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Mirage says to Dusk is that she's heard Red Velvet's horn seems to be looking very odd lately, and Mirage thinks maybe you should have a look at it.
Dusk nods back as you mention that, "Oh I hope nothing too serious.  But you haven't seen it directly yourself?"
Mirage shakes her head.  "No, since we haven't seen Red Velvet in a long time.  We didn't join in the scene with her and Mixtape and the others."
Dusk nods and hmmms.  "Well there was the whole thing with the Crimson Maiden and the changelings.  Her horn had been damaged, even broken partly off.  I hadn't heard on how that was repaired, if it had been."
Red_Velvet [Female Unicorn]
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Elegance, Class, Stunning, All these things may describe the pony before you, her coat a soft understated blue, while her professionally styled mane is a deep red. It frames her face, partially hiding her right eye, but rather then obscuring it completely it only serves to accentuate the deep green of her eyes. Those eyes look out at you with a friendly yet guarded expression in them, as if she was interested in speaking with you but was also silently taking your measure. She wore make-up, although not too much, her eyeshadow was a slightly darker blue then her coat, her lipstick a red that matched her mane. All-in-all the make-up served more to accentuate her colors rather then clash with them. Upon her flank, if one cared to look, was the image of a velvet rope stretched across a black door, on the door in white lettering was a elegantly scripted sign that read V.I.P. What might such a cutie-mark hint at?
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Mirage looks concered.  "Broken off?  But unicorn horns are magical.  How could it be broken?  And wouldn't magic restore her horn?"
Red_Velvet there is a soft but insistent knocking at the front door, before a voice calls out, "Hello? Is anypony in?" Then there is something muttered behind the door and something gets pressed firmly against the portal, There is the sound of something tearing outside and the door rattles a little in it's frame, followed by more muttering. The voice is female, but there is something very odd about it.
Dusk nods to Mirage, "Indeed, unicorn horns are extremely difficult to damage, or repair.  Presumably only from the power of the Crimson Maiden was it possible.  I don't believe any usual magic could readily repair it."  But even as he is explaining this to Mirage there is the sound at the door and he looks curiously from her to the door.  The door itself, like the rest of the Center, is magic resistant.  But it shouldn't be locked.  Dusk heads over to the door, pausing for a moment with a tilt of his head, and even more curious expression on his face.  Then he carefully opens up the door slowly, ready to help.
Mirage listens to Dusk but her attention is drawn to the sounds from the door.  "Is somepony trying to bring in something too large for the door?" she wonders aloud with a concerned look to Dusk.  "Even the mailmare doesn't have a problem going in and out."  She stays where she is as Dusk goes to the door and carefully opens it.
Red_Velvet is standing outside the door, a large note held in a bright red aura of magic, as well as a massive strip of tape. She blinks, looking surprised at the stallion, whom looks back at her, "Oh....hello?" Comes the greeting. Red Velvet seemed to have been in the midst of taping a note to the door of the research center. Before the door was opened.
Dusk nods to Mirage in agreement about Derpy.  Though sometimes the mailmare tries to use one of the non-actual 'windows' to the Center.  Dusk turns back to the door and opens it.  As it does, Dusk does indeed look out, "Good day, Lady Velvet."  Well speak of the pony herself.  He examines the rather oversized note and tape.  Or perhaps some sort of poster?  "How are you?  Anything we might be of assistance with?"  He not sure why she is as surprised, seeing as she had knocked on the door and called out, but he waits to see what she may be up to, as well as stepping somewhat to the side so that Mirage may see her as well.
Mirage is a bit surprised at the first appearance of a notice being put on the door.  "Is it somepony from the fire department, dear?" she asks Dusk.  Then, as he steps aside, she sees the pony magicking the large note and tape.  "Lady Velvet?" she asks, not sure if she's seeing what she sees.  "My goodness!  What's happened to your horn?  It's completely changeed!"  She looks to Dusk, wondering why he's not reacting at the sight.
Mirage is a bit surprised at the first appearance of a notice being put on the door.  "Is it Firegriffen Calbee from the fire department, dear?" she asks Dusk.  Then, as he steps aside, she sees pony legs showing from beneath the large not.  "No, Calbee's legs don't have hooves," she says with a little smile.
