It's a city in the sky! This storied, drifting metropolis is normally found near Canterlot and Ponyville, but can be taken wherever it's needed. As with all cloud cities, the residents are almost exclusively pegasus ponies, with a handful of other flying creatures thrown in. Non-flying creatures can only visit with an appropriate enchantment--otherwise they fall straight through the clouds. Cities like this serve as hubs for weather control, their factories diligently producing snow, hailstones, rainbows, and other atmospheric effects.

Cloudsdale features the Cloudiseum, a large stadium for aerial competitions. It's also the home of the Junior Speedsters flight camp. In general, Cloudsdale architecture is characterized by sweeping curves and swirls, round and puffy elements, impossible-looking supports for elevated structures, dramatic staircases, and plentiful waterfalls. It's an inspiring place to be.


Up from Road to Canterlot, or through the road from Owl City

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