Find information about all the great places of Equestria MUCK! Places you might start out with:

Name Image Description
Equestria Luxury Train

You are onboard one of the quality luxury trains that travel all across Equestria connecting to pretty much all of the major cities. The train itself is clean, comfortable, and spacious.

Sweet Apple Acres

This is where The Apple family lives, works, and farms.

Cherry Blossom's orchard

As you step from the interior of the tea house proper, you feel your coat ruffled softly by a gentle cooling breeze.

Magic Research Center

From the outside the Magic Research Center, with its magic wand and flask sign out front, looks much like any other Ponyville building. The door requires operating a latch and it automatically closes behind you.

Hilly Pond

Just outside of Ponyville, not far off from the direction of Fluttershy's cottage, the area becomes increasingly hilly, with trees and scenic grassy fields.

Town Hall

The Ponyville Town Hall is where the most important and lavish events are held, as well as town meetings and other governmental functions. The building is round and tall, with cream walls pink trim, and a brick red steepled roof.

Ponyville Market

This is the business center of Ponyville! Seldom quiet but usually peaceful, this minor mercantile hub combines aspects of the bustling and the bucolic. A multitude of colors and patterns make it visually busy.

Ponyville Square

At the heart of Ponyville stands a proud and massive pavillion known as Town Hall. Around it lies the town square, a well-kept ring decorated with tall banners and the occasional picturesque bush.