Splish Splash


A moist fall day



Calbee, Economist Brony, Hollyhock


Calbee is currently making his way over the square as he finally couldn't put up with it any longer the day before and finally took to the air again, and has been enjoying the sky and the day just flying around lazily, though he is starting to get tired.
Rainbow_Dash isn't really tired, but she's taking a nap anyway, lazing on a cloud just above the cool autumn breezes she'd started up earlier. Moisture permeates the air as new rain slowly evaporates, adding a peculiar heaviness to the occasion.
EconomistBrony is pretty tired, but that's irrelevant given he has the largest cup of coffee any cafe in town would reasonably provide without a license. Or appropriate headgear. He really needs to invest in something like that. He trots across the square taking occasional sips from his fresh cup of joe.
Calbee looks around curiously as he flies around and spots the pegasus that he's pretty sure is the one he's been looking for as he swoops down to head in her direction and circle the cloud that she currently is resting upon as he calls out, "greetings." he says to her, not noticing anyone below the cloud just yet, his flying is a bit off as he's starting to get tired so the circle flies slightly into the cloud more then avoids it.
Rainbow_Dash is startled just enough to be moved into wakefulness, blinking slowly and rubbing her eyes. "Huh, what?" she blurts out, discomfited by the intrusion, but as she asumes greater alertness she looks up and catches sight of a griffon. "Hey, what's up? You got something for me?" After all, that /is/ why a random stranger would come by, isn't it?
EconomistBrony siiiiiiiiiiiiips. He stares up at the fluffy cloud laced with pastel cyan and a hint of rainbow. Being poked at by a griffon, of all things. Well, this is far more interesting than what he was -going- to do, certainly, so he'll just watch this for a while instead. Siiiip.
Calbee tries to back wing slightly away from the cloud so he's not quiet as intrusive, though that just makes him a tad bit more tired, "Your Rainbow Dash right?" he asks looking more then a bit over excited, almost star struck even as he has a hard time believing he might finally have found her.
Rainbow_Dash starts to notice just how young this griffon really is. "If you want me to be!" she quips. "I'm guessing you want my autograph or something? I kinda don't have a pen right now."
If you want me to be. EB grins faintly. "I have a pen!" he shouts up at the cloud, eavesdropping unabashedly in the process. "I even have ink! And some scrolls! Two bits!"
Calbee tilts his head as he looks excited at the prospect of a autograph and quickly checks the pouch around his neck if he has anything for it when he catches the words from EB down below and turns to dive down and calls up, "be right back." he says as he heads to the ground to get the bits, only remembering the original reason for wanting to meet Rainbowdash at the last second as he depseratly tries to air break and espape his worst nightmare....the GROUND *dun dun dun*  but only ends up crashing into it at half speed due to the tiredness of his
Hollyhock is here, or maybe she's actually there against all odds, in the sky, pumping along on her wings. While she might be trying to maintain level flight what she's actually doing is bobbing up and down like a drunkard, or a little filly might be doing. She's also got her eyes squeezed tight, not really looking where she's going as she pumps her wings, counting time to herself. One, two, three, four; one, two, three, four. If she doesn't look out she might hit something!
Rainbow_Dash is off in a flash, diving down to intercept Calbee as he strikes the ground. "Whoa, whoa!" she shouts, coming to a hard stop right by the fallen griffon. "You all right?"
EconomistBrony watches the griffon crash lands suddenly into the ground in front of him. "... uh." The unicorn stares for a moment, unsure of what to say or do. Well, this is awkward. He didn't do it. He eyedarts. He takes a few steps backwards and then looks back up at Rainbow Dash. "... I think so?" His horn starts glowing with healing magic just in case it's needed, though.
Calbee groans slightly as he rolls himself to his belly as nothings broken, good thing most of his bones take after his bird half or he wouldn't have lived this long as he smiles sheepishly, "I'm fine...this is actually part of the reason I wanted to meet you." he says feeling a little bruised, but nothig broken.
Hollyhock doesn't just look like she might hit something anymore. No, she's graduated to 'Hollyhock is /going/ to hit something.' And hit something she does. She piles right into that cloud that Dash just recently vacated. There's a sound like a pony being shoved into a cloud, and Holly disappears up to her haunches in the fluff. There's a pause, and then the cloud starts bobbling in place while Holly's hind legs flail. It's probably a good thing she's there, as it muffles her profanity
Rainbow_Dash raises an eyebrow, gazing at Calbee with concern. "Come again?"
