Cherry Festival Proposal

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Cherry Blossom's orchard
As you step from the interior of the tea house proper, you feel your coat ruffled softly by a gentle cooling breeze. The garden is a sight to behold, during the day the sun sparkles on the narrow marble pathways that wind at random through the trees, well-manicured grass borders these walkways and provide a comfortable resting place beneath the carefully cultivated cherry blossom trees. Throughout the garden you may be fortunate enough to find a Koi pond or two, the fish lazily swimming about, at times rising to peer at you as if waiting to be fed. At night the garden takes on an even more romantic feeling as paper lanterns are lit, the moon and stars providing a most serene backdrop to the entire area. Tranquility seems to infuse the entire place, providing inspiration to those of an artistic bent, and relaxation for those who need it.
[      Exits: [TH] TeaHouse                                                    ]

The MRC Egg - 02 - Enter the Egg

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(There is a part 1 Dusk was not there for, around 10/20/2012.  If Mirage, Chance, Snow, or any other there for it passes it along, I will put it up.)
Mirage (Today at 6:46:43AM) -- The Magical Research Enrichment Center
Just letting you know the Research Center is overgrown all over the domed ceiling and walls with vines that grow a season in about an hour.  So, all the leaves and flower petals drop off in a huge cloud every hour.  Snow Bolt was nice enough to help get rid of several hours worth of leaves, but more are on the way since we don't know where the vines came from.
Magic Research Center

The MRC Egg - 10 - Dawning Curiosity

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[ See Summer Solstice Celebration (2013) ]
Magic Research Center
From the outside the Magic Research Center, with its magic wand and flask sign out front, looks much like any other Ponyville building.  The door requires operating a latch and it automatically closes behind you.  Inside, while rather smaller and simplier than a university site, the MRC is still quite spacious, and equally full of all maner of [lab equipment], projects being worked on, and things you're not sure about.  There are no windows, and if you pay attention all the inner walls are covered with a material which blocks most all magic passing.  Whether that's 'in' to protect the experiments, or 'out,' you're not sure.  There are only the occasional loud noises or bright flashes.  There are both stairs with a railing going up to an upper platform below an openable [dome] with telescopes and other gear, as well as stairs leading down to the lower level.

The MRC Egg - 11 - Further Ruin

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Mirage is struggling to move The Lever that opens and closes the dome roof.  "It's still not moving," she calls to Dusk, who's been working on the problem since yesterday afternoon.  "Once it's closed, can we simply leave it closed and forget about it?"
Chance trots into the center, picking up apparently the tail-end of some conversation. "Good evening Mirage!" he calls out, recognizing the voice. He puts his bag down, then turns to head over to Mirage.
Dusk chuckles down to Mirage, "Well yes, but it sure will make looking outside that much harder, my love!"  He's tracking the cables and gears looking for where it stops working.  He notices the arrive as well, "Well hello, Mr. Chance!"

Automatic log file cleaning

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Beta Testing Fun Time! Who doesn't just love spending an hour or so cleaning up their logs before posting? No? :-) Well I've spent a good chunk of freetime this week putting together some log-cleaning code, and you can help test it! Just create a test log, paste in your raw log files and save. Red lines will show stuff that should be cleaned out. You'll need a login if don't have one. All feedback is appreciated! :-)


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Special Talents: Making snow cones
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average unicorn pony with blue coat and lighter blue mane. Chipped horn and ragged ear.
Occupation: Confectionare
Hails from: Unknown
Current Location: Ponyville
Personality: Patient, Quiet, Calm
-Good traits: Cool under pressure, Likes to help others in need.
-Bad traits: Does not like people touching his back. Sometimes mentally checks out. Can't always tell when something is better of not said.

Starlight Eclipse

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A unicorn filly, full of curiosity. Maybe too much curiosity. Starlight Eclipse has a pale blue-lavender pelt, bright yellow eyes, and a fluffy black mane with a few hints of dark brown. She is completely fascinated with the world, especially magic, but she is also oddly shy and sad, strange in such a young pony.


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