Splendid Tea, Splended Time


A summer day


Rarity, Fluttershy, Sugar Rush, Colgate, Sigil Flash


Rarity is sitting quietly, today, in one of the booths of the tea house. The hustle and bustle of summer customers dip and swim through the building, but Rarity...well, Rarity is quiet today, staring silently into a untouched cup of swirling tea- as if deeply pondering.
Rat a tap...tap? That was a pretty underconfident knock. If Rarity is in there, so to speak, she'll probably know who's at the door. "Um...Rarity?" Fluttershy shuffles into the teahouse. "Are you okay? I haven't seen you in a while. I-I saw you in here..."
Rarity glances up at Fluttershy with a tender little smile, before going back to staring at her tea. "Hello, Fluttershy. It's nice to see you, dear. "She says quietly, before gesturing towards the empty booth adjacent to her. "Um...c, care to have a seat? I'm sorry I've been lost in thought for a while, now. I do apologize. "She murmurs quietly.
Fluttershy frowns softly. She slides into the booth and stares across at Rarity. Flutters lets this go on for a while, before she finally asks, "Um...how are you?"
Rarity draws a hoof tentitively around the rim of her mug. "Fine. "She says softly. "How are you, Fluttershy? How are...How are you?" She smiles. It's a real smile- albeit a conflicted one...
"Oh, well, um..." Fluttershy looks down, somewhere under the table. "...I'm okay. Thank you for asking." She doesn't press the question...but she certainly wants to.
Rarity finally...Finally looks up, ears flattening against her skull, and the fabulous mare gives a sigh. "Fluttershy? Do you think I'm still generous?" She asks, slowly. "I mean...I mean you think I'm still the living embodiment of generosity? We gave the elements back to the tree of harmony, remember? ...Does...does that mean we're no longer...who we were?"
"What?!" Fluttershy jerks back and cringes, thunking her head hard against the back of the booth. "I, um, yes? I mean...of course we are. We have to be."
Rarity smiles tentatively. "You'll never stop being kind. I mean, of course you won't. And, Rainbow is loyal...but do you think, that, maybe things will change? That I'll stop being generous now that I'm no longer linked to the tree? Maybe somepony else will be chosen, or, something?
A sudden rush of loud wind interrupts the seriousness! "Yo guys!" Raindow Dash shouts from above, parting several clouds and raising many eyebrows as she bursts brusquesly into the scene. "You guys having fun without me, huh? I thought you might be, heheh." She comes in for a landing, plopping herself right on cushion beside Fluttershy (but not Rarity; she's one of those big-bubble types). "'Sup? Were you..." She glances at Rarity, then Fluttershy, then Rarity again. "Uh...did I fly into something serious?"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Double Rainbow!"
<OOC> Bardigan cries and laughs at the same time. "What does it mean?!"
Fluttershy gives Dashie a long, sideways glance. "I think, um, I think Rarity is feeling under the weather."
Rarity rolls her eyes. Normally Rainbow Dash's brash apperance would grind on the unicorn's nerves a bit...but today it's comforting- things remaining the same. "No. Nothing really, just something that's been on my mind, as of late, Rainbow. I suppose I can let you in on it, too, hmmm? Do you think you're still the element of loyalty, now that you've given it back to the tree of harmony? Do any of our elements still mean anything? Did they ever mean anything at all? "She sips her tea. Bleh. Cold...
<OOC> Bardigan glances at Blueblood. "I know how to test if Rarity's still generous..."
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<OOC> Rainbow_Dash shoves Bardigan
Rainbow_Dash raises her own eyebrow this time, at Rarity. "Really? Is that what's been bugging ya?" She leans forward and lays her forearm on the table, regarding her friend with stern resolve. "Do you even have to ask? I mean, you know us, and you probably know yourself, right?"
Fluttershy smiles softly. "Rarity, I don't think it'll make a difference whether we actually have the Elements with us or not. I mean...I've thought about this. A lot. And I decided that it's not the Elements that make us who we are, or anything like that. It's that we make them what they are, so they mean something."