EconomistBrony is about to start whistling and nonchalantly wander off, but thankfully it appears that Calbee is unharmed. This distracts him from the swearing pegasus up in the cloud, but only briefly. He stares up at the cloud to see a swearing pegasus up in the cloud. ... Well, that ain't somethin' you see every day. "... You all right up there?"
Calbee nods his head slightly as he shakes himself out, "Well..I have a bit of a fear of...landing, leads to alot of crashes, often when I'm too tired to stay up, and your such a incredibly amazingly awesome flier...hoped maybe you could help with that." he says blushing slightly around the nares.
Hollyhock's cloud continues to bobble as she fights her way through the fluff. The more she fights, the darker it gets, until she finally tears her self free with a finall wrenching motion! "...take THAT! Pinche chingadera..." At 'that' there's a crack of thunder, and not a few seconds pass before rain starts to pour from the cloud.
<OOC> Calbee watches Holly fight so hard to get out of that cloud her momentum carries her into the next.
Rainbow_Dash gives Calbee an awkward glance. "So...you're looking for a tutor?" she states. "Look, uh...I don't really do tutoring and stuff. It's not my thing, or- HEY!" She jerks her head up as Hollyhock actiates the cloud's rain. "Watch it with that thing! It's live!" At once she leaps up and flies right for her errant cloud and, with a quick bash of her hooves, she quiets down the misbehaving weather phenomenon.
EconomistBrony puts up a little umbrella just in time to shield himself from the miniature rainstorm. "... Nice weather we're having."
Calbee nods his head slightly, "I've...learnt to be used to it around here with all the Pegasus, especially after happy hour." he says as he looks up towards where Rainbow dash flies off a little disheartened, but still wondering if maybe he just follows her around or watches her at times it might help, sides he's growing to like the odd little area here.
Hollyhock looks unrepentant, in fact she takes another wild swing at the cloud just after Dash shuts if off, though this time she misses, and spins around in mid air. She flails a little to kill her momentum, "Consarn thing got in my way!" She huffs, and reaches to pull her hat down. It's then she notices she's not wearing her hat. Holly eyes the cloud like she's trying to set it on fire with her mind, "AND it stole m' hat."
Rainbow_Dash eyerolls and reaches into the cloud, plucking Hollyhock's hat for her. "Why don't you let me worry about the misbehaving clouds, OK?" She sighs and descends back down, figuring that its going to be another one of /those/ days. She looks at Calbee again and taps her chin a few times to remember what they were talking about. Oh, that's right. "Like I was saying, I'm not the tutoring type. Cloudsdale has a bunch of tutors if that's what you looking for."
EconomistBrony keeps staring up at the pegasi. Man, winged creatures are weird. He offers Rainbow dash a cup of coffee while he's at it.
Calbee tils his head looking a tiny disapointed, "Well I can fly...I can land, the problem is in the transition, I near the ground and I get a sudden image of crashing...and just wanting to avoid it and end up pulling up." he says simply while looking up ocasionally towards Holly curiously.
Hollyhock snatches her hat away from Dash and pulls it back onto her head, snorting, "Humph!" She gives the cloud another thump for good measure - not getting any rain, but there's certainly another rumbling of thunder - then sticks her tongue out at it, and makes for the ground. She lands near EB, smack dab in the middle of a newly made rain puddle.
Rainbow_Dash shrugs. "Yeah, I can't really help you there. I mean, I know everypony thinks that I'd make a great teaher, but just because you can do it doesn't mean you can teach it, you know what I mean?" She takes the proffered cup of coffee and sniffs it. "Hey, thanks mister- wait a sec, aren't you that money pony up in the castle?" She gives EB an inquisitive, maybe suspicious, look.
EconomistBrony withdraws his umbrella and puts it away. Only to then be splashed all over him when Holly lands in that rain puddle, promptly getting all wet. "... ... Good evening." He takes off his monocle and cleans the muddy water off of it. ... Great. Well, there are worse things. ... Does he recognize Hollyhock? He really doesn't know. And has he never met Rainbow Dash before? He stares at the cyan pony for a long pony, as though inspecting her, before offering a hoof. "Probably. I'm pretty much the only 'money pony' there. EB, a pleasure."
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Calbee nods his head a tiny bit thinking, "Well...thats okay...mind if I just watch you then at times, maybe I can learn?  Your so amazing and incredible, and something I would love to achieve as much as a griffon can." he says.
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<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "You're fine. Just keep going! Momentum, like in the most extreme positive and negative quintiles of returns!"
