Trueheart Ambushed


Early autumn


Dynamite Rave, Paja Fuerte, Aurora des Trevalles, mysterious shadowy unicorn, Rising Storm (Dyna's team), Eskellian earth ponies


OOC Date: November 8/13, 2013
Characters: Dynamite Rave (and NPCs), Paja Fuerte (spoofed), several Eskellian earth ponies (NPCs), mysterious shadowy unicorn
Setting: Dynamite and his team are assigned a strange mission that quickly becomes more than they bargained for
It is said that this small, square room was once a bathing chamber from the time of Princess Platinum, but the tub has been removed and the plumbing (such as it was) since replaced with wires, crystals, and sundry magicka that only unicorns can really understand. Also, the room has been painted white, stark and bright like a mid-day cloud, which really makes the two tall black obelisks at one end really stand out, their sharp prominences casting crisp shadows on the wall. The wires and stuff from the wall snake out and link to each obelisk. Apart from that, there is nothing, no seats or tables or signs that might indicate use, and neither is there anypnoy else save Dynamite and his companions.
Dressed in full armor, Dynamite Rave waits as he stands in front of his team.  A pair of pegasi and a pair of unicorns.  They are the search and rescue elite and each of them have made a name for themselves here in Equestria.  As he takes in a deep breath, he cuts his eyes left, then right, then glances over his shoulder to his team who all stand steadfast and ready.  No cowards here in this group.
"So you /are/ prompt, how wonderful," says a male voice, high-strung and cultured. From out of nowhere a unicorn has appeared, stepping out of the shadow beneath one obelisk without a sound. His fur is a terse alabaster-white, unobtrusive and plain, but his mane is a brilliant midnight blue with streaks of lighter colour. "Nothing less from Equestria's finest, I suppose, but let's see if you're up to the task at hoof, yes, let's see."
"Yes sir."  Dynamite Rave says firmly with a crisp voice as he stands at attention once more at the sight of the commanding officer.  "Whatever you need Rising Storm for, sir!"  The team name.  Rising Storm.  It has that kick ass ring to it while still being graceful.
The strange unicorn smiles a little. "Excellent. Then you won't mind if I provide you with these." Shadows swirl in front of him as he summons a scroll from some dark plane of aether and levitates it towards Dynamite. Written upon it in elaborate, flowing letters is a terse letter, ordering his team to proceed at once to Ponyville's train station to await the arrival of the Transalpine Special #150 and present the scroll to the concierge, who would provide further instructions. Embossed at the bottom is the signature, an image of an intricate rune backing a bloom of deadly nightshade.
Catching the letter in his magic, Dynamite floats it over to him and looks down at it.  After rolling it back up, he snaps his head in a firm nod.  "Yes, sir!"  Taking in a deep breath, he puffs his chest out some as he straightens his back and shoulders.
"Good," said the unicorn. "Then do as you must. I will be watching." With that, he steps back in the shadow of the obelisk and vanishes right before their eyes. And they didn't even catch his name.
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The train station is having a typical day, it seems. The mid-afternoon express from Canterlot is just pulling in, and many ponies walk to and fro as they go about their business. The clouds are much thicker, though, and have been for some time thanks to the abundance of fall moisture. The hustle and bustle makes for good cover for a small, green train to pull in at the far end, unnoticed by all the others, its engine coming to a stop without so much as a whiff of air from the brakes. Several ponies emerge, and from what can be seen they're mostly crystal ponies, albeit adorned in togas and tunics. The concierge emerges some time after, his tail flicking about impatiently, as if waiting for something.
With the team having taken a perimeter about the train station, Dynamite Rave waits by himself at the tracks as he watches the green train pull up before him.  As he watches the crystal ponies exit, his eyes track every one of them before he heads towards the concierge.  With a clear of his throat, he rumbles, "Corporal Dynamite Rave."  He introduces himself.  "Team Leader.  I am instructed to meet you here."  He says as he flashes the scroll before him as it hovers in his magic.  Though he can't see his team mates, he can feel their eyes upon him as they are blended in with the rest of the crowd, casing the joint so to speak.