Red_Velvet's eyes roll upward, as if looking at her own horn, then, rather then answer either of her friends, she moves the poster to one side, revealing the shocking truth of her visit. She seems almost uncomfortable about it, and quite eye catching it is indeed, twice as long as before, and looking more like an up-swept blade then a graceful, spiralling, pearlecent focai for her magic. "I...ah,  Yes. I came because I needed a bit of help with, something. It's not that I dislike having my magic returned to me, I love it really, but, things are...different."
Dusk raises his own eyes, and his eyebrows.  Not to look upon his own horn of course, but that of Red's as it is revealed.  He had expected something different, but this is certainly far more than what Mirage had hinted at.  "Oh I see!"  He can't help looking at it for a moment, his reflex to analyze it with his magic.  But not being entirely insensitive to Red's discomfort, he looks back to her eyes and nods, "Of course, do come right in, please."  He holds the door and gestures and hoof inwards and towards where Mirage is.  "I am guessing Lady Velvet is not with the fire squad, indeed, my love."  He does see if he might notice what is on the note.
Mirage manages not to gasp out loud, and she quickly hides her grimaced look when she sees the oversize and dangerous looking horn in place of Red Velvet's previous attractive horn.  She half expects to see Red needing to hold her head up with the heavier horn in place...  and it seems like Mirage remembers hearing a description of this sort of horn before.  "Yes, please come in, Lady Velvet," Mirage says as she brings a comfy cushion for Red to sit upon. "I'd heard some of the town ponies talking, but I had no idea..." she trails off, looking at Red with some amazement.
Red_Velvet offers both her friends a heartfelt smile and she steps in, sighing as if she is indeed weary from carrying such a large and vicious looking appendage, "Thank you, thank you both." Seeing Dusk trying to peer at the note, she lifts it in her scarlet magical aura. It reads, "Knocked, but no pony was home. Gone to Royal archives to search for answers. Please find me as soon as you can. Yours truly, R.Velvet." She takes the offered cushion and seats herself, reaching up to rub at the horn on her head with a hoof, "I was hoping that you might be able to help me with this, it's been getting me noticed, and while normally being in the public eye is a Celestia-sent boon for one in my profession. This has gotten some ponies talking, and not in a good way about me. It is really awful looking isn't it?"
Dusk lets Red walk in ahead of him and Mirage show her over to a nice place to sit.  Dusk lets the door go to close on his own.  He ahs and nods about the note, accepting it and setting it aside so that Red doesn't need to carry it about.  "Well I'm glad we were able to catch you now before you headed off."  Dusk comes over to where the two mares are, smiling to Mirage and then tilting his head a little as he looks to Red.  "I would not say awful.  I could imagine much worse.  But I can imagine not what a mare would consider a pleasant style."  Dusk is already picking up on its magic and examining its 'path' both for traits and tracking it back to its past, which doesn't go back far..  "Miss Mixtape?" he blurts out of context.  Then it seems to make some sense to him, thinking of what Haunting had told him about.
Mirage is very tempted to get and ice pack and apply it to bring the swelling down on Red's horn.  But she has to remind herself that unicorn horns don't work that way.  "It looks like either she has more magic than her horn can contain, or Red Velvet now owns somepony else's horn," she says to Dusk.  Not sure of what else to do, she goes and gets a cool fruit drink and brings it over to offer Red.  "Refreshment?" she asks, trying not to stare too obviously.
Red_Velvet smiles as Dusk attempts to comfort her about how the horn looks on her, "Yes, It is less than attractive, It might have fit me better when I was controlled by my ancestor, but I had a larger body at that time as well. And that leads me back too-" She blinks at the stallion when her special Dj's name is blurted out, ", Yes you are correct. It was Mixtape, you recall recently she was enslaved by the Alicorn amulet? It was she that regrew my horn for me." Red turns to regard Mirage when the drink is brought. "Oh my, thank you, darling. That is so kind of you!" Red's magic enfolds the beverage. "I truly don't know what to do, I think this problem at least in part is intertwined with my Titan blood. But, I have already caused Princess Luna so much trouble. I thought that in spite of that I might find a solution without troubling her. Do you think you might be able to help?"