Rarity's muzzle twists into a warm grin, slowly, slowly, turning until it's a bright a glorious smile and she nods her head. "You know, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash I think you're right! We are the meanings of the elements...WE mean something, do we not? We ARE the ponies that have saved the world and toppled GODS, are we not? " She beams. "Thank you!"
"Uh, you're welcome?" Rainbow Dash says, flummoxed. Saving the world a few times /was/ something special, but Rainbow already considered herself awesome even before all that. Rarity better not be having an identity crisis right now! "I'm gonna get us a teapot. Be right back!" She hops off her seat and heads inside for a while.
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Sugar_Rush comes trotting into the teahouse. His saddlebags hang lightly over his back, but still give off a sweet smell, so they probably aren't completely empty. He looks around, seeing who is also visiting the teahouse as well as where he might take a seat.
Colgate steps in from outside, pausing briefly to organize the travel-worthy dental equipment in her saddlebags before continuing into the establishment and waving with an oversized toothbrush to the other patrons.
Sigil_Flash walks in, looking around and obviously taking the place in for the first time. She takes a seat at an empty table and nods politely at the other ponies.
"I'm glad you're feeling better, Rarity." Fluttershy leans across the table so she doesn't have to shout over the gathering crowd. "Are you sure you'll be all right?"
Rarity smiles brightly. "Yes, Darling, I think so. I just...I was just mulling over the concept for a little bit, but you made a VERY good point I hadn't ventured to think of, yet. It's really quite something. Thank you, Fluttershy, I really quite needed that. "She beams. "I shall be just fine! Shall I get you a tea, darling?" She grins.
Calmly, after setting her dental travel-kit aside, Colgate takes a seat near the group, retrieving a small container of mint leaves from a compartment in her right saddlebag while she orders herself some tea.
Sigil_Flash places an order for a cup of black tea and crumpets and keeps looking around, as if making up her mind about something.
"Oh, if you really don't mind. I think I would really like a sweet tea. If that's okay. With...extra sugar." Fluttershy smiles sunnily.
Rarity beams graciously at her friend and nods her head. "I believe, dear, this is going to turn out to be a splendid day after all. " She coos, climbing to her hooves to fetch a drink for her bestest, best friend.
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<OOC> Colgate says, "See you?"
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I'm sorry."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I hope you enjoyed it."
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With a flick of her ear, the dentist turns towards the pegasus, setting her tea down and dropping a mint leaf into the cup. "As long as it doesn't mean you need to visit me any time soon, I guess a little is alright..."
<OOC> Sugar_Rush says, "I'm not sure what to pose now."
<OOC> Colgate shrugs.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "You're a confectioner. You're a dentist."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "FIGHT!"
<OOC> Colgate also hugs a Rari.
Sugar_Rush waves to the group of ponies, not wanting to intrude.
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<OOC> Fluttershy activates her EX Super.
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<OOC> Colgate triggers Clock Up.
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Fluttershy jerks back again, this time away from Colgate. "Oh! I, uh, of course. I mean, I'm always...responsible. And I make sure the animals are, too." Her grin is a little too wide.
"Just don't eat enough to cause cavities, alright?" With a small smile, and a sip of her mint tea, Colgate nods, before turning towards the door to wave to Sugar.
Sigil_Flash finally nods to herself and stands up. She walks up to Fluttershy and bows, saying "Hello, my name is Sigil Flash."
Rainbow_Dash trots out with a cart bearing a single teapot full of what appears to be green tea. "Hey! Where'd Rarity go?" she inquires.
Sugar_Rush sees the wave and decides to go over to the group. "Hello. Um...I hope I'm not intruding." He nods to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
"Hello, Sigil. I'm, um...I'm Fluttershy." She does her best to keep eye contact. "It's nice to meet you."
"I don't think you're intruding. Name's Colgate, and you are?" With one forehoof extended, jovially, the dentist gives both Sigil and Sugar a winning smile, setting her empty teacup down.
Sugar_Rush shakes the offered hoof, "I'm Sugar Rush, but folks just call me Rush. Avoids confusion about what sort of relationship we have." He grins.
Sigil_Flash says "I'm pleased to meet you too. I'm new in town and I'd like to know whether there is an apothecary in Ponyville."
