Pyre Sprite


Coat.......: Coal Gray
Mane & Tail: Orange with Gold and Carmine Streaks
Eyes.......: Amber
Cutie Mark.: Stylized Phoenix
Magic Color: Fire and Flame
Image......: http://fav.me/d6vjne0 [DA Link]

It isn't difficult to guess where this unicorn mare's special talents lie. If it isn't obvious by her fiery mane, the burning phoenix on her flank, or the smoke trail that flows from the tip of her smoldering horn, well.. Somepony clearly needs to pay closer attention!

Prince Solzar

Solzar's picture


The Prince of another land, but from his appearance and humility, it'd be hard to peg him for royalty at first sight. A fairly tall stallion, his greyscale coloration allows him to blend in and draw less attention, but his radiant eyes and long mane work against this, as both are the first things to draw the attention of other ponies.


Cobalt Cloud


Before you stands an adult unicorn with deep golden eyes. His mane and tail are both dark gold feathered into a lighter shade and tipped in sky blue. His fur is teal in color up to his spiraled horn and over pointed ears and muzzle. Being a dentist his teeth are nice a white and his cutie mark is a group of clouds with a black circle over them with a clouded tooth in the middle. When working he wears a light blue scrub top.

Shadow Mane


A unicorn stallion stands before you, he is a fairly dark shade of grey. His mane and tail are flat black, and //at times// in a slight state of a mess, sometimes with a few knots and tangles in it. Normally he wears a number of rustic outfits that are fairly practical with lots of pockets, often with saddle bags. His outfits often cover not only his chest and withers, but at times his flank and hindquarters. Covering his cutie mark, should it be seen, it would be a shield with a sword behind it pointing down with the blade buried with the shield resting against the sword.


Snowy's picture


Special Talents: Making snow cones
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average unicorn pony with blue coat and lighter blue mane. Chipped horn and ragged ear.
Occupation: Confectionare
Hails from: Unknown
Current Location: Ponyville
Personality: Patient, Quiet, Calm
-Good traits: Cool under pressure, Likes to help others in need.
-Bad traits: Does not like people touching his back. Sometimes mentally checks out. Can't always tell when something is better of not said.

Starlight Eclipse

Starlight's picture


A unicorn filly, full of curiosity. Maybe too much curiosity. Starlight Eclipse has a pale blue-lavender pelt, bright yellow eyes, and a fluffy black mane with a few hints of dark brown. She is completely fascinated with the world, especially magic, but she is also oddly shy and sad, strange in such a young pony.



Nightshade is not the kind of pony that attracts many friends, and it shows. Cold eyes of deep purple are the first and most obvious feature that most ponies notice, specks of aloof intellectualism that match her dark, navy-blue fur. Her improbable silver-blonde mane is the only splash of light on her shadowy exterior.



Here stands an unicorn of average size like any other. His coat is a deep cold looking blue that matches that of his horn that twists up high on his head. The tip os his muzzle along with the end of his hoovs is a light purple color. His man and tail both seem rather unruly with two tone colors, an light aqua mixed with a lavendar color weaving through. Two golden eyes look happily from behind light red rimmed glasses that match his pin striped vest.

Emerald Star


The pony before you is a Unicorn with a Bluish Gray body. She is of average height for her species but just a little stronger. Her groomed mane and medium length tail are a bright Emerald green with a bluish-white streak down their length, A look that gives her her namesake while her eye's are a deep medium blue. Her cutie mark is of a sparkling Emerald gem cut and shaped like a star with a sparkling Diamond and Ruby tucked behind the Emerald.


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