goes stock-still. That's HER schtick! "H...hello. I, um, I...thank you. I hope I'm not imposing." She winces - even Fluttershy knows that's a ridiculous kneejerk reaction.
"Course not!" Solstice states. "Fluttershy, this is my Dad, Gearshaft. He's taught me all about building that pet food maker I showed you a long while ago." -- Gearshaft bows and smiles. "Solstice tells me you were quite impressed by it. Hopefully you're also impressed by the next event!" Indeed, the meal is over, and dessert is being hoofed out, things like flan and some kind of pudding. It's also time for a favourite pastime: pinatas! Several ponies of younger age line up to have a go. Most miss terribly, but one particularly strong stallion bucks the pinata into a million pieces, showering the crowd with sweets. Excitement, cheers, hollering, and singing abounds. Pretty soon, another pinata is set up, and Solar Solstice is drawn into the line somehow. Blindfolded, he makes a good go at bucking the bee-shaped pinata, but it takes seven tries, and on the seventh the pinata sails across the lawn and smashes against the side of the house! Candy is distributed as usual, however.
Dusk just chuckles a little and watches the wonderfully energetic Berry get off to something else now.  He aws and steps over to Fluttershy too, "It's okay, Lady Fluttershy.  They're really nice ponies here."  He looks over and watches the kids go at the pinata's that Rush brought.  "That does look fun for them yes."
Haunting_Melody watches the Pinata's being destroyed and gives a small chuckle at the excitement, and then looks around nervously as if expecting something to happen, but calms down a moment later as she just watches the goings on of the party.
Fluttershy turns around, smiling softly. "It's nice to meet you, Mister Gearshaft. I'm sorry I jumped just now." She turns and blinks, and...her eyes go wide. "Oh, no! Those poor paper animals!"
"A magnificent tradition!" Gearshaft assures Fluttershy, watching as the onlookers scoop up as much candy as they can. Very soon, the party is over, and Solar Solstice busies himself with saying goodbyes, exchanging gifts, and what have you. "Thanks for coming Dusk, Fluttershy, and you too Haunting Melody. It was great to see all of you!"
Dusk enjoys the party too until it wraps up.  "Over already.  It has gotten late pretty quick.  It's almost sunset."  He says good bye to Solar, "And Happy Birthday again!  I hope you had a wonderful one."  He also makes his good byes with his other family and some guests he got to know a little.  He offers to walk Fluttershy back home too, since they're going back the same general direction.
Haunting_Melody nods her head and smiles as she turns to leave as it appaers the party is over giving a tail wave and heads to go out of the place and back to the inn at ponyville.
Wince. Cringe. Oof! Fluttershy turns away. "I-I can't look," she whimpers, to nopony in particular. Instead, she turns back to the birthday colt. "Happy birthday, Solar Solstice. And...many happy returns."
"It was a great party!" says Solstice, smiling and waving. "See you soon, and don't worry, Fluttershy; pinatas are meant to break!" He turns about and heads back into his home, satisfied but also a bit tired. The only downer is that Nightshade wasn't able to attend his party...or maybe she did? He could never tell.

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