Dusk's attention is brought back to the two mares as they speak, not having realized her had quite said that outloud, but nodding as Red fills in the details.  "Indeed, Miss Melody was telling me of the incident, and the amulet.  She had not mentioned that anything had occurred regarding your horn though, Lady Velvet.  But I can see now how that might have had the power.  Though I am not sure why it would regrow it in this nature.  Well.." he dwells a moment then continues.. "your nature does have its own unique past."  And indeed Red comments about her Titan blood.  "Perhaps it is connected to that.  Or perhaps just due to the power of the amulet."  He smiles as Mirage brings things around to something more normal and pleasant with the drink, helping improve the mood of the moment.  "And I feel I can have a temporary.. work around, until we have a more permanent solution."
Mirage smiles reassuringly as she hoofs the cool drink over to Red and Red's rather startling colored magick takes hold of the glass.  "Titan blood?  And you had a larger body?  So... this horn is similar to what you had then?" she asks, uncertainty in her tone as she's sure she's not understanding correctly.  She looks over to Dusk and tilts and ear as he mentions Red's past.  "A solution?" she says as she blinks, wondering how he's managed this so quickly.
Red_Velvet sips at the drink for a moment as she listens to Dusk's account of what he knew, then she turns at Mirage's question and nods, "Perhaps I should explain about that. As you know I am the descendant of Crimson maiden. Whom lived roughly two thousand, five hundred years ago, between the times when The three tribes came to Equestria, and the rise of Discord to power, and the arrival of the first allicorns. Crimson maiden what what she was known as among the three tribes, but her true name, her titan name. Was Aura. The blood i share with her, my family's curse, was what allowed her to take hold of me. When my soul was suppressed and imprisoned within my own body, when she took full control, my body actually grew bigger, much bigger. I appeared much more frightening. And while this new horn isn't directly tied to my ancestor, I suspect the mingling of the Alicorn Amulet's magic with my own dear Mixtape's desire to help me, did not gel properly with the inherent power that lay dormant in my blood. I don't know this as a fact, but it's the only theory I have right now." Red turned then and cast her gaze down to the floor. "I don't mean to be a burden, and if I am, I do apologize."
Dusk nods to Mirage, "You may be correct about either nature of the horn, my love.  I wouldn't say what I have just yet is a 'solution' by any means though.  But may give us some time."  He looks over to Red, "Besides the appearance and weight, do you have any other issues with it?"  He has noticed of course the giant note and piece of tape for starters.  He nods to Red, "It may well be connected to that."  He is going over to a storage locker and looking through some material as he talks and listens.  "Oh and certainly not a burden, Lady Velvet.  We always are here to help our friends."  He smiles, looking to Mirage.
Mirage tilts her ear thoughtfully as Red explains her heritage.  "And is this family curse still active?  Or was it finally broken?" she asks Red Velvet while glancing to Dusk for his reaction.  "Well, it sounds like a happy accident that we never went with Outlaw on his expedition to find Crimson, um, Aura's tomb," she says to Dusk.
Red_Velvet watches Dusk as he moves towards the storage Locker, then returns her eyes to Mirage as her friends do their best to help her. "I do not think this curse will ever be broken, so long as a single drop of blood remains in my family's veins. I believe that it will die only when my line dies out completely. Yes Mirage, I would have been heartbroken if any of my friends had been caught near her tomb, especially with a member of my family nearby." It is then that Red does something most inappropriate, shocking even. She leans over and gently presses her lips to Mirage's, the kiss is absolutely scandalous in nature, tender, but /not/ the sort one friend gives to another. And Red holds it for several long seconds before pulling away. Then she turns to watch Dusk get whatever it was he was looking for in the supply closet, as if nothing at all had just happened.
Haunting_Melody knocks on the door as she comes by the MRC having wanted to speak with Dusk and the others and check on whats happening.
Dusk nods to Mirage's questions, which are very good ones indeed.  "Yes, no knowing how that trip may have went.  Only best case may have been stopping Aura / Crimson Maiden before she was able to harm Lady Velvet.  But then it may have been very dangerous too."  Dusk is still busy getting some materials together across the room when there is the knock.. or rather, it appears he's standing besides Mirage his horn lowered towards Red.. "Explain yourself."
