A child pony with a calico type coloring to his pelt. The colors are jet black with orange shining through in different areas. His jet black mane hangs partly in his light blue eyes and stops at the base of his neck. His tail is rather unruly and almost touches the ground behind him. The tip of his muzzle is orange that feathers in spikes up his face. All four legs are orange with almost like flame patterns from the knee down to his hoovs. There is no cutie mark on his flanks.



The pony you see before you is strong and sturdy, as is typical for an Earth Pony. This stallion is strong with a coat that is a deep yellow almost to a yellowish-orange with freckles across his muzzle . His mane is of medium length that is a light orange with wide patches of reddish-orange. His short, half groomed tail matches his mane well and his hooves match the orange of his mane. These colors are very similar to the colors of a peach, and of course you would be right, Freestone is a peach farmer.

Emerald Star


The pony before you is a Unicorn with a Bluish Gray body. She is of average height for her species but just a little stronger. Her groomed mane and medium length tail are a bright Emerald green with a bluish-white streak down their length, A look that gives her her namesake while her eye's are a deep medium blue. Her cutie mark is of a sparkling Emerald gem cut and shaped like a star with a sparkling Diamond and Ruby tucked behind the Emerald.



Starfire is a pegasus. Unlike most of the pegasi seen throughout Equestria she seems to be slightly larger than most and lacks bright colors, being almost pure white. Another thing noticable right off, she seems to have much better muscle tone overall. Strong wings and legs, she certainly doesn't look like your average cloud pusher.


Chance's picture


A black and white colorless unicorn that almost always carries an old saddlebag with him. He has a pair of dice for a cutie mark, and his talent makes him ridiculously lucky.. excessively so.




A young filly, perhaps 12 years old. Her coat is white; her mane is unkempt, and consists of two shades of red. Her tail is boyishly short and sports the same colors. Her eyes are cobalt blue. She usually wears a pale green stetson hat and has a determined look on her face. Her cutie mark is a compass rose circumscribed by a heart shape.

Bubble Gum

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Bubble Gum is our happy little Favicon for the site! She's not really a character on the muck, but I think she makes a much cuter icon than that the old default one.

Update: She now has her cutie mark. :-) Needed it because it might show in a possible site logo concept I'm trying. If you don't see it, reload the web page.


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An adult female unicorn of average size but of lighter build than most other mares. Her body is a pretty medium gray while her full mid-length mane and long tail are perfectly white and carefully groomed. Her eyes are sea green and seem almond shaped due to her normal expression of half lidding her eyes. The color of her eyes matches the color of her magic, a pretty sea green sparkling shimmer around her horn, and around any objects she magically manipulates. Her cutie mark is a tan and green palm tree next to a small pool of blue water.


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Derpy is a derp! Maybe is derpdrop. Hopefully beauty! Is mailingpony of Ponyville. Gray coat, yellow mane. Bubblemark be-hind: POP Pop pop!

Sometimes? Will space outward. But also inward. Eyes like amber pebble rolls or maybe whirlpearl oyster. On busy days? Will wear mail vest, mail cap, mail bags. If off business? Muffin satchel. On lazy days? No clothing at all. Only self.


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