Find information about all the great places of Equestria MUCK! Places you might start out with:

Name Image Description
Purple Hills

^/\^ ~//|\\~ ^/\^ PURPLE HILLS ^/\^ ~//|\\~ ^/\^

Shadow Sanctum

Hidden betwixt the tears in the fabric of light is this place, a sanctuary for those who watch Equestria secretly from the shadows.

Villa des Trevalles

Here, the path goes around a hill, and upon rounding the bend one sights a magnificent estate, a sizable farm of several acres which hugs the outer edges of the foothills.


It's a city in the sky! This storied, drifting metropolis is normally found near Canterlot and Ponyville, but can be taken wherever it's needed.


Equestria's capital and centre of unicorn culture

Rainbow's Cloud Tower

The awesomest house in Equestria for the awesomest pony in Equestria!

Cafe Tobiano

Ponyville's best cafe and bistro

Royal Palace

The gleaming palace from which the Princesses Celestia and Luna rule Equestria

Crystal Spa

The Crystal Spa, a tall spacious building with a large crystal dome near the Crystal Market. It's quite impressive from the outside, But go inside and you'll be amazed.


RP'd only. Does not exist on the grid yet.

A Southern port town on the West coast of Equestria.