Mirage nods lightly as she listens to Red.  "I had my suspicions about the expedition.  It seemed a little sneaky for a archeological dig, and there was a griffen who didn't like Outlaw's idea to do it at all.  Besides..."  She doesn't finish her sentence as Red takes her completely by surprise!  All Mirage can do is stand there as her eyes widen from their normal almond shape to almost completely round and beady!  It's not until Red ends the kiss that Mirage seems to come out of her state of shock.  "Um, you're welcome?" she offers weakly as she blushes and fidgets.  "It's not like Dusk and I would rob the tomb, well, steal from your ancestors," she says with a nervous cough.  The knock at the door is a very welcome distraction, and Mirage is about to make an excuse to go to the door when Dusk suddenly appears next to her and Red!  Mirage's eyes go wide again and she jumps straight up about two feet in surprise.  "Door!" she manages and she dashes over to open it.  "Oh!LadyMelody!ComeInPlease!!" she says nervously and too fast.
Haunting_Melody blinks as the door is oepened and speedy gonzelas, spotting the tension behind Mirage sbe blinks a few times as her mane takes a couple of shades of WTF as she looks towards Miarage hopeing for some form of a explanation.
Red_Velvet own cheeks are slightly flushed at the conclusion of her kiss with Ms. Mirage, the knock on the door distracts her for a moment, and when she turns to look back at the stallion. Only to find Dusk beside her, his horn pointed at her. she takes a slow step back from him, but it isn't one of fear. "Ah yes, Savage did try to stop my brother. It is a pity that the tomb was ever found, so much was stirred up because of it. Mirage, you know I just adore you and Dusk, I never once thought you might steal from my family. Or at least, that you would ever take something that was not first offered." Red slowly lowers her own head, her horn pointing right back at Dusk, something she would never do to a friend, not in a million lifetimes. Her horn glows a soft pulsing red, her magic active, but not actually forming a spell. Red's magic is normally a soft and gentle looking powder blue, like her coat. And she takes a step towards Dusk, very lightly letting the tip of her new horn clack against his, "Explain myself? Why whatever do you mean Dusk? ......Darling?" Her tone is innocent, yet her actions are hardly in keeping with her words, or her tone. Although she had not answered the stallion when he had asked her if anything else besides her horn was wrong, something clearly was. Perhaps, she had not answered him intentionally?
Dusk's horntip is already within a few inches of Red, and he doesn't take his eyes off of her even as Mirage jumps and runs off to the door.  Dusk's magic is colorless, but Red feels it as she lowers her horn towards him and the force of it shoves her back across the floor just enough to keep her at that distance of non-contact.  If this was somepony he didn't know, he would immediately and forcibly remove them.  But right now he has a distinct feeling there is something wrong with his friend and giving a slight benefit of the doubt that this may be out of her control.  "What is wrong with you?"  He doesn't expect or care about the answer to this one.  She may or may not sense as Dusk summons something up, a ripple of magic in the air.  Then Dusk reaches out, surrounding Red with increasing magic suppression.
Mirage folds her ears back as Red Velvet seems to be challenging Dusk.  "Oh, well," she replies to Haunting Melody with a nervous and scared smile.  "Lady Velvet came by for a horn examination aaannnnddd now I'm not quite sure other than her horn may really belong to somepony else and who knows at this point?" she replies not sounding at all casual.  "I think the floor is open to any constructive ideas?" she says to Haunting Melody.
Haunting_Melody blinks a few times seeing what is going on and stares, wishing she hadn't let the thing back home, but hey maybe it isn't needed as she blinks, "Someone elses horn?" she asks looking at Red trying to tell what is happening, "Whats going on Red?" she asks looking back towards Dusk.
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Red_Velvet regards Dusk, she can feel the magic suppression field, but Dusk would feel something as well, the field was having difficulty taking hold. It wasn't that Red's magic was too powerful for it, in fact it seemed the opposite. The blue unicorn's magic seemed more immaterial then it should be, it was like trying to catch hold of spider gossamer. However the field did have an effect, it made Red frown, and seeming almost as if she had forgotten what she had done just a bare moment before she hissed, "Dusk, darling. Really? This is most unfriendly, just what has gotten into you?"
Dusk thinks Mirage's assessment may be rather astute for what little we really know.  Well Dusk does know it was something Mixtape had done with the amulet.  He had looked into her prior path.  But it doesn't tell him much about the horn itself.  We have also scene Red's magic is different.  The color.  The strength.  And now her behavior as well.  Dusk is aware of Haunting joining us, but he doesn't look her way.  Indeed Dusk is a bit surprised that Red, or whatever is affecting her, seems to be resisting the suppression.  "I would be well to as you the same, Lady Velvet.  There is something wrong with your magic.."  All the while Dusk to suppress her magic, or more specifically the non-Red part of it.  He is aided by a strong staff, the hidden ripple in the air, unseen.  At least normally.  If he can contain the force enough, he has a band that he can try to slip around her horn and bind its power.
