CP: No More

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The group, in a couple of pieces, wanders to the wagon, and Wild Ana takes us all back to the mansion. We all trot into the mansion with heavy hearts, some for more reasons then for what occured with the crazy pony. Chance tells the group that they have full access to the main common wing, and his own personal wing. There's something he needs to do alone for the moment. He heads off toward the cellars.
Starfire flitters along behind the wagon until they reach the estate. She was not as down as the others seem to be, but had been rather quiet.
Snow_Bolt certainly has a mix of a wide variety of emotions. Some anger, and some sadness. He really doesn't want to be in the mansion right now, but short of leaving and trying to catch a boat on his own he doesn't know what he will do. He could always convince Mirage. She knows how to get boats and things. Maybe she would be willing to leave now.

CP: Postmortem

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Mirage is standing near the body of the Elder as Chance prepares to carry ProgrammerPony and everyone else gets ready to go back down the hill to where Wild Ana and the drivers are waiting by the wagon.  "We can't leave him here like this," she says to noone in particular.  "And we don't even know his name."
Snow_Bolt had been there with everything that went down, and had a relatively minor role in the chain of events that went down only a few moments ago. Though being in the presence of all of that magic was something else. This is precisely the reason that he has such a dislike for it. So unnatural and all that. He blinks as he looks at hte body of the pony. He hasn't really ever seen a pony get killed before. Granted he seems to have done most of it to himself, but it is just all so shocking. He nods absently to Mirage.

CP: Vendettas, Insanity, and Confrontation

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Mirage listens as Snow Bolt asks some very pertinent questions.  But Dusk's investigation only provides an outline of what happened, and not as to why or who.  She stands aside as the stallions investigate this area, searching for more clues, both magical and mundane.  And Dusk makes sure BlueFeather gets another sandwich.  He won't let her go hungry.  Mirage's eyes go wide at Chances warning!  "Something coming through now?" she asks again as she takes several steps back, having no idea of what's going to happen next.
BlueFeather tilts her head a little, blinking and moving back as well, the way its said, makes her unhappy, and, once more she starts to ready her magic, to atempt to strike and capture whatever might be coming, wings lifting and spreading, for increased mobility, even as she dips her head, pointing her little horn at the burnt patch of grass, and crouches a litle, to make jumping into the air quicker, and easyer

CP: To Track a Banana Killer pt 2

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Dusk has followed the path of a tree back to its health, showing things that have interacted with it.  Mirage's talent is showing it as an overlay to the actual scene around us to everypony that wishes to see it.  But we've had a pause as Blue sets off her magic, originally to catch one of those 'noise squiggles' but distracted by a sandwich has 'caught' and crushed it into a tiny ball.  Dusk chuckles to her, "Did you get it, Little Blue?  How does it taste?"  He uses the moment to give a little pause for Mirage, to recoup for a few.  But he does nod to PP, "Yes, Dear Mirage and myself should be able to manage that together, I believe."  He looks over check with Mirage.
Mirage is concentrating deeply and working diligently with her talent and magic to bring the image of what Dusk perceives into the most accurate image she can create for the others to see.  And while she is working hard, she is far from stressed. "Don't let your attention drift, dear," she says to Dusk.  "It will take more effort to bring it all back together than if we continue on."



Before you is a crystal pony of course, she has a very light yellow almost white coat of the crystal hue that the crystal ponies are known for. Her mane and tail are neatly groomed in the traditional style and are a crystalline blue with a pink stripe running through them. Her eyes are almond in shape and are a medium blue, almost a blue-green with pink eye shadow on her eyelids. Her cutie mark is of a pink and blue weave comb crossed at the handles and she wears a white dress collar buttoned around her neck.

CP: To Track a Banana Killer pt 1

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( The twisted and gnarled tree that once bore delicious fruit shudders from Starfire's kick!  Then, with a low groaning, it seems to sag.  The trunk is dented from the force of the pegasus' kick and it didn't feel nearly as stout to her as it should be.  A little shower of sickly leaves waft down from the top of the tree. )
( Snow_Bolt's horn glows green as he takes control of the wind already present to make sure that that a few feet above the head of the group there is a breeze that catches the leaves and carries them all away. Starfire might be brave, but he certainly isn't and there is no way he wants those leaves to come anywhere near him, or the group. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, since Starfire took it upon herself to kick the tree they will get to see what happens to ponies who come into contact with the tree, "They certainly are quite dead." )

Muffin Rain

Attempting to figure out why a spell that unicorns attempt to use to manipulate the weather, results in a miscasting of the spell by Shadow Mane, when he is scared and startled resulting in clouds that Rain Muffins all over Ponyville and Canterlot.

Bridge Collapse, Train Crashes into Gorge!

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News has reached Ponyville that there has been a railway bridge collapse resulting in a train plummeting to the bottom of a gorge. The train was heading South to the port town of Trottingham. It is believed to have passed through Ponyville along the route. The location of the actual crash is somewhere North of Dodge Junction. So far there are no reports of serious injury from the drop of hundreds of feet to the ground below.

CP: The Boat or Bust!

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( Chance's talent does help keep the carriage steady. Since Dusk is working toward the same goal, in much the same way, it works well with Dusk's magic this time. )
( Indeed the travel goes quite well.  Dusk makes sure Chance gets some regular snacks, as well as a little something himself along the way.  He also makes sure, checking on the carriage, that there aren't any issues with it.  It's not long this way that Trottingham shows up ahead of us and closing steadily.  But the sun is already well pass noon and moving across the sky even before we get there.  Dusk is already going over and over the different possibilities to get to the ship on time.  The issue is it keeps changing as so many ponies and other factors interact with subtle variations.  But he narrows down a few more probable routes.  "Let's take the next more Southern entrance.." he suggests, rather than the one this road heads directly towards. )


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