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Welcome to EquestriaMUCK.com! Home site to Equestria MUCK (imagine that). The MUCK (a text-based online Role Playing service) is based on the new animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Most recent updates / features:
  • Added a Calendar section for new events type of content (for special upcoming events on the muck (major RPs, game nights, etc.) or off-muck that would be of interested to players (new MLP episodes coming out, online streaming events, etc.). Add new entries as Event Dates under Add Content. Be sure to Set Your Timezone so times will show in your local time. Or if just visiting, know that this site is currently in [site:current-date:custom:T] -- [site:current-date:custom:e] (currently [site:current-date:custom:g:ia]).
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Cassandra is a gryphon in that awkward state between young and adult, not quite belonging in either world and without much help guiding her through the transition. She tends to drift around with others in the same situation, being delinquent.

Control Grou-phon

OOC Date: September 5, 2015
Characters: Twig, Eris, Twilight Sparkle (wiz-played), Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy
Setting: Twilight attempts to conduct a social experiment; Rainbow insists on being an uncontrolled variable; Eris becomes friends with a water fountain

Breezie Nimble

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There is a tapping at the door, quiet enough that most ponies would miss it. The tapping becomes more urgent and the door jiggles very slightly, as if being rattled by a breeze... except that the weather outside is still. There is tiny voice too, barely above a squeek. "(h-hello?)(m-mister Dusk? m-miss mirage? a-are you in there?)"
Suddenly there came a tapping, as of some pony gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.  Dusk looks around as if perhaps he was imaginging it.  'Tis the wind and nothing more?  He still gets up and looks around seeing where the sound might be coming from, then heads towards the door, glancing over to see if Mirage had heard it too.


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