Prince Solzar

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The Prince of another land, but from his appearance and humility, it'd be hard to peg him for royalty at first sight. A fairly tall stallion, his greyscale coloration allows him to blend in and draw less attention, but his radiant eyes and long mane work against this, as both are the first things to draw the attention of other ponies.


Trueheart Ambushed

OOC Date: November 8/13, 2013
Characters: Dynamite Rave (and NPCs), Paja Fuerte (spoofed), several Eskellian earth ponies (NPCs), mysterious shadowy unicorn
Setting: Dynamite and his team are assigned a strange mission that quickly becomes more than they bargained for

Cobalt Cloud


Before you stands an adult unicorn with deep golden eyes. His mane and tail are both dark gold feathered into a lighter shade and tipped in sky blue. His fur is teal in color up to his spiraled horn and over pointed ears and muzzle. Being a dentist his teeth are nice a white and his cutie mark is a group of clouds with a black circle over them with a clouded tooth in the middle. When working he wears a light blue scrub top.



Arum is a bold male peacock. His plumage is comprised of deep purples, mulberry, and violet. His long tail feathers are dark, the 'eye' spots on them brightening to almost a vivid pink in some places. The comb on his head is tall, regal. His primary feathers are white, and are often tucked in against his body, hidden.

He is the pet of Glitter Storm and Count Down.

MRC Goes NMN Treating

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Mirage has finished dancing the Samba with Dusk, the whole episode inspired by Dusk's King Sombra costume and some confusion over the king's name.  Snow Bolt is wearing his pyropony costume and happily smoldering away.  "Well, aren't we supposed to be celebrating the holiday?" she asks Dusk and Snow.  "Isn't there a celebration somewhere we should be at?"
Snow_Bolt is more than willing to get out and do something, "Yes. We shouldn't stay cooped up inside. We should be out and about doing something. There has to be a place of refreshment nearby where we could get some food and beverages." he affirms. He is indeed looking very much like a pyro pony at the moment. His mane and tail look like a mix of smoke and fire.
Mirage is glad Snow isn't filling the room with smoke.  At least not this time.  "Then where should be go first?  Perhaps take a walk and find where the other ponies are having their celebrations?  And maybe we could knock on a few doors along the way?"
There's a knock at the door about this time, but it sounds a bit odd. Like it's somehow hollow.

Diamond Dancer

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The Miracle Mare from Manehatten! The Fantastic Filly! The Impossible Pony! Yes, that's right, it's Diamond Dancer, the one and only! Worlds Record holder for highest flying pegasus, the little crystal pony stands before you with a bright silver coat, and crystal blue eyes. Her mane is styled back into spikey tufts of silvery blue, and her muzzle gleams with a bright white smile.

CP: Celebrate

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The celebration lasts for the rest of the day. Chance gets time to catch up with his old friends.. or rather, have them catch up with him. Or something like that. Either way, he gets time! When evening nears, Dapple wanders up. "Chance, if you wish to catch the wagon train, they leave in an hour."
Starfire leans over and whispers to Chance. "Does this wagon train cross any bridges along the way to where ever we are going?" flicking an ear. "If it does, please let me know so I can fly over it."

CP: Improbabilities

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Chance smiles lightly over to Snow. "No offense taken." He then turns his attention to Dusk. "Many have left, but many more have stayed, and this town has grown a great deal. It never had a chance to do that before. It doesn't seem likely that the entire town decided to leave otherwise. As for final tests.. we're at the final question. Can we save this town?" He rises to his hooves. "Follow me, my friends." He leads them to a hallway, and at the end he unlocks a door. "What's in here won't harm anypony. It currently can't affect anything." The door opens up into a large room. The walls are lined with all sorts of books on time and ancient magics, and a number of different magic artifacts. In the center is a large obelisk, made out of both power crystal, which increases magic energy, and silver crystal, which boots magic potency. There's old magic runes carved in it in various places, and a number of artifacts inset into the structure, including two time artifacts that Chance brought in from the future, embedded into the top. "My life's project here. This, my friends, is the Time Anchor."

CP: A Town out of Time

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( Dusk feels confident Mirage would be willing to at least give Blue some pancakes.  Dusk feels tired of struggling through and is getting ready just to decide to bring Blue to Ponyville himself and drop her off there, then go to Marishville.  But then Blue slips off and he has to catch her first.  As for Dusk, he's not paid anything for this.  Not from Ponyville or the Princesses or the like.  Though that seems to be the perception.  Rather it is coming out of his own pocket to be in Ponyville and look into what's going on there.  Which he chooses to be, and is perfectly fine with.  But not that he's getting paid for it.  He'd so much rather be back in Ponyville, having a picnic with Mirage or such. )

CP: Once More, with Feeling

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Mirage listens and take the time to think about what's going on.  All she really knows is that things aren't making sense, and the she seems to be forgetting things or suddenly remembering something she doesn't seem to have remembered before.  "I really can't make any sense of this, Snow," she says as she geniunely calms down now that she decides on a way of rationalizing all this.  "Maybe we should just continue on our way?" *repose for Dusk*
Snow_Bolt probably wouldn't have remembered anything at all except that they were leaving had Dusk not done his little bit to preserve at least a bubble of the present. Chance must have been pretty gutsy to tell Dap what had happened in the neverwere. Apparently they are walking in the hoofsteps of the neverwere right now, "He doesn't ever tell you everything." He then turns his attention back to Mirage and shrugs his shoulders, "Maybe we should." He really has nother further to say to Chance, or Dusk for that matter, "Why should we go with you?" he asks Dap.


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