Crimson Maiden 3/25/2014

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Ponyville Market
/\/\/\/\/\/\---PONYVILLE MARKET---/\/\/\/\/\/\
This is the business center of Ponyville!  Seldom quiet but usually peaceful, this minor mercantile hub combines aspects of the bustling and the bucolic.  A multitude of colors and patterns make it visually busy.  Carts brimming with baskets, charming stands and ornate tents with pennants are used to sell wares here.  The most common products on sale are vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, and even pineapples.  Sweet treats like tarts and cupcakes can also be found, as can non-edible items like books or cookware.

Hearts and Hooves Day (2014)

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Dusk has gone by Mirage's apartment, bringing her some chocolate dipped flowers and inviting her to the activities in the Square.
<OOC> You say, "Heya, Skyheart!  And AJ!"
<OOC> Starfire says, "Aj! As in NIghtmare Moon evil cranky AJ?"
<OOC> Applejack has not been able to do anything about the actual object, BUT - the statue of Twilight? Is gone. Smashed. There is a pile of princess rubble.
Mirage is waiting for Dusk, of course, and shares a chocolate dipped flower with him before walking with him to the Square.  "And what activities are planned for this year?  There wasn't much last year.  And the year before Salsa Verde was running a sauce stand."

The Lovely Assistant

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This story is not MUCK IC, and is just a fantasy what-if alternate world.
Dusk has come to town to provide a little entertainment and simple tricks!  He's set up a little show, like he does at all the little towns he goes too.  He does quite a variety of fun things.  Changing a small stack of papers into origami birds.. Then changing those into actual white doves that fly off.  Hovering and juggling some large metal balls.. more and more.. Until one slips and falls into the audience!  But instead of crushing ponies it bursts into confetti and candies.  All the while too, he's looking over the audience.

Pyre Sprite


Coat.......: Coal Gray
Mane & Tail: Orange with Gold and Carmine Streaks
Eyes.......: Amber
Cutie Mark.: Stylized Phoenix
Magic Color: Fire and Flame
Image......: [DA Link]

It isn't difficult to guess where this unicorn mare's special talents lie. If it isn't obvious by her fiery mane, the burning phoenix on her flank, or the smoke trail that flows from the tip of her smoldering horn, well.. Somepony clearly needs to pay closer attention!


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