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Keep the serial correlation going positive and statistically significant! DO IT OR ELSE"
<OOC> Calbee hmmms, "Well remember she has photographic memory, maybe she saw EB while clearing or making clouds over his place?
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<OOC> Calbee hmms, "Moonlighting for extra bits?
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<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "The strip bars of Equestria: Where mares put on one long sock, then slowly take it off."
Hollyhock doesn't seem to notice EB, or his muddied state. She's discovered there's a puddle here, and is happily splashing her hooves in it, the odious cloud forgotten. Splish splash splish splash for a few seconds until she hears EB's voice, and she looks up, "Mister, you're all wet." It's delivered straight faced and totally with out any self awareness. Then she produces a big red bandana from - somwhere, and offeres it to EB. Does she recognize him? Maybe there's some sort of forgotten memory from some forgotten alternate reality gnawing at the back of her lizard brain, but probably not, so she just runs with what she hears, "Money pony, huh?"
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Rainbow_Dash pats her chin again. Just how did she know him again? Maybe it was that big portrait she saw in the palace of him. "Good to see ya, EB. You on vacation on something? Don't really see a lot of Canterlot ponies around here." She noddles to Calbee and grins. "Heh, well, you're welcome to take in the show, but I gotta warn ya, weather patrolling isn't really exciting most of the time."
EconomistBrony splsh splashs plsshed splsah - really, now, EB's just soaked because of Hollyhock's joyous puddle-splashing. But he doesn't really mind, and just makes sure to rub himself all down with that little towel. And takes that bandana, too, and rubs it all over his face and whatever else seems pertinent to dry off. "Yep. Chief Finance Minister, Royal Exchequer, Chief Economist, Lord High Master of the Treasury, etc. etc., at your service." He doffs his slightyl damp hat to Holly. He turns to Rainbow Dash. "I have a second home here, actually - I admit, I've grown attached to Ponyville over the last few years." The unicorn is mostly dry by now, at least."
Calbee gives a small nod as he shrugs, "I used to follow the griffons while on patrol and I know how boring it can be but still curious." he says as he's a little bothered he can learn, but hey if he can learn directly other ways.  Finally noticing he's a bit wet, though used to it flying so much he just without thought shakes himnself off to dry himself.  He idly listens to the others during all this.
Hollyhock listens impassively to EB's list of titles, nodding slowly after each pronouncement, "Reckon..." She says, "That makes you some sort'a big noise? Don't really follow... Hay!" She squeaks and wheels towards Calbee as the griffon's shaking spatters water on to her. Of all the nerve! "Watch where y'r flingin' water! Might get folks wet!"
Rainbow_Dash eyerolls at Hollyhock once more before resuming the conversation. "Yo, grif- uh...what's you name again? Anyway, it looks like you're hanging in there, so good on ya for that." Now to EB. "Huh, well, shows what I know, I guess! You're really /that/ important? Shouldn't you have, like, your own special bodyguard?"
EconomistBrony stares at Hollyhock for a great long moment. ... ... ... He magics up the words 'HYPOCRITE' behind her using sparkly little fireflies to fly in a pattern. She will never be able to see it, and it will follow her for at least a couple days. It'll be fun! They blink, though, so it's rarely fully there. So it generally reads something like 'HYP CR TE' or 'H PO C I E' or something. "... I'm not sure I know what a 'big noise' is..." the unicorn responds hesitantly. "... A bodyguard? To protect me from what?"
Calbee tilts his head curiously as he gives Hollyhock a odd look, whats wrong with what he did, he's gotten it all the time as a chick and fledgling when others came in from the rain, and it was HER that caused it all, though he squints and probably stares oddly and far too long at Holly as he tries to read the fireflies behind her.
Hollyhock doesn't notice Rainbow's eye rolling. It might be because she's busy rolling her eyes at EB and his inability to understand basic Equestrian, "Yanno. A big noise. Some sort'a honcho, or jefe. Feller what's in charge!" She nods firmly, then has a seat right where she's standing, down into that puddle, "What brings ya t' ponyville? Visitin' family, or somethin'?"
"I dunno," Rainbow Dash says. "Whatever the reason the Princesses need bodyguards, too, I guess! I mean, the big cheese at Cloudsdale gets his own guard so I figured...but there's that whole 'cultural difference' thing, I guess."
EconomistBrony shrugs his shoudlers! "I guess. I mostly do that which nopony else really wants to do," the unicorn muses before watching as she splashes right down into that puddle once more. What a strange mare. He shrugs and then glances back to Rainbow Dash and rolls his shoudlers again! "I figure there's nothing much for me to be too concerned with. And the Princesses are Princesses."