Rainbow_Dash peers curiously at all the new ponies. Yeesh, talk about crowded! "Yo. I don't really need an introduction," she asserts. "You guys friends of Fluttershy?"
"First time, I think, I've been able to talk to you all outside of the dentist's office..." As she puts the package of mint leaves away, Colgate moves out from her seat towards the rest of the group.
"An apothecary?" Fluttershy's eyelashes...flutter. "I'm not sure. I-I mean...oh, yes. There are a few pharmacists, if that's what you mean. And...Nettleglum."
Sigil_Flash says "Thank you." She bows again, and smiles politely at everypony. "I come from a magic academy in Canterlot with the intention of becoming an apprentice to a potion maker. Perhaps later, after tea, would it be possible for somepony to direct me to one? I'm afraid I'm still getting my bearings."
Sugar_Rush turns to Sigil, "I believe you will want to speak to Zecora. She is the local potion maker. She lives within the Everfree Forest." He taps his chin with his hoof, "I should take her some of my firemint candies, zebras seem to like them..."
Magic? Science? BORING! Rainbow Dash slumps down onto her seat and pouts, resting her cheek on her hoof. Why can't more unicorns be into racing and stuff? She idly pours herself a cup of tea with her other hoof and just lazes.
"Oh, yes, and Zecora. I-I mean, if...you're okay with going into the forest." Fluttershy hesitates. ANd she's less afraid of it than most...
With a shrug, Colgate sits down near Rainbow, though she glances off to one side to hide a yawn.
Sigil_Flash's eyes widen a bit. "The Everfree Forest? I remember reading about it some time ago. It sounds dangerous... and exciting. Would you mind if I join you at your table?"
Sugar_Rush opens up his saddlebag and takes out a small paper bag. "Can I interest anyone in some gum drops?" He sets the bag on the table for all to share.
Colgate turns towards the bag, before shaking her head. "I think I'll pass... Thank you, though."
"Huh? I suppose not." Fluttershy tries to scoot over. "I mean, if it's okay with everypony else."
Rainbow_Dash eyes Sigil as she joins them. What's with all these fillies lately? Eh, not too big a deal. "Yeah, I'll settle for some of those, Rush," she says. "How is everypony in town, anyway? Kinda been out of the loop lately."
Before joining the party, Sigil's cup and saucer, and her plate of crumpets float from her table to theirs and a gumdrop flies out of the bag towards the new filly. "Yes, thank you Mr. Rush. Would anyone like a crumpet?" she says and she sits down next to Fluttershy.
Sugar_Rush smiles to Dash, "How are things for Equestria's fastest flyer these days?" He chuckles as he sees one of his gum drops go sailing by.
"Oh, yes, please. S-so, um, Sigil...I wouldn't be so sure about going to the Everfree Forest. I mean, the only reason Zecora can live there is that she knows it very, very well." Fluttershy fidgets in her seat.
"It goes," Rainbow Dash says, looking rather bored while chewing on her gumdrop. "Finally gonna see some action next week, so that's gonna be special." She takes a good long look at Sigil and her proper manners. "...Kid, you're one of those keener types aren't ya?"
Sigil_Flash says "I apologize, but I don't know what you mean, miss Dash. As for Zecora, the way you all speak of her makes her seem very interesting. Mr. Rush mentioned she is a zebra. I've never had the pleasure of meeting one, and my hope is that she accepts me as her apprentice and teaches me everything about her trade, and the forest as well. But please, miss Dash, tell us what's going to happen next week."
Sugar_Rush nods to Sigil, "Yes, Dash, what is happening next week? Should I start making any particular candies to prepare?"
Fluttershy siiips her tea. "Do you have to leave again already, Rainbow?"
"Whoa whoa, don't you all get excited!" Rainbow Dash declares, holding her hooves up in the air. "We're just doing our leadership exercise over in...out there somewhere. Just one last thing before I can go back to Ponyville again."
Sigil_Flash takes a bite out of a crumpet and sips her tea, paying attention.
Sugar_Rush nods to Dash, "Well, I'll make up some rainbow-colored taffy for your return, then." He finishes off his own tea.
"Good luck, Rainbow Dash! I know you'll do a great job." Fluttershy is beaming across the table, and the room just got so much sunnier.