The concierge is startled into attentiveness by Dynamite's arrival, and for a while he is suspicious. Who's this colt that's barely a stallion? "Eh? You're the-" He glances at the letter, and as soon as he reaches the bottom, where the seal is pressed, his eye grow over-wide for a brief instant. "Er, well, please, head to the rear car, and they'll arrange everything for you." He shuffles out of the way and does his best to pretend not to be there. The train within is a fairly standard affair, the odour of asparagus still emanating from the dining car, but at the very back there is a bunch of rough-looking stallions gathered about and within the car beyong, unloading several crates into a cart alongside that, incidentally, is on one of the paths leading out of the trainyard. They whisper pointedly in a strange, flowing language that eems to heavily favour sibilants and manipulations of the nasal passage. "¡Más rápido! No tenemos tiempo!" says one of them, a fellow in a rough wool barding. "Vamanos! Eh?" He looks at Dynamite's group curiously, causing some of the others to look as well. They don't look very friendly.
As Dynamite steps on to the train in full armor regalia, he is flanked by his team members who file in behind him.  "Who is they?"  He asks curiously as he looks head to the rough group before him.  Fuego, his second in command and his linguist specialist perks his ears upwards.  "They seem to be looking to get out of there in a hurry."  He rumbles to his captain as the two trade a slight nod.  Wind Stream, Crash Course and Bail Out continue to follow after as the size the group up.
A great ruckus is building as all the workers take full notice of Dynamite and his well-armored crew, their voices building up to shouts. Presently, the stallion who was giving orders, a stocky earth-stallion with an auburn hue and deep orange mane, steps forward and regards them suspiciously, but calmly. "You strangers had better introduce yourselves," he states in a weird accent, "and quickly!"
Ears twitching slightly, Dynamite Rave glances over to his team mates, then takes a rather confident step forward, invading personal space as he pushes his face right up against the others, staring him down.  "Dynamite Rave, personal bodyguard for her majesty Princess Twilight Sparkle.  Team Leader for Rising Storm, Search and Rescue.  You looking to get me riled up or are you just a friendly kind of guy?"
The stallion doesn't seem bowed or even dismayed. He stares at Dynamite, slowly reaching into his saddlebag and producing a bit of straw which he sticks into his mouth. "Shiny armor will only get you so far," he says. "Do you have proof that you are who you say you are?"
"I don't know, who are you that is asking?"  Dynamite Rave asks as his horn twitches, causing the end of the piece of hay to catch spark, a smirk rising up in his muzzle.
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<OOC> Dynamite_Rave says, "Dyna doesn't know who this guy is or why he's even talking to him. XD So far it's: Go walk to the back.  Okay... and.. do what?  XD"
"Hah, you hear that? He wants to know who /I/ am!" the stallion mocks, and his fello enjoy a good laugh at Dynamite's expense. He peers at Dynamite with a hard gaze. "Listen here, my little /amigo/, we are ponies of a serious purpose, and I hope that you are equally serious about this matter, comprende?" A pause, and he chews on his straw some more. "Do you have the senorita's mark?"
'How adorable.  The chica here thinks he can make jokes."  Dynamite Rave says with a soft laugh.  Floating up the scroll once more, he unravels it before him, lifting a brow upwards.  "I like a mystery as much as the next, but, my patience does have limits.  What the hell am I doing on this train?"
The stallion looks upon the scroll, and once he sees the mark he appears to be satisfied, his tension abating. "...I see. Well." He motions to the other with his hoof, and at once they continue their work of transferring the boxes out of the car. "You have a little escort duty for this...special cargo. We have heard rumours of trouble ahead."
"Yeah?  What kinda trouble?"  Dynamite Rave asks as he relaxes a bit as well, motioning to his team to take up guard about the others that are moving boxes.  "My team is built for handling trouble.  Just let me know what you need and you got it in spades.  Whatcha guys moving anyways or is it better I don't know?"
"If I told you," says the stallion, "you might not understand, and if I explained, you might not believe." In short time, all of the boxes are loaded, and the gate out of the yard swings open. Four ponies hitch themselves and proceed along, the others following close behind. All of them seem tense and anxious, their shoulders stiff.