Calbee blinks a few times at the strange mare...correction mares..well ponies, they are all a little odd to him, but then again he's been used to griffons his whole life, except for the rare merchant and such and the ocasional trips past the borders as he just sits down where he is not minding the water while observing everything that goes on.
Hollyhock stares at EB for a moment longer before nodding once, "Huh. Reckon someone's gotta." She trails off, not sure what else to say, but at the same time thinking there's something that needs to be said, and so at length, once everything's terribly awkward feeling, she opens her mouth and offers a soft, "...thanks?"
"Nothing much!" Rainbow Dash declares. "You, like, shuffle all the money around. /All/ the money! That makes you totally important. You know what..." Her eyes gleam as yet another scheme comes into her mind. "I can bodyguard you while you're around here! Nopony's gonna get past and, uh...dodge their taxes or anything! Yeah." She pats her chest confidentally at her self-appointed job.
"You're welcome!" EB beams gladly in response. He looks proud for a moment before glancing up at Rainbow Dash and staring for a moment. "... ... I do far more than 'shuffle all the money around'. Ensuring stability of the money supply is just one of my duties. ... But, well, you're welcome to bodyguard me if you wish. But be warned, the last tax-collection assignment I went on ended up causing a fiery inferno."
Calbee tilts his head at this and hmmmms thinking he will need to find a job of some kind at some point, "You need another Bodyguard?  Not many mess with a griffon." he says, of course he has no experience beyond youthful exeuberance.
Hollyhock can't help but smile at EB's response to her thanks. She inclines her head civilly towards him, and touches the brim of her hat before looking around. If she's noticed Dash before she hasn't realized who it was. You know how those rainbow maned pegasi are, just swarming all over the place. But now that she's not busy yelling at a cloud she's able to put two and two together, "Oh! Howdy, Miz Dash! What's shakin'? Them folks from cloudsdale still arguin' 'bout rainfall?" She squints, and rubs her chin thoughtfully, "Or were it sunsets?"
<OOC> You say, "Holly we've met before. Several times :P"
<OOC> Hollyhock knows. She's just making up BS as to why she hasn't said 'boo' heretofore in this latest enconter c.c;
Rainbow_Dash blinks. "Wait, that whole thing was /you/?" she propounds. "It's...that's...that makes total sense," she decides aloud, crossing her forelegs. Peering at Hollyhock, she sighs aloud, too. "Ugh, I don't even want to hear about that...that thing right now. Everywhere I go there's posters and slogans and all that stuff. It's so annoying!"
<OOC> Hollyhock amends 'If realized it was dash she was talking to earlier, it must not have sunk in. Rainbow manes aren't apparently eye catching enought. (and so on)
EconomistBrony looks over at Calbee. "uhhh, sure, but it'll probably be terribly boring!" he admits. But, hey, whatever floats your airship of doom.
Calbee smiles a bit and chuckles, "Well of course it will be boring, you have a griffon with you." he says sagly, "Oh and Rainbow Dash.." eh says a bit offhandedly thinking about it as he smiles a tiny bit.
Hollyhock grunts in quiet agreement with Rainbow Dash, "Know what'cha mean. 's like they've gone an' taken Cloudsdale o'er. Go up there f'r m' flyin' lessons an I cain't hardly..." She cuts off then, her eyes getting bigger, "Oh!" She hops up out of her little puddle, "I ain't seen ya t' tell ya! R'member how ya said they had classes f'r folks what - uh - what need some refresher courses? Flyin' I mean... I went an' tacked them folks down. Thought they might make fun, but they didn't! Real helpful." And patient. She doesn't add that part, nor the parts about how she almost caused a small weather emergany by leaving the designated flying area. Nope.
"Oh right, you needed those too!" Rainbow Dash says. "Good to see that's working out for ya. Hey, maybe you and him can be tutor-buddies or something. That might work out."
Calbee tilts his head, "What kind of classes?" wondering if they were the ones that Rainbow had suggested earlier though he's not sure if they help since his problem is more psyhological or genetic, or something inbetween.
Hollyhock scrunches her mouth up, her ears flatting out, as she glances between Dash and Calbee, flustered, "I - I didn't need 'em! I... Uh, I j'st, j'st needed some brushin' up is all!" She nods, firmly, "Pegasus what cain't fly. Ha-ha! A-ain't no such thing!"
"Right, right," Rainbow Dash says. "Anyway, I think my next rounds are coming up. You guys hang in there!" She gives them a friendly salute before taking off for the big blue, glad to make a new acquaintance like...what was his name again?

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