Mirage is worried this is all going to get worse before it gets better.  And Red Velvet speaking one way but acting another is quite scarey.  Mirage stays over by the door, out of the way as Dusk uses some magic over the area, and gives a very concerned look to Haunting Melody.
Haunting_Melody blinks as she bites her lip yet again thinking that she shouldn't have left something back at home, though hoping that there is no need for it, as she moves forward and glances between them all wondering the situation, "Whats going on Red?" she asks as this definetly doesn't seem right as she glances towards Mirage or Dusk for any kind of information.
Red_Velvet Red's frown increases as the strength of the magic dampening field does, when Dusk taps into the added power of the staff, the fuzzy, immaterial nature of Red's magic gets locked down. That is when the screaming starts, Red Velvet shrieks as if she is being murdered! Her hooves go to her forehead, and the image of Red Velvet standing before her friends begins to waver, like heat waves rising off sand, then suddenly. She is gone! Most of her at least, suddenly the room that had formally held four ponies now holds only three, and a disembodied hoof! The hoof floats for a second, then falls to the ground with a sickening thud. It is very familiar. The hoof is indeed Red Velvet's, her right front hoof to be exact, It lays, bloodless and motionless on the floor before her three friends.
Dusk is keeping mostly between Red and the others as well, to shield them to some extent should it be needed.  What he really needs is some time to study what is going on with Red, and what kind of forces are acting on her.  He finds it particularly odd, as Mirage had noted, that her words and expression don't seem to fit with what she is actually doing.  And she seems somewhat sincere about it.  Hmmm..  Perhaps there is another route he can attempt with more subtlety.  But before he can change tactics there comes Red's cry.  He goes to let off on the suppression, but in the same moment she is gone, other than the unsettling hoof.  Dusk stops what he is doing and looks around, seeing if he can pick up any other sign of Red or where she may have gone.  "Lady Velvet?" he calls out, as if she may just be off somewhere else within the Center.
Mirage shakes her head at Haunting Melody's questioning look, having no idea as to what's happening.  Then Mirage shrinks back, her eyes wide and beady with fear as Red suddenly gives a ghastley shriek!  She cries out loud when Red either tries a teleportation spell or simply vanishes but actually leaves her severed hoof behind!!  Mirage closes her eyes, her head turned away from the sickening sight, trembling from ears to hooves.
Haunting_Melody blinks at this as she looks around wondering if it's a illusion, thats the kind of thing she does when startled...she hopes it's soemthing that simple and not that well thats all thats left of her as she looks at it, the fact no blood makes her wonder if it's something different, "What just happened?" she asks worriedly.
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Dusk can tell how upset the others are, especially Mirage, and wants to go right to her.  But first he has to scan the area to make sure there is no threat, or if there is any other trace of Red for him to pick up.  He also briefly examines the hoof with his magic.. Indeed.. Illusion?  Some sort of magic connected to it?  Then he secures it in a protective metal container used for potentially hazardous magics or materials and seals the hoof in it.  He'll lock it up later, and look into just what happened too.  But then he finally heads back to Mirage and Haunting.. "Actually I don't know what just happened.. I was trying to block whatever was affecting Lady Velvet, then you saw what happened."  He goes up to Mirage, "I'm sorry you had to go through that, my love.  It is upsetting."  She can feel he is certainly bothered by it, even if he handles his outward reactions much more calmly.  He especially wishes he could answer Haunting's question, as it is his own as well.
Mirage looks back as Dusk comes over to her.  "What happened?  Did you keep her from teleporting completely?" she asks Dusk in a gasping voice as she tries to get her shaking under control. "That was... horrible," she says to Haunting and Dusk as she looks to the box in which rests the severed hoof.
Haunting_Melody frowns a bit at this as she nods, "Definetly...something odd going on." she says hoping that it's not at all too serious and it' sjust a illusion or something and that there is more then just...a hoof left of Red somewhere, "I...hope it was a Simulacrum or illusion or's too clean...for something part of someone..."
Dusk presses his side to Mirage to try and help calm her.  He shakes his head, "Indeed it is, my love.  I don't even know if she teleported.  The Center is shielded.  It should be very hard to teleport from inside to anywhere outside of it.  I may have dispelled something perhaps.  I'll have to examine things more closely, later on."  He nods to Haunting as well, "Indeed, there is a lot of unusual things here.  I don't suppose you sensed any sort of illusion, Miss Melody?"  He didn't, but Haunting is certainly more the expert on that particular field.
Mirage blinks! at Haunting Melody.  "Do you really think so?  But what would cause such a thing?  And why would Red be doing this?" she asks, her voice tense and frightened.  She nods lightly as Dusk tries to calm her.  "But the door is open," she says, looking at the main entrance where Haunting Melody came in.  "Couldn't that let a teleportation spell work?"
Mirage blinks! at Haunting Melody.  "Do you really think so?  But what would cause such a thing?  And why would Red be doing this?" she asks, her voice tense and frightened.  She nods lightly as Dusk tries to calm her.  "But the door was open for a bit," she says, looking at the main entrance where Haunting Melody came in.  "Couldn't that let a teleportation spell work?"
Haunting_Melody thinks at this, "Welll...she got her horn back some how...maybeit's tied to that...she was acting both herself and different at the same time." she says shrugging a little bit, "I'm just glad...nothing bad...happened..well other then." she waves at the hoof, but thinking something magickal battle wise.
Dusk nods at Mirage's questions and Haunting as well.  "Yes, it probably has something to do with that horn, Miss Melody.  Miss Mixtape used that amulet to give Lady Velvet a new horn.  But seems something was not right with how it went.  I would assume this is not of Lady Velvet's control, unfortunately."  He puts his head to the other side of Mirage's and gives her a gentle but warm neck hug for a few moments.
Haunting_Melody nods her head, "I would suspect that..something like reparing a horn could go wrong if your not careful.." she says knowing very well how a spell could go wrong...or is it right, did they figure that out wich prompts her to clear her throat, "On a...unrelated note, were you able to gather any more information on that spell?" she asks motioning to where the parchment is/was.
Mirage returns Dusk's hug, feeling not as frightened but still upset.  "So how would you be able to find out how Red Velvet's been changed by the Alicorn Amulet?" she asks both Haunting Melody and Dusk.  "And what about.. that," she says, nodding to the box.
Dusk gives a soft smiles as Mirage hugs back.  He certainly can't blame Mirage for still feeling upset.  That will just take some time to settle down from.  But at least she is a little more calm.  "Well with her gone, that will be harder.  Of course we can check out her paths and see what happened, to the best that will show us.  And yes, we can try and find out why.. that was left.  Perhaps it isn't even real."  He nods and hmmms over to Haunting.  "Yes, something like the Amulet can be quite hazardous.  By its nature it causes problems.  I don't believe Lady Velvet's horn was repaired.  It seems very different from her normal horn."  He tilts his head as Haunting brings up another subject too, "Yes I have been working on that too, though haven't has as much time as I would like.  It is a very powerful and difficult spell, at the least.  It's not looking like it will be easy to reverse, so far."
Haunting_Melody nods her head at this, "What I was thinking...if it is reversable, probably need to find the exact reverse spell..and since this one was so fragmented..well what are the chances of finding all the right pieces." she says as she glances, "Well if that wasn't Red, or just a faxcimili *sp?* maybe the real REd is out there, I should go check her office and such and see if I can find her." she says.
Mirage tilts her ears, looking puzzled.  "Not real?  Red's scream certainly sounded real," she says before just listening as Haunting and Dusk discuss what can be done and the other spell.
<OOC> pose: Dusk nods to Mirage, "Yes that seemed quite real.  But presumably there is a reason the hoof was left behind.  Perhaps it had been magically replaced.  Or as Miss Melody suggested, perhaps a whole copy of Lady Velvet.  Though I don't have particular reason to believe that just yet.  I was hoping...  (to suppress the force influencing her, and perhaps regain full control until a solution was found.) (more about Haunting's spell and Stella..)
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<OOC> pose: Haunting_Melody nods her head, "Well like I said I will go check on Red, if it's just a copy or illusion, then maybe the real her is alive..and being controlled by the horn or soemthing...better then nothing."

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