The Velvet Point

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Mirage says to Dusk is that she's heard Red Velvet's horn seems to be looking very odd lately, and Mirage thinks maybe you should have a look at it.
Dusk nods back as you mention that, "Oh I hope nothing too serious.  But you haven't seen it directly yourself?"
Mirage shakes her head.  "No, since we haven't seen Red Velvet in a long time.  We didn't join in the scene with her and Mixtape and the others."
Dusk nods and hmmms.  "Well there was the whole thing with the Crimson Maiden and the changelings.  Her horn had been damaged, even broken partly off.  I hadn't heard on how that was repaired, if it had been."
Red_Velvet [Female Unicorn]

Hitting the Hustings

OOC Date: October 7, 2014
Characters: Rainbow Dash, Skyheart, Hollyhock, Lightless, NPCs, Clara
Setting: Cloudsdale's most respected leaders/blowhards ply the pegasi of Ponyville, including an annoyed Rainbow Dash
((Was an attempt to start a short TP that sadly didn't go anywhere))


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