"You should try me anyways, I've seen some stuff and I've done some things.  They don't send me and my team out for the cream puff situations."  Dynamite Rave says as he follows after him with a lumbering gait, motioning for his team to create a perimeter.
"That remains to be seen," says the stallion. In time, the path winds around and heads straight into the forest, unseen by the ponies waiting at the platforms. Dull sunlight filters through the bare branches, casting a shade of pale orange upon the ground. Everypony proceeds along silently, but there is great anticipation.
The two unicorns in Dynamite's troupe light their horns to give better light as the pair of pegasi fly over head just ahead of the group.  Dynamite sticks next to the leader of this excursion, glancing left and right.  "So, what is it that we are supposed to protect you guys from?  I don't enjoy going out into the field with zero intel."
The forestallion gives Dynamite another once over, then he glances about, his vision scouring their surroundings. "Foreign agents," he whispers, "with strange power, something unlike that which Equestria has known." He pauses, and the cart trundles along, the wheels clattering upon the occasional flat stone. "Expect them to be very dangerous."
"Expect me to be very dangerous."  Dynamite says with a rumble under his breath.  "I'll do my best if we get attacked.  I'm hoof trained by Princess Twilight Sparkle in magic and military trained by Captain Shining Armor and whatever it is Scope is calling himself now.  My team here is top notch, all of them picked by Celestia herself to support me."  His ears flatten back.  "Where are these foreign agents from?  What kind of creature are they?"
"They are not 'creatures' in the strict sense," the forestallion warns, just as the cart-pullers begin to shout in alarm. A tree has just fallen onto their path, the loud 'thud' of the trunk's impact resonant and stark. Immedietely they unhitch and move towards the downed wood, lashing a number of ropes to prepare for its removal. "I fear the moment is upon us. Get ready!"
As they approach the tree, Dynamite Rave and the other two unicorns set up a perimeter about them.  One in front and the other two near the back.  With a glow of their horns, a large purple force field ripples between the trio, enveloping the group and spreads outsides. "We're always ready.  Rising Storm, Alpha formation."  He calls out as the two pegasi stand guard, pulling swords from their sheathes and carrying them in their mouths by the handles.  The three unicorns stand back to back to back as they keep the force field in play, staring into the woods with narrowed eyes.
Nopony voices any complaints or interjections, simply setting about to do the work necessary. Then, the ambience of the forest fades to a grim quiet, the wind dying down and the chirping of a lone cricket ceasing. Something in the distance seems to make a weird, scraping noise which steadily and slowly draws ever closer. The forestallion balks. "They have a Type D! We've-" The harnesses at the front of the cart suddenly explode in a burst of wood and metal, a pony toppling aside as a large gash materializes on his flank. A wicked tear in the earth appears where the front of the cart used to be, steaming with some unnatural fire that blinks out just as soon as it appears. Then, not to far away, the thing appears, vaguely pony shaped but with bright, glowing eyes and a metallic sheen all over its body. Before anypony can react, it leaps forward and charges!
"The $%^#@ is a type D?"  Dynamite hisses out as he watches the cart explode.  At the sight of the creature, Dynamite and Fuego give each other a quick nod as they turn and charge forward as well, leaving the lone unicorn to hold the forcefield as the purple magic continues to ripple. As they zig zag towards the creature, Dynamite tilts his head and fires a blast of magic at Fuego, causing him to disappear in a puff of smoke.  Over the head of the creature he appears, sword drawn as Fuego falls downwards, slashing towards the back of the creature's neck.  With a blaze of magic, Dynamite summons a spell of flaming chains, looking to wrap about the creature's hooves to cause him to tumble and give Fuego the opening he needs to strike.  The two pegasi take guard before the merchandise with their blades drawn, watching with anticipation.
Fuego's sword strikes true...and gets embedded in the armor of the Type D, no mere flesh and blood it is. Shadow-stuff seeps from the 'wound', surging out and lashing at Fuego should his blade remain stuck, or his body too close. Meanwhile, the creature itself heaves and stretches with a mechanical whine, its tail, tipping with a long deadly barb, slashes at Dynamite's magical chains, rendering them into many pieces. It's eyes spark and glow brighter, and another wave of dark energy erupts in front of it, heading straight for the cart. This time, it meets the barrier, but not all of it dissipates, and the remaining force is enough to shatter a wheel and an axle.
