Equestria Luxury Train

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You are onboard one of the quality luxury trains that travel all across Equestria connecting to pretty much all of the major cities. The train itself is clean, comfortable, and spacious.

Starting from the center there is the dining car which has sharply dressed wait staff serving many well-to-do ponies. A pony plays music on a miniature piano.

To either direction from there are several "common" cars with many benches for ponies to sit on and an equally large number of windows lining each side showing the passing contryside. Many of the business class and other ponies mingle in these areas with lots of conversation and activities.

Futher towards either the front or back of the train you have the compartment cars. These have an aisle off of which are three compartments to either side, each compartment with seating and space for four ponies to sit plus extra standing and storage space. Each compartment has its own windowed sliding door and a single sizable window viewing outwards.

To the front, not counting staff and service and only cars, is the Lounge car where there is a bar and various games of chance such as roulette and cards. Many high end business ponies are often found here talking business as well as ponies with money to spend on the tables.

And finally to the rear of the train there are a good number of sleeper cars with room enough for all the passengers. The first sleeper car has an attendant that can help if anything is needed. Each of the cars has a number of double beds with easy steps to the upper bed. Each bed is large enough for two adult ponies and two foals and each has its own curtain that can be pulled closed, showing it is in use.


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