Villa des Trevalles

Here, the path goes around a hill, and upon rounding the bend one sights a magnificent estate, a sizable farm of several acres which hugs the outer edges of the foothills. There are not many fields, however: much of the growing is done in large greenhouses that easily span about a hundred yards each in length. Some are replete with stalks of corn, beans, and many other crops from more southerly climes, but within other greenhouses are trees of pineapple, mango, orange, and other exotic fruits whose names are unknown in Equestria. A wide path bisects the estate and leads to a huge yellow barn about the size of a warehouse, and judging from the numerous smokestacks and what seem to be lightning rods emerging from the roof it is not bales of hay or livestock that they keep inside.

At the far end of the estate, on the other side of the barn, is a field of green grass of about an acre and, in the midst of it, a bungalow-style ranch house complete with veranda. It sits low to the ground, being only one story plus an attic, and the large windows and wide gables exude an atmosphere of lazy comfort and warm welcome.


A path from the Purple Hills