Magic Research Center

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From the outside the Magic Research Center, with its magic wand and flask sign out front, looks much like any other Ponyville building. The door requires operating a latch and it automatically closes behind you. Inside, while rather smaller and simplier than a university site, the MRC is still quite spacious, and equally full of all maner of [lab equipment], projects being worked on, and things you're not sure about. There are no windows, and if you pay attention all the inner walls are covered with a material which blocks most all magic passing. Whether that's 'in' to protect the experiments, or 'out,' you're not sure. There are only the occasional loud noises or bright flashes. There are both stairs with a railing going up to an upper platform below an openable [dome] with telescopes and other gear, as well as stairs leading down to the lower level.


oocc, p, p, c

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