Fuego gives a few more tugs of the sword before abandoning it with a puff of magic as the shadowy tendrils attack.  As he emerges next to Dynamite again, he glances over.  "So, on a scale of one to ten, how screwed are we?"  ".. about a twelve."  ".. Yeah, so, it was nice serving with you."  "Shut up Fuego."  Dynamite says with a slight grin on his face before he gives a motion of his head.  "Fugget, torpedo this dude."  As he and his Beta turn to face the creature again, the fire mancer simply says, "Pew Pew."  A ripple of magic lashes out from between the two, taking the shape of a dragon headed battering ram, looking to slam itself into the stomach of the creature and hopefully send it reeling.  The other unicorn in the back stamps his hoof on the ground, his horn glowing a bright blue as he drops the shield and begins to summon an ice storm to try and encase the creature in ice once it lands if the first attack is successful.
As the battle rages, the forestallion has taken charge of his subordinates, directing them to take each of the boxes onto their backs and scatter. The creature, however, seems to be aware of these plans, judging from how it leans its head towards them in agitation. But then Dynamite and Fuego's attack hits, swallowing the creature in flames, but when the smoke clears the damage is merely superficial, its outer armor charred black. Of course, this means that it has enough initiative left to erect a dark, shadowy barrier around itself as it directs another energy attack at the fleeing earth ponies, causing several of them to get thrown aside, the boxes toppling to the ground and cracking open.
The two pegasi swoop into action and begin to help the fallen up to their hooves as the trio of unicorns now step forward once more.  Dynamite is looking more and more frustrated. "Remind me to beat the shit out of what's his face for not giving me a freaking intel report ahead of time.  This is total crap. Stand back, I'm going to just freaking nuke it."  The magic about his horn starts to glow white hot as the air around them begins to shimmer.  With a loud growl in his throat, his eyes flash brightly as the ground about him begins to spark and catch flame.  With a loud yell, he cuts loose with his magic as he explodes outwards, looking to hit the creature with a blast of raw magic as hot as molten lava. Fuego and Silver both step back behind their captain, then races back towards the others as their magic looks to pluck the boxes upwards and start to usher the others back.  "Go, go, go!"
The Type D emits that eerie, scraping sound as it hurtles forward, but Dynamite's attack slams into it like a moving wall. It strains and scrapes and screeches, it's shadowy barrier surging outward more and more. Finally, it manages to absorb the attack, but it's taken quite a bit of damage: sparks are beginning to emerge from its joints. He looks right at Dynamite, it's eyes alive with evil intent.
"Yeah, I know that look."  Dynamite rumbles as he lifts up the fallen tree with his magic, grunting under the exertion as sweat breaks out across his face.  With a whip of his head, he looks to crack the monster over the head, swinging it like a baseball bat.  The rest of his team is moving as fast as they can to try and help the others to their hooves and to get the cargo to safety, shouting commands and barking orders.
Dynamite's attack makes it home as the trunk splinters and shatters amidst the tendrils of shadow coming out of the creature. Those tendrils rush out, making to wrap around Dynamite and constrain him!
"Oh.. freaking come on."  Dynamite Rave growls out as he forces his magic outwards once more, calling upon Shining Armor's teachings of protection spells.  Fuego and Silver look to aid him as they fire bolts of magic at the tendrils, looking to zap them away.  "Light! Hit it with light!"  Silver calls out as he flares his horn brightly, looking to create a flicker-flash effect towards the shadows, hoping the bright light will dissipate them.
The work is barely effective. For every attack that makes it two are dissipated and absorbed. The flashing distracts it for several key moments, dents appearing on its armor and dark energy seeping through the faults and gaps created, but soon it compensates by re-directing its shadow barrier to cover those areas. It seems the battle is destined to be a brutal attrition...until, suddenly, tendrils of yellow and brown erupt from the ground and lash at the creature! The Type D flails and screeches, its own shadowy tendrils repulsed by this new power, and leaving a large opening for the others.
