Eris wins Chancellor's Election!

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The election for Chancellor of Ponyville, to replace the vacancy left by Marble Memory's resignation last year,; was won by Eris the Griffon [portrait inset], a humble young teahouse assistant. How did this happen? Nopony knows! The fact that the election had no names on the ballot and was thus only write-ins may have had something to do with it, as may the two-day voting period and complete lack of warning.

The Future is Now

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(Rough edit only.  Some repeated or split lines will be found.)
Chance is currently working on one of his time projects in his corner of the Center. His time spent in Marishville, working on the Time Anchor, let him learn magic, but he's still mostly just focus on time-based magics. He's currently working on a new way to wink things from the present to about 1 minute into the future. He's using an artifact that emits temporal-based energies, one of the 'trinkets' from the collection he built up over his 80-year exile in Marishville. He could never figure out how to get it to work with the Time Anchor, so just kept it for future testing. Which he's started doing recently. He's presently waiting on.. a small metal ball appears out of nowhere and drops to the floor. He checks a stopwatch. "Still random variance.." he mutters.

Rainbow Dash - Call of Duty

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It's a bright, sunny day in Ponyville right now. Ponies are milling about in the streets on this quiet weekend, and the shops are abuzz with buyers and sellers. The scent of soup and pastry mingles as the eateries come to their full energy as the evening approaches. In the midst of all this is Rainbow Dash, who's just having a fly-by the various stalls, looking at what the travelling merchants were hawking today. She liked sunny days best; they meant less work.
Skyheart is resting by a lone tree next to a hefty stack of poems. He's plying at one frustratedly. It seems the ink dried the pages all together. He sighs and looks around for stray flyers. He doesn't want any of his other work blowing away again.
Dusk is at one of those cafes, having picked up a few supplies at the market, and seeing if Hefty was working here today.  But seeing as he isn't, Dusk is enjoying a nice sandwich at the outdoor cafe.  He glances up, seeing ponies coming and going.  Even noticing the brightly hued Dash checking the Market out.  Dusk smiles and takes a drink of some soft cider.

Grounds for Recall

OOC Date: April 6, 2014
Characters: Sky Blue, Rainbow Dash, Marble Memory, Cheerilee
Setting: A cold one after work becomes a query about workplace safety regulations
((Note: See Rainbow and Sky's previous meeting here: <a href=""></a> ))

Rainbow Dash


You see before you a young pegasus mare, and what a mare! Her cropped mane is afire with the colours of the rainbow, a mosaic of light and energy that amazes from afar, yet amidst this splash of bright, almost gaudy colour a pony can discern eyes of living purple. Stark, vibrant cyan fur shrouds a lithe and athletic form, compact muscle stretched over a delicate frame giving the impression of sheer agility. Her lean, lithe flanks bear a rainbow-hued lightning bolt surging forth from a cloud.

Dearly Beloved

((Also posted by Virga's player at <a href=""></a> ))
OOC Date: March 18, 2014
Characters: Virga, Nightshade
Setting: The passing of Firefly induces much introspection

Matters of State

OOC Date: February 23/28, 2014
Characters: Economist Brony, Nightshade, Marble Memory, Starfire
Setting: The Regency Council convenes to discuss matters of state in the wake of Bardigan's play
<OOC> EconomistBrony says, "Who shall set?"
<OOC> Marble_Memory points at somepony.

Loony New Year

**So I tried to start up a Chineighese New Year TP. It didn't go exactly as planned :u **
OOC Date: January 28, 2014
Characters: Rainbow Dash, Virga, Memoire Musique, Eclair, Nimbus von Dawning, Dynamite Rave,  Scope/Sunflare, qirin (NPCs), Summersweet, Dinky, Cream Puff, Screenplay, Firefly, Luna, Thunderball
Setting: A cafe outing is disturbed by strange foreigners


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