"Thanks Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash says, feeling much more chipper now. Flutters always has a way with that sile of hers. "Really, it's no big deal, just a fancy camping trip. I guess I could bring back souvenirs, though!"
Sigil_Flash says "Good fortune in your task, miss Dash. Everypony, I must excuse myself. I enjoyed your company immensely. Until we next meet, farewell." She stands, bows, and as her cup and a few bits from her purse fly and deposit themselves on the counter, she trots out of the teahouse. Her smiling face expressing glee at having met excellent ponies upon her arrival at Ponyville."
Hm. Oh well. "Souvenirs? How are are they taking you? A...are you allowed to say?" Fluttershy leans in closer to Dashie. "Do you think there'll be any exotic creatures there?"
"Like I said, it's, uh...not someplace too important. You know. Yeah." Rainbow Dash gives Fluttershy a wide-eyed look to indicate that she shouldn't ask too much. "I /can/ say that it's not too far away so nothing /too/ exotic."
Sugar_Rush gets up, "Well, folks, I guess I will call it a night. See you later!
"Oh. Well, that's okay." I guessss. Fluttershy stirs her tea. "But thank you, Dashie. I'll be rooting for you!" And it'll sound like this: (yay)
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I need to reboot."
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "Be RIGHT back."
<OOC> Maplewing says, "Warning: Incoming game"
<OOC> Fluttershy turns into Fluttertron.
<OOC> Fluttershy says, "I fight for the users, if that's okay."
<OOC> Fluttershy flutters on!
"Heh, thanks," Rainbow Dash says appreciatively. She can count on Fluttershy to keep her best face on. "So, uh... what's new, anyway? Apart from Rarity having a drama moment again that is."
Fluttershy shrinks a bit. "Rarity is just...going through some things. I-I mean, she feels very strongly. But, um...well, I've been dealing irrigation issues, mostly."
"Irrigation?" Rainbow Dash asks. "Isn't that for the earth ponies to worry about? Unless you mean that little farm you have to grow food for the animals?"
"Well, not exactly." Fluttershy breaks a scone, offering half of it to Rainbow. "It's been so hot here lately, the animals are all thirsty. It's a real struggle making sure they all have enough water to stay active."
Rainbow_Dash readily munches on the proffered snack. As Fluttershy makes her plaint she glances around suspiciously before leaning closer. "You're not the first pony to complain about the water. I looked over the water logs and Weather Patrol HQ is really skimping on all the rain south of Canterlot. It's really weird." She sighs and leans back, having another swig of tea. "Eh, what do I know though? Dry spells come and go, even if its really big this year for some reason."
Fluttershy blinks and sits up straight - hearing a confession like that straight from the pegasus' mouth? "Well, um, I suppose that's true. I just hope something changes soon. I had to hang out extra awnings for shade..." But now, instead of darting around, she's got her eyes right on Rainbow's. Fluttershy knows she has a buddy on her side.
"I'd love to help but I kinda have that camping thing like I said." Rainbow Dash has other bite of scone, a bit messier this time as bits of pastry get stuck in her fur. "Also, uh, you probably shouldn't tell anypony 'bout what I just said, 'cus ponies might get weird ideas."
Fluttershy gets a little bit of jelly on her face. Mmm, strawberry. "I won't. I promise. I know how ponies can be." She picks up a magazine left by the table - with a headline declaring Photo Finish's next big hit.
Rainbow_Dash quickly finishes off her scone and most of the tea by this time. "Yo, I gotta start heading off. You can have the rest of the tea, if you want." Reaching into her wings she brings out a few bits which she deposits on the table as a tip. "Hang tight, Fluttershy! See ya around!"
"Good luck, Rainbow Dash! Come back soon!" Fluttershy waves a hoof, using the other to pin down her teacup. She knows what's coming next.
This time, however, Rainbow courteously ascends at a slow speed before gradually accelerating once she gains enough altitude. Once she is quite a ways away her speed picks up noticeably, a fresh breeze billowing across the yard.
...oh. Well, then. Fluttershy trots out the teahouse door, taking one last sip as she watches Rainbow Dash ascend to the yonder once more. "So cooool." The hummingbird in her main chirps its agreement.

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