Looking heavily spent, Dynamite is wheezing loudly as his horn is sputtering from exhaustion.  Fuego steps up to his captain's side, then launches an attack at the beast, a large phoenix fix of telekinetic energy, looking to come down like a heavy slam upon the creature.  "Take a breath Dynamite, let me step in on this one."  Silver helps to reinforce the attack as he continues to lash outwards with bolts of light that crackle and sear through the o-zone, like mini tasers going off.
Both attacks pierce the creature's body, fire and light slicing through its armor and exposing its inner core: an orb of vibrant darkness. It's tendrils flail and lash about fruitlessly as the last of its reserves seep away. Finally, it clatters to the ground in a heap, purple smoke rising from its beaten carcass a, slowly, it disintegrates into the shadow. Meanwhile, those other tendrils of brown, living stalks of grain, recede into the ground, the ley line creeping back, back towards the forestallion who grasps a strange thing in his hooves: a pure crystalline focus-lens of Imperial make.
Breathing heavily, Dynamite Rave turns his head around and starts to the forestallion with a look of anger.  "What the #$@%! was that?!  Before we take another step you're giving me a full bucking intel report, /now/.  What the heck do you have there anyways?  That 'Type D' crap is not something we were prepared for.  This goes beyond the scope of my support I'm starting to imagine.  So you better get talking, right now, or you're on your own and I'll deal with Nightshade personally when I get back.  I'm not getting my team killed for some mystery.  I demand full access to your information."
The forestallion glares at Dynamite indignantly for several moments, obviously insulted, but then, slowly, his face morphs from scrunched-up frustration to a queer smile. "Mi amigos, he wants to know everything, this colt!" The other ponies with him laugh aloud, as if to mock Dynamite's curiosity. In time, they calm, and the forestallion assumes a more serious posture. "I was not expecting the enemy's new prototype to be ready so soon, for if I did I would have asked for twice your numbers. I can say some, but for the rest you must speak to the Senora." He beckons Dynamite to follow him to the cracked-open box full of crystal focus-lenses. "This is the key to our enterprise in contesting those creatures, hence the need for protection."
The eyes of Dynamite Rave narrow dangerously at the mocking pony.  "Hilarious, you guys weren't laughing a minute ago when you and your buddies were uselessly flopping around on the ground like fish while my team was trying to save your ass.  You keep up that attitude, /senor/, and you'll be out on your own.  You and those fancy rocks."  The rest of his team does not appear to be too happy either as they look at the mess created by the monster.  "And where are these creatures coming from?  Who /is/ this enemy that's out there and what is your story?"
The forestallion assumes a much more solemn attitude as he looks about two of his fellows help the stallion who got struck by the creature, the poor fellow limping along with smal groans. "There is a reason why myself and my fellows here live in this place, and not in our homeland. When the Revolution happened, those of us who were loyal to the Lord of Lightning fled north to Equestria, but as you can tell we did not stop being of interest to the Directory."
Dynamite_Rave rubs a hoof across his face a few times.  "I have.. no clue what you are talking about.  Is this something Celestia knows?  Is it something she /should/ know about?"  He asks with a loud breath as he reaches up to rub at his horn a few times.
"Obviously, Her Majesty is aware of things that /I/ don't know about," says the forestallion. "I think it is enough to say that Equestria's interests are bound up to what we are trying to do here." And, indeed, the forestallion tries to effect this by carefully taking up the cracked box and letting it rest on his withers. "We will be longer in arriving, but I doubt that we will have any more...incidents."
Nodding his head, Dynamite motions to his team to pick up the rest of the stuff and start forward once again.  Letting out a sigh, he says, "I hope not. I'm pretty gassed out from that last rumble.  I love a good fight but that was ridiculous.  I never fought something like that before and I'm going to have to debrief the rest of the military on it."
"The Senorita is already in the process of informing the high command," the forestallion explains, "and the information shall be disseminated downward, as appropriate." Their journey is tiresome but uneventful, and a large fraction of an hour later they emerge from the forest, weary but satisfied. "Once we are in sight of the Estate we shall be in the clear, as you say."
"Alright. What will we have to do after we get you there?  Do we head back to Canterlot?"  Dynamite asks as he trots along with a pensive stare in his face.  He feels exhausted, having extinguished that much magic at once.  He hasn't had a battle like that in some time.
