Crystal Spa

The Crystal Spa, a tall spacious building with a large crystal dome near the Crystal Market. It's quite impressive from the outside, But go inside and you'll be amazed. A large, round, roomy floor space with a spiral pattern on the floor is well lit and the large crystal dome overhead illuminates the surrounding service stations offered by the Spa. Around the outer walls are several mane washing stations where relaxing hair rinses and scalp massages take place, These station also double as massage tables. And if that wasn't enough, many other stations are available to pamper ponies. Such as the Crystal Mud Bath, a large pool of green crystalline mud that relaxes the body and rejuvenates the coat is located just inside and to the right of the entrance. And last but not least is a hooficure station located just past the Crystal Mud Bath on the right.

Additional images: 

Crystal Mud Bath

The relaxing and Rejuvenating Crystal Mud Bath

Spa Treatment

A Pampered Pony ;)