Purple Hills

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^/\^ ~//|\\~ ^/\^ PURPLE HILLS ^/\^ ~//|\\~ ^/\^

You've come to the northern border of Ponyville. These stately hills, often visible from Sweet Apple Acres, are curvaceous behemoths at times more like mountains than hills. In fact, if you follow them far enough north and west, you'll find yourself traversing the Unicorn Range toward Smoky Mountain. The hills aren't all purple though--just the tallest ones, especially when seen through the haze that often surrounds them. Lower hills rise in a variety of foliated colors, covered with heath or waving grass or rocky soil. For the right spirit, this may be a wonderful place to run free, roll, and sing. Others may be enchanted by the thrill of the climb.


From the Market go up Runaway Cart Road and you can see the Purple Hills from there.

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