"Yes, your mission will have been concluded by then," says the forestallion, beads of sweat forming on his brow. "Though, perhaps the Senora will desire an audience with you. We shall see." The road goes over the low, rolling plains northeast of Ponyville, but as the occassional distance marker shows they are still well within the district borders. Several large estates are visible along the way, the opulent refuges of Ponyville's most notable citizens. Then, right across the creek, there is a low-lying country house of obviously foreign make, huddled next to rows of greenhouses and a large barn that look more like a warehouse than anything. "At last, our goal," says the forestallion, sighing in relief. THe day is about over. "The barn is our stop."
"I'm just glad to get out of that forest."  Dynamite mutters under his breath as he continues to trudge along as best he can.  With a nod of his head to his team, the two pegasi fly ahead of the group to ensure their safe arrival.  "Who is this Senora that may want a chat with me?"  He asks with a tilt of his head towards the forestallion.  "What's her name?"
"Finally, you're asking useful questions!" the forestallion jests. "Doña Aurora des Trevalles, of the High Lords of Eskellia. If she deigns it so, you may yet see her for yourself." The estate draws closer and closer, the distant greenhouse ballooning as they trudge along. In seemingly no time, they're at the outer fence of the property, a large-hatted uni-stallion swinging the gate open with magic.
"Huh, never heard of her.  Looks like I gotta bone up on my royalty."  Dynamite Rave says as he starts to help unload the merchandise once they head through the gate, floating it before him with his magic.  "Any chance we can get some water and something to eat before we head back?"  The rest of his team follows suit as they travel along.
"It is just as well; Eskellia is not well known in this part of the world," says the forestallion, stepping towards the 'barn' where a number of workponies await to take their load and transfer it inside. "Ah, you ask for hospitality. We Eskellians are a very hospitable people, so I suppose I can speak to the cook about providing for you. Speaking of...I am afraid I have not been very hospitable." The forestallion takes his hat from his head and gestures politely to Dynamite. "I am Paja Fuerte, young warrior. It is good that we have worked together for today."
"Yeah, you've been a real ray of sunshine this entire trip."  Dynamite says with a smirk upon his face for a moment, though his grin becomes good natured.  Once his team sets the merchandise down, he gives himself a long stretch of his body.  "'s nice to meet you Paja Fuerte.  It was pretty cool to fight alongside you.  We don't need much though, just some water, maybe something to snack on for the trip back."
"You will be well-provided, young warrior," says a voice, mysterious and feminine. She comes out of one of the barn doors, a graceful unicorn mare with a lusciously styled lavender mane and a coat of soft, pale lapis. As she draws closer, one might take note of her tasseled tail, or the fluffy fetlocks, or her strange runic cutie mark. "It is fitting that we reward you for coming to our aid, especially given such little information."
Turning around to face the mare, Dynamite Rave takes her in for a moment.  "Well, I implore you that next time, you bring a bit more information, for the safety of not only my team but for your friends as well.  I can't properly protect anyone if I'm running blind into danger." He takes in a deep breath, then gives a nod of his head.
The Señora nods solemnly. "I understand, but at times it is not feasible for such information to be readily available. Be that as it may, I am wont to sympathize with your situation." Her horn glows, and shadow springs forth, the very same kind that the Type D creature used, but instead of death the Señora produces a wrapped package and a bottle of colorful. "Conchas and agua fresca for you and your companions," she explains. "I hope that you woul enjoy it much."
"I'm sure we will."  Dynamite says as he catches it with his magic, then looks over to his team with a tilt of his head.  "Thank you for the hospitality and good luck."  He rumbles in his throat as he turns and starts off.  "Let's go, Rising Storm."  He commands over his shoulder to his team as they quickly fall in line after him.  "Got a long walk ahead of us."
"Farewell, Dynamite Rave," says the Señora, smiling sweetly and watching as they depart. When the warriors have left, she turns to Paja Fuerte. <<What does he know of Trueheart?>> she asks. -- <<Nothing you would deem pertinent,>> he replies, giving his Lady a clever look. <<After all, we must be prudent around the young.>> -- Aurora grins. <<Of course.>>

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