Eris wins Chancellor's Election!

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The election for Chancellor of Ponyville, to replace the vacancy left by Marble Memory's resignation last year,; was won by Eris the Griffon [portrait inset], a humble young teahouse assistant. How did this happen? Nopony knows! The fact that the election had no names on the ballot and was thus only write-ins may have had something to do with it, as may the two-day voting period and complete lack of warning.

Eris's first official act was to declare a party to "commemorate and celebrate the spirit of Ponyville". This party was summary held in Town Square as the election wound down. Also of note is a peculiarly phrased line in the town charter which suggests that, with the election of a griffon as Chancellor, Ponyville may have to be renamed Griffonville. This seems to have the support of the new chancellor, but the mayor and her officials are still in debate over it.

Former Chancellor Marble R. Memory, who ran again out of remorse, finished dead last with negative one vote. He was subsequently witnessed drowning his sorrows and storming off in at least five separate dramatic exits, including a drunken rant. [picture provided]

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