To Leave the Train?

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Mirage nods as she listens to Dusk.  "And we won't know how practical any of the ideas are until we try.  So, go and get Chance and Snow Bolt together with yourself and see if you three can come to a consensus," she says as she noses Dusk towards the other stallions.
NightRaven ponders this and nods as she hears Dusk. A soft sigh escapes her and she shifts while glancing to Mirage. Her ears perking forward slightly before she looks to the rest unsure what she can do to help at this point.
Starfire would laugh at Dusk being ushered so, that is, if she could have seen it. For now she's finally calmed down most completely, though her ears are working overtime.

A Hop and Skip from Gorge to Dodge Junction

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Snow_Bolt steps away from the group for a moment and gives his front legs a quick kick to release the wings and unfural them from his sides. From there he takes a few steps back toward his friends and says, "I'm ready to go whenever you all are ready." He will be very pleased to be out of the gorge. This whole experience has been rather unsettling.
Chance looks over to PP and gives him a nod. "We are. I'll pull you along so you don't have to walk." PP glances down at the sled. "That's.. a sled." Captain Obvious. He settles on the sled clumbsily. He puts the turtle down and waves to it. The turtle waves back and wanders off. PP blinks a little. Chance finds a rope to use as a basic harness, and readies to pull the sled. He also carries Starfire. He's got all his supplies in his saddlebag, and Starfire's stuff hangs carefully from a side. He looks like a pack mule.

Chance's Plantation

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There's trouble at he family plantation and writing letters ain't gettin' it fixed. Time for Chance and his friends to head South and find out what's going on!

(lots of early chapters still missing prior to "To Track a Banana Killer pt 1")

New arrival, young trouble makers, The creepy and the kookie!

Ponyville Square
#=#=#=#=#=#  PONYVILLE SQUARE  #=#=#=#=#=#
At the heart of Ponyville stands a proud and massive pavillion known as Town Hall.  Around it lies the town square, a well-kept ring decorated with tall banners and the occasional picturesque bush.  A fountain sits before the entrance to the hall with a joyous, reared-up earth pony statue as its ornament.  Various municipal officials have pitched colorful, conical tents in the square from which they run their operations.  The town square is lined along one side by a stream crossed by a broad stone bridge, while on its other sides it's surrounded by a combination of commercial establishments and some of the oldest houses in Ponyville.  The mood here is generally cheerful but officious.

Shadow Mane


A unicorn stallion stands before you, he is a fairly dark shade of grey. His mane and tail are flat black, and //at times// in a slight state of a mess, sometimes with a few knots and tangles in it. Normally he wears a number of rustic outfits that are fairly practical with lots of pockets, often with saddle bags. His outfits often cover not only his chest and withers, but at times his flank and hindquarters. Covering his cutie mark, should it be seen, it would be a shield with a sword behind it pointing down with the blade buried with the shield resting against the sword.

A Disharmonic Ditty: The Epic Finale!

Memoire_Musique appears nearby, her sofafort still intact, with all of her amazing animal and stuffed friends there! "Captain Scope, what's our position?" she asks, lounging in the Admiral's chair. "We're enroute to Starbase Caramael Apple. All systems normal." says her second-in-command, saluting his captain. "Admiral to engineering, how are the repairs coming along, Mr. Bearington Snugglemuffins?" "Aye Cap'n, they're comin' along just dandy Miss Memmy!" "Excellent, ring down to the kitchen. Princess Petunia should have a good supper ready for you once you're done!" she says, drinking from her sippy cup and looking out the viewscreen. "Admiral's log. We've been lost in deep space for weeks now, ever since the attack by the forces of BadPony-9. We fought them off, but now we've apparently sailed into an area populated by giant ponythings." she muses, staring out at the crowd and drinking from